Sunday, 4 August 2013

A 16-year-old girl was beaten up by two other girls beaten when she visited the open swimming pool ‘Brediusbad’ in Spaarndammerbuurt.

On Tuesday June 18th 2013 the victim was already harassed by her attackers in the swimming pool. She was pushed into the water and was threatened “that they would get her."

And that happened when the pool had closed at six o’clock in the evening. At the exit there were two guys who were with the perpetrators. They told the victim that she was going to be caught. At the bike stand, the aggressive girls started pushing the victim.

One of the perpetrators held the victim and started to beat her in her face. The the other female perpetrator then kicked the victim on her head and body. The abuse resulted in a bloody nose, bumps, scrapes and bruises.

(A video of the perpetrators and the boys is enclosed).


The police are looking for more information on the abuse. The description of the perpetrators is as follows:

Description woman 1:

1.75 - 1.80m
Sturdy / substantial stature
Frizzy brown hair down to chest height
Brown eyes
Normal eyebrows
15 to 17 years old
She wore a blue cotton dress down to her ankles
Tongue pierced
Dark skin

Description woman 2:

1.60 - 1.65m
Black long hair
Brown eyes
Continuous eyebrows
15 to 17 years old
Light brown taint skin
White t-shirt with print



Anonymous said...

I'm surprised your blogspot blog is still here. I had one on blogspot that had ONLY videos of Muslims themselves speaking. And one comment: "Resist Arab Cultural Imperialism."

I noticed my site being visited by lawyers in the east of the U.S. The next thing I know, it was shut down. I can only guess that it was because of the one simple phrase requesting to resist Arab imperialism.

So, apparently according to blogger, we are not allowed to do so.

Keep your eyes open and a contingency plan.


The description seems to have left out any mention of their beards,though the "continuous eyebrows" is quite amusing.

Anonymous said...

continuous eyebrows LOL

rahul dev said...
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rahul dev said...

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