Wednesday, 17 July 2013

This is essentially a book review of Kevin MacDonald’s books Culture of critique and A People that shall dwell alone. I’ll call it The Jew Thing to be more provocative and because I have broadened it out to include a more extended discussion of the topic.

Anti-Semitism has always seemed a bit strange to me. If it was easy to see why people would object to the presence of Muslims or negroes in their countries, because of the obvious problems they cause, hostility to the presence of Jews always seemed much more mysterious.

After all, with generally positive social indicators in relation to crime levels, educational attainment, income, etc., as well as notable successes in the intellectual field, who in their right mind would object to Jews?

Once this blog started to pick up popularity and attract comments, not a few would attribute the islamisation of Europe to a Jewish conspiracy. Again, this seemed nutty to me. Why would the Jews want to islamise Europe since they themselves would surely be among the foremost victims of the Muslim invaders?

At the same time, I couldn’t help noticing that journalists with Jewish-sounding names did always seem to be the first to step up to sneer at any manifestation of European patriotism or any questioning of the pro-immigration, “Diversity Macht Frei” orthodoxy. And the dhimmi mind-set exhibited by prominent Jewish organisations is notorious. Indeed, when I attempted to trace the origins of the term Islamophobia, I concluded that modern use of the term had most likely originated with Richard Stone, a Jew and prominent anti-racism campaigner in Britain.

Occasionally, on comment threads related to immigration, I would see the book Culture of critique by Kevin MacDonald mentioned as a kind of Rosetta Stone on this topic. The only time I had seen MacDonald mentioned before was when one of the Harry’s Place dhimmi team (I think it was the Alexander Meleagrou-Hitchens), who specialise in a soft-pedalled critique of what they insist on calling “Islamism”, had an entire website taken down because it contained some (factually accurate) information about him and also had a reference to MacDonald’s work elsewhere on the site. It was if the Guardian website had published your name and date of birth and you got the whole site taken down because it also contained an article about Adolf Hitler published years ago in another section and you didn’t want your name to be tarred by association with Hitler. Of course, the fact that such a thing was possible was both absurd and frightening and testimony to both the dire state of internet freedom and the hypocrisy of the Harry’s Place crowd who boast of their commitment to free speech on one of their website banners while routinely censoring and pre-moderating comments (and Harry’s Place posted an article justifying the action afterwards).

Always drawn to forbidden knowledge, however, I made a mental note and decided I would get round to reading MacDonald’s book some time, especially when I saw it was available on Kindle. Still, for a long time I never did. Probably I was reluctant, perhaps afraid of what I might discover. What if this nutty antisemitic stuff ended up convincing me? That could have unpleasant consequences. After all, antisemitism is the ultimate taboo. Beyond “racism”, beyond “Islamophobia”, antisemitism sits in a special category of social pariahdom. Indeed, whenever a prominent critique of Islam emerges, it is noticeable that the establishment strives mightily to present the critic as an antisemite as well as an “islamophobe”. This was the case, for example, with Thilo Sarrazin, even though in his book he had said he would have liked to see more Jewish immigrants to Germany because they had very positive social indicators; and Anders Behring Breivik, whom Douglas Murray unconvincingly tried to portray as an antisemite based on a rather strained interpretation of a single sentence in his magnum opus. It as if the establishment senses that “islamophobia” is of increasingly broad appeal, and harsher deterrent labels like “antisemite”, “racist” or “Nazi” must be used to keep the restive masses cowed and compliant.

Much of the Counterjihad movement generally seems to have a heavily pro-Semitic, pro-Israel slant. Clearly many of the Counterjihad websites are run by Jews, perhaps even the majority. And non-Jews involved in resisting the spread of Islam often make ostentatious efforts to establish their pro-Israeli or pro-Jewish credentials, like the EDL waving its Israeli flags, in an unsuccessful attempt to ward off accusations of Nazism or racism. So if I was to take any of this anti-semitism stuff seriously I could expect to lose lots of visitors, incoming links, even contributors. And perhaps I will.
In the end, I decided it would be cowardly not to read the book. If it was nonsense, I should be able to process it, see that and reject it. If it had merit, and acknowledging that brought unpleasant consequences in its wake, so be it.

Having now read MacDonald’s books A culture of critique and A people that shall dwell alone (his third book on the same topic Separation and its discontents isn’t available on Kindle and it takes a lot to persuade me to buy a physical book these days, although I’m sure it’ll get round to it some time) I have to say they have made an unexpectedly strong impression on me. I now understand antisemitism. I wouldn’t say I now share the feeling but I am at least much further along that spectrum of sentiment that I was before.

In Culture of critique MacDonald documents, in excruciating detail, the overwhelmingly disproportionate Jewish involvement in intellectual movements that have worked to delegitimise and denigrate the traditional forms of cohesiveness characteristic of European societies, including patriotism, church and family structures. The movements he explores in detail are Communism, Freudian psychology and Frankfurt school Marxism. I had been vaguely aware that Marx was a secularised Jew and that Communism had had a more than averagely strong Jewish tinge. But the sheer magnitude of the Jewish involvement in it, compellingly presented here, took me aback. For example, when Jewish professor Bela Kun declared a Soviet Republic in Hungary in 1919 not only was he himself Jewish but 32 of his 45 commissars were too. Since Jews excel intellectually, and Communism was to some degree an intellectual movement, some overrepresentation of Jews is no doubt no more than was to be expected. Nonetheless, it is clear that their involvement went way beyond that. Nor was it purely intellectual. Even the secret police and the camp guards were disproportionately Jewish. And it is clear that their identity as Jews, their sense of estrangement from the people in whose countries they were living, fuelled their zealous commitment to the cause. Communism, after all, is an ideology that militates against European patriotism, as well as almost any form of traditional European togetherness, such as the ties of family or church. It legitimates the destruction of almost any institution that embodies European cohesiveness and lends it a spurious moral sanction. Its sister ideology, modern multiculturalism, does the same, and there, too, we see disproportionate Jewish involvement.

MacDonald documents organised Jewry’s support for lax immigration laws in the United States as well as Jewish facilitation of negro political activism. The evidence presented strikes me as overwhelming and unimpeachable.

In website comments and the like, Jewish involvement in the “diversity agenda” tends to be presented as a malignant conspiracy to destroy the goy. But it is not necessary to postulate a malignant conspiracy by Jews to destroy European civilisation to explain the pattern of conduct described here. MacDonald himself doesn’t even make this claim explicitly, preferring instead to talk of “self-deception” in overtly idealistic Jews. I have written before on this blog about what I call the “empathy gap”, the differential sense of empathy that inevitably exists between people of varied ancestral origin. Scientific research has now demonstrated conclusively that we empathise more greatly with other people of the same race, and that this reaction operates below the level of consciousness or moral choice.

If we accept that this empathy gap exists, and that Jews were intent on maintaining their own distinctiveness, including genetic distinctiveness, over time, as they clearly were, and, as MacDonald documents, succeeded in doing to a quite astonishing extent, it is not necessary to introduce conscious malevolence as an explanatory factor. And I certainly don’t believe that any significant number of Jews is engaged in a conscious conspiracy to destroy European societies in some malignant way. But people, in general, find it easy to develop intellectual, even ideological, justifications for their own sentiments and what they instinctively perceive to be in their own interests. And given a culture that historically has placed strong emphasis on intellectual achievement and the manipulation of abstract ideas, this was something that Jews were always going to be particularly good at.

If we distil it down to simple terms, insofar as there is a “strategy” underlying Jewish activism in favour of immigration and “diversity”, even if it is purely instinctive strategy rather than one that is consciously formulated, it could perhaps be expressed thus: Make everyone a minority, then we’ll be safe.

Given their history of persecution, it is easy to understand how Jews might come to the conclusion that they would be safer in a country where everyone was a minority. After all, the ethnic majority would then be unable to mobilise against them, because there would be no ethnic majority. Of course this is morally outrageous from the perspective of the unfortunate indigenes who have been targeted for minoritisation in what used to be their home. But even from a purely Jewish perspective, I think it is a tragic misconception. It is the ethnically homogeneous core that gives any country its stability and character. Without the anchor of shared empathy among people of common ancestry, countries will be prone to tumults and disruption of all kinds. Take the recent Trayvon Martin circus in the US as an example. The more diverse a country is, the more of that there’s going to be. Until eventually it becomes the daily bread and butter of life, not an occasional exception. In response to the fragility of the social fabric diversity produces, governments will inevitably be drawn into restricting freedom. If the exercise of free speech can produce hair-trigger rioting the next day in which thousands of people die, then free speech will be restricted. It will certainly be interesting to see how the USA develops in the course of this century as the European demographic wanes. Perhaps I’ll be proved wrong, but I fear it’s going to end badly.
Contemplating the series of “adverse interactions” between Jews and the Europeans in whose countries they were living, the most tragic aspect of it for me is that the choices each made are perfectly understandable from their own point of view. The Jews feared the Europeans and were right to fear them, because the Europeans ended up persecuting them. But at the same time the Europeans feared and resented the Jews, and were right to fear and resent them because the Jews have demonstrably acted in ways that were harmful to the well-being of Europeans, not least by promoting ideologies like Communism and multiculturalism, their support for which has been strongly conditioned by the emotional distance they felt from their host societies. Even before this harmful political activism occurred, Europeans became aware that they had a disaffected and even contemptuous minority living in their midst that was exhibiting an in-group/out-group mentality towards them. How Europeans gain from having a disaffected minority of alien origin living in their midst was as reasonable a question then as it is now. The potential for this to cause future unpleasantness is something that could have been sensed instinctively. Why Europeans should have to pay a price because a non-European people was unable to defend its home against external attack and thereafter took up life as a diaspora is, to say the least, less than obvious. Although the choices each group made may be understandable from their own point of view, the two groups were not and are not of equal moral standing. The land is European therefore the primary moral entitlement belongs to the Europeans, not the group of incomers. If Jews didn’t like the way they would be treated in Europe, they shouldn’t have gone to live there. If they were already there and didn’t like it, they should have left. Going to live in someone else’s country then trying to subversively transform its nature from within is no more morally acceptable from Jews than it is from Muslims.

Communism blighted eastern Europe; multiculturalism is destroying western Europe. Although Jews are clearly not solely responsible for either, it’s reasonable to ask whether either ideology would have achieved such “success” as it did achieve, establishing doctrinal dominance in the minds of policy-making elites, had Jews never immigrated to Europe. In my opinion, the answer is no. Without Jewish political and intellectual activism, without the Holocaust, without the Hitler stick ready to beat down any manifestation of European pride or patriotism, Europeans would not now be losing their countries to Islam.

About ten years ago, a German special forces general remarked that, in the history of the 20th century, the Jews were perpetrators as well as victims. He was promptly dismissed. At the time, what he said sounded nutty to me. But having read McDonald’s book, I can now see what he meant and would agree with it myself. The communist regimes that disfigured eastern Europe can be seen, to some degree at least, as a mobilisation by the Jews against the indigenous peoples of the countries they were living in. And fascism can be seen as indigenous Europeans’ reaction to it. To recognise this, of course, is not to say that this reaction, in the atrocious form it sometimes took, was justified. But it is important to attempt to understand why things happen, to seek rational explanations. Jews like to portray antisemitism as a kind of mystical evil, something that arises mysteriously and without explanation. To embrace this approach is to abandon the quest for understanding and lapse into primitive mysticism. It is the obverse of the “chosen people” narrative. Although some antisemitism, grounded in the magical belief systems we call religions, is clearly irrational, MacDonald’s books demonstrate, convincingly to me at least, that antisemitism has often arisen because of genuine conflicts of interest between Jews and non-Jews. Any other people acting in the same way in the same circumstances would have produced the same reactions. There was nothing mystical or fated about it.

The Jewish role in the communist atrocities of the early 20th century should have been extensively and publicly discussed to the extent that it should now be a matter of common knowledge. The fact that it isn’t, the fact that I, someone with far greater historical knowledge than the average person, have only stumbled onto this truth recently, is shameful. It is as if the Holocaust had been suppressed from public view and esoteric reading in hard-to-find books was required to find out about it. Recently, for example, a Telegraph journalist asked the question “Why does Hungary still nurture the ancient prejudice of anti-Semitism?” This is like saying “Why do Jews still nurture the ancient prejudice of anti-Germanism?” Yet one of the twin sets of atrocities that blighted 20th century Europe has been erased from the historical record, or at least stripped of the telling details that would give it meaning, while the other dominates our culture and political discourse.

When atrocities of this magnitude occur, it is appropriate that they be held up to extensive public scrutiny so that lessons can be learned. Jews, as a people, should have been made to confront their historical responsibility for their role in the crimes of Communism. They should have been made to accept that they were perpetrators and not simply victims. And they should have been asked to engage in the kind of deep introspection and moral reflection that Europeans have been asked to engage in in recent decades. They should have been prompted to meditate on what it was in their culture that allowed them to slip so easily into the excesses and atrocities of Communism, to embrace ideas that had such distintegrative effects on the traditions and institutions of the countries they were living in, and to consider the ethics of accepting the implicit hospitality of other peoples by taking up residence in their countries while inwardly despising them. The fact that none of this has happened means that there has been no impetus for change. As a result, we see the same tendencies still at work today. Jews still have an invincible sense of victimhood, fed by the warped narrative of the 20th century that has established itself as official truth. Diaspora Jews still feel estranged from the indigenous culture of the European societies they are living in. They still denigrate and delegitimise European patriotism and other forms of European cohesiveness, portraying the desire of Europeans to live as Europeans surrounded by other Europeans practising European culture as a sign of wickedness or pathology. The same emotional impulse (in large part driven by a fear of antisemitism no doubt, but that doesn’t excuse it) that led Jews disproportionately to embrace Communism now leads them disproportionately to embrace multiculturalism and the pro-immigration, diversity mania. And it is this “Diversity Macht Frei” mantra that is the root cause of the islamisation of the western world.

Ironically, this islamisation now presents the greatest threat to Europe’s Jews since Hitler. So why should Jews embrace a policy that is so clearly detrimental to their well-being? As MacDonald documents, for all their reputation for extreme cleverness, it is clear that many Jewish strategies designed to ward off antisemitism historically have ended up backfiring badly. There is a recurring pattern to Jewish anti-antisemitism strategies throughout the ages. It is to form an alliance with the elite against the people, the minority of rulers against the majority of ruled. Jews often worked as tax farmers, for example, stoking up a great deal of bitterness against themselves, but they felt the ruler’s favour would protect them. And it did. For a while. But it should have been obvious that the fortunes of rulers would change and with it the fate of the Jews. Stirring up bitter feelings in the majority of a population and relying on an elite to protect you is never going to work well as a strategy over the long term. If Communism is seen in this light, for example, it is true that, in the initial stages at least, the new communist regimes in eastern Europe were able to exterminate indigenous patriotic movements while facilitating the expression of Jewish culture and the maintenance of Jewish distinctiveness. Numerically, the upper echelons of these regimes were often dominated by Jews. But this eventually provoked an antisemitic reaction among ordinary people to which even a dictatorship felt the need to respond. Then a reshuffling of the hierarchies occurred. Now there are very few Jews left in those countries. We can see multiculturalism, which could also be interpreted as another Jewish strategy designed to ward off antisemitism, taking a similar course. It, too, enjoys almost universal support among elite actors (journalists, politicians, academics, etc.) and almost universal opposition among ordinary people. It is a reckless bet to think that this situation is sustainable. If an indigenous European reaction eventually comes to the genocide being inflicted on us, it’s possible that the disproportionate Jewish role in it will not go unremarked. And in any case, the Muslims are making life unbearable for Jews in the areas they have come to dominate. Viewed as a strategy designed to ward off antisemitism, the modern Jewish embrace of multiculturalism is catastrophically misconceived.

While A culture of critique focuses on the Jewish political and intellectual activism in modern times, A people that shall dwell alone goes explores the history of Judaism more deeply. MacDonald’s discussion of the eugenic effects of Jewish culture, which has favoured the reproduction of intellectuals throughout the ages, was fascinating. This was a culture where scholarship, even when its subject matter was essentially absurd, enjoyed almost unimaginable prestige. In simple terms, this was a culture where the geeks got the money and the chicks. It illuminates how it is that such a small global population of 15-20 million has been able to garner almost one quarter of all the Nobel prizes ever awarded, generate ideas which have largely shaped the modern world and achieve enormously disproportionate influence in fields such as journalism, business and academe.

MacDonald’s work makes it clear that Jews have evolved an elaborate ideology and culture designed to support the practice of “sojourning”, that is residing in someone else’s country while maintaining the maximum degree of separateness from the indigenes. I was shocked to discover the degree to which genetic purity has been a cornerstone of Jewish culture throughout the ages. Even lowly peasants would keep genealogical records tracing their ancestors back through the generations. At times, certain leadership positions would be reserved for those in possession of cherished bloodlines, traceable to revered figures from the ancient past. Indeed, MacDonald makes the case that Judaism is, in essence, a system of genetic exclusivity whose religious aspects are little more than a façade. And much of this still continues today, albeit in submerged form, expressed more furtively because the idea of genetic exclusivity is no longer compatible with the prevailing Zeitgeist, a Zeitgeist Jews have played no little part in creating. At the same time, the progress of secularisation has made the genetic aspect of Jewish endogamy more apparent, since even Jews who have given up their religious beliefs continue to cling to the practice of marrying other Jews. It is no wonder people talk scornfully of “One rule for the goy, one for the chosen.”

To conclude, I think Culture of critique is one of the most important books of our age and A People that shall dwell alone, while of less burning political relevance, a fascinating and thought-provoking work. Everyone in the Counterjihad movement should at least read and reflect on Culture of critique.

Since I became concerned about the islamisation of Europe, I have been seeking to understand why it was happening to us, to trace its historical roots. At least part of the answer is found in this book. But no more than that. In my view the historical roots of our present predicament lie primarily in the ideas developed in the latter half of the 18th century by the Enlightenment philosophes, ideas that first received tangible expression in the French and American revolutions, specifically the ideal of equality, the notion of citizenship substituting for deeper notions of ancestral peoplehood, the idea of a state based on abstract values rather than the historical continuity of a people, and the development of the ideology of human rights and its accompanying constitutionalist dogmas according to which democracy should only be allowed to flow within the limits set by simplistic, ambiguous written rules interpreted by unelected officials. It would be absurd to blame all of this on Jews, although, interestingly, in his series of books about this intellectual movement, Jonathan Israel does trace the flowering of “philosophie” to Spinoza, a secularised Jew.

More deeply in history, we can see that Europeans are the first to move decisively away from rigidly kinship-based societies and ethical ideals that favour the interests of kin groups. They move to nuclear family structures, nurturing a greater sense of individuality, while the rest of the world still lives in multi-generational clan-based households. They develop ideas about merit and moral conduct that transcend the interests of the kin group. MacDonald offers some interesting evolutionary and historical perspectives on how it is that Europeans might have come to be less ethnocentric than other peoples. Of course it is a supreme irony that we, the least ethnocentric peoples in history, have come to be almost uniquely stigmatised for our supposed ethnocentric prejudice (aka racism), often by what may well be the most ethnocentric people in history, the Jews. Modern multiculturalism could be seen as just the ultimate morbid expression of this long historical anti-ethnocentric movement, something that is essentially internal to European civilisation, which is not to say that aliens have not taken parasitic advantage of it when they can. A nation, a real one, is an extended kin group. And our contemporary embrace of the alien is just an extension of this epic historical odyssey of flight from our own kind. The only problem for us is that the rest of the world has never left its kinship-based societies and moral structures. Our idealism is not reciprocated. And our idealism may be the end of us.

I have looked for substantive critiques of MacDonald’s work and failed to find any. All that can be found are the usual cheap gibes of “antisemitism”. That’s just not good enough. At the very least, these books are serious works of scholarship. MacDonald’s ideas deserve to be engaged with and, dare I say it, critiqued. If there are flaws in his presentation of facts, I want to know what they are. Imputing evil motivations to him just doesn’t cut it. The whole point of the knowledge production apparatus constructed by Europeans, based on the scientific method, is to filter out motivation and other subjective considerations. It aspires towards an apprehension of objective truth. This appears to me to be one of the chief distinguishing characteristics of our civilisation. Orientals, on the other hand, exhibit little concern for objective truth. They tend to express disagreement by accusing their opponents of being evil, of having impure motivations, or making references or comparisons to revered or reviled symbols whose totemic potency is deemed not to require rational justification. And this, it seems to me, is a large part of what has gone wrong in recent times. Our political culture has been orientalised. Discussion on the most important topics of the age essentially revolves around the question of whether or not those on one side of the argument are evil or not. Debate involves an almost ethereal examination of the presumed moral purity of an advocate’s motivation rather than objective discussion of the merits of what it is that he advocates. And even the “dissident” thinkers themselves accept this evaluative framework as valid. They simply protest that their motivations are pure (“I’m not a racist!”), rather than insist, as they should, that they are irrelevant. The subjective realm of motivation and emotion, what swirls around inside people’s heads, has overwhelmed the objective realm of fact and action and reason.

It would be nice to think that some Jews might read MacDonald’s books or this blog post and produce a more reflective response to them than “Ya, boo, antisemitism!”. Some might say there is as much hope of that as there is of the BBC admitting that Islam isn’t a religion of peace; but I refuse to give up all hope of it altogether because I do believe that the Jews who supported Communism and now support multiculturalism are indeed motivated by a sincere idealism. And the many Jews in the Counterjihad movement are being daily forced to confront the practical consequences of the anti-nationalist ideas that have thrown open the gates to Islam. I refuse to give up hope. The malignant conspiracy to destroy the goy hypothesis is, for me, too fantastical to accept. Let’s imagine, then. What would a morally mature Jewish response to MacDonald’s work look like? Here are the propositions that I would hope an enlightened Jew should be able to assent to.

That the idea of “sojourning”, one people living in another people’s country while striving to maintain its own distinctiveness, genetic and cultural, from the host population is fundamentally a very bad one, on both practical and moral grounds. On practical grounds because, human nature being what it is, it will inevitably give rise to unpleasantness sooner or later; on moral grounds because a people has a fundamental moral right to its land and to a sense that those living there are part of a single “community of destiny” who will share their triumphs and tribulations and weather the challenges of time together.

That their experience of living as a diaspora has caused Jews to develop and promote ideologies that delegitimise nationalism, meaning the primordial moral entitlement of a people to its land.

That this anti-nationalist ideal, expressed in its various forms, has had, and continues to have, catastrophic effects; and is the principal cause of the islamisation of the western world today and the moral and intellectual paralysis of our rulers when faced with it.

That when Jewish individuals and organisations invoke the Holocaust and analogies with Adolf Hitler to promote divisive pro-immigration policies, they are abusing the memory of the people who died.

That to associate Jewishness so overtly with policies opposed, and often bitterly, by a majority of people is to recklessly sow the seeds of future antisemitic rage.
That Jews who oppose this diversity mania have been shamefully reluctant to publicly criticise other Jews who promote it. Jews, in general, are loath to criticise other Jews. But the appearance of Jews acting monolithically only feeds antisemitic conspiracy theories and it is important that this inhibition be overcome.

In the western world’s confrontation with Communism, something similar occurred. At first Jewish organisations would deny that there was any special Jewish involvement in Communism and dismiss claims to the contrary as antisemitic slurs. Later, when the evidence became unassailable, the truth was acknowledged and the “good Jews” would denounce and oppose the “bad Jews”. That’s what needs to happen in response to the diversity lunacy that is islamising and destroying European civilisation. The silence must end.

What lesson should we learn from this? Our ruling class has derived the lesson that nationalism is a terrible thing that needs to be repressed. But that is exactly the wrong conclusion. The right conclusion is that nationalism is a core human instinct that cannot be successfully repressed over the long term and that attempting to do so will give birth to future atrocities. Instead of repressing it, we should accommodate it. Nationalism should be recognised as the optimal organising principle for the world: one people, one land. Immigration should be discouraged. Immigration-derived minorities should be few in number and should be expected to assimilate totally to the indigenous way of life. If they don’t, they should be expelled.

Fundamentally, the idea of living in someone else’s country as a community while maintaining your own genetic and cultural distinctiveness from them is a very bad one. In fact, this “anti-nationalist” ideal is quite possibly the worst idea in history. The clearest lesson of history is that when different peoples live in the same land, bad things happen. Immigration I would characterise as the scourge of the human race. Almost all conflict flashpoints around the world can be traced to immigration. Some time ago, one people moved into another people’s land, generating bitterness and conflict that can endure across centuries and even millennia. When I visited the Jewish museum in Cordoba not long ago, I saw that, despite the fable of “convivencia” in the city of “tres culturas”, the chronicle of Jewish life in Cordoba was largely a record of persecution, interspersed with moments of serenity. I came away with my conviction reinforced that nationalism was the best organising principle for the world. That is: one people, one land. Immigrants should be expected to assimilate completely to the indigenous tribe in any country they move to. They should be willing to give up any separate sense of self. If they’re not, they shouldn’t be allowed in; and if they’re already in, they should be encouraged, or made, to leave. Sustainable models for functioning societies cannot be based on an unattainable ideal of how human nature ought to be; they must be based on human nature as it is. Nationalism, the wish of a people to possess a home, a physical territory of their own, where they can live in peace and security with their own kind, is a core human instinct. Left to operate freely, this instinct will tend to produce homogeneous societies where peoples live separately, rooted in their own homelands. Whenever any other pattern emerges, it can only be because force and fear has disrupted the natural order of things. When the force or the fear fades, ineradicable instincts will reassert themselves.

There is superb irony in the fact that Jewish intellectuals have come to be among the primary disseminators of anti-nationalist ideas, and not just because Jews have been almost impossibly obsessed with maintaining their own genetic and cultural purity from external contaminating influences. But because their own sorrowful trajectory as a people is the clearest possible refutation of the idea that anti-nationalism represents a sound and sustainable framework for organising the world. Jews lost their country and then lived as a harried diaspora at the mercy of others. That mercy was not always forthcoming. Their story is a tragic tale of persecution and peregrination. In the end, after centuries of this, they concluded that they only way they could be safe was to retake their own home and hold it so they would no longer be dependent on the mercy of others. And, of course, they were absolutely right about that. I am unstinting in my support for Israel, because the Jews have the right to their home, just as any people does. But having your own home isn’t just the only way Jews can be safe. It’s the only way any people can be safe. We Europeans cannot allow ourselves to be made a minority in our own countries. We must do literally anything to prevent it. And the fate of the Jews should be our primary object lesson. How tragic that so many Jewish intellectuals seem to have learned nothing from their own history.


mony said...

Dear Cheradenine,
(first- just to give context to my reply- i am israeli and jew.)
u have raised a subject that can be debate almost only few comments.
1. every conversation about antisemitism must start with the religious history of Christianity and Judaism. there r many reasons for mutual resentment between those religions- which personally i totally don't share.
2. i don't argue with the facts u r raising regards the prominent role of jews in the communism but i would like to mention that at the same time jews r also being blamed at their prominent role in capitalism.
3. it is strange to hear that jews r blamed for communism but Russians rarely are. it is weakening the argument in my view, although as i said- i don't argue with the facts.
4.u have mentioned that jews r usually play also very positive factor in economy and science. i have just search google and found that 22% of the winners of nobel prize r jews- which r 0.2% of the world population. still, usually when criticizing jews as a nation there is tendency to generalize them only on the negative side. i wouldn't say this is antisemitism since we r too, like any group, deserve to be criticized when appropriate .
4. to think or to say that Holocaust was a backlash against communism it totally wrong.
the genocidal instinct has incubated for long time- much before communism. Holocaust was the peak manifestation of very long process that was affected from many fields.
5. i start to think that any society- including jews- needs the archetype enemy to represent its hidden most significant fear. nazis for example really feared that the international Judaism will take a horrible revenge at them if and when they will lose while jews in the west couldn't even make Auschwitz bombed. i think it is essential to remember when talking about minority. any minority.

mony said...

sorry- but got some more comments. it is hot topic for me..
1.u mentioned that jews support multi-kulti stuff.
i think that if u will survey israel population- assuming that the average israeli will understand what exactly u want from him- u will find that most israelis reject it. (that is only a guess, my guess).
2. when talking about multiculturalism i think that what is missing is the acknowledgement that every country should have its distinctive identity (nation as the arranging principle). when there is consent about it and there is no undermining by any minority of this principle a nation could contain its minority peacefully. what islam is doing blatantly today in europe is wrong. i would object it even when jews do it.
3. another thing - judaism as perceived by most of jews is not just a religion but also nationality. in germany in the 30' jews considered themselves as Germans sons of mozes's religion. it didn't work for them so much.
4.lastly- speaking about generalizations- i am always confused when i hear that jews control the money and the media. most of the jews around me are struggling financially on their basic needs. tell that to them and they will bitterly giggle. tell them they control the world media and they will ask themselves how come we get so much negative and unbalanced cover . i didn't mean u used those generalizations, just wanted to demonstrate the weakness appearing when we use generalizations.
sorry for the length
thanks for the post

Anonymous said...

Right! Surely we must support Israels right to exist, as we should support any peoples right to independence and survival.

Yet, also surely, we cannot allow diaspora jews to destroy our homelands via massimmigration and multiculturalism just because they dont like the dirty goyim or christianity or whatever other reason is driving them.

Anonymous said...

The Jew thing has it’s roots in a simple point of view. Our (Darwinistic) world is more based on hatred than on love and understanding. In other words; hatred is very normal and finds it’s sources in: a) the difference between people and b) competition. The reasons for hate can be found in: difference in looks, religion, way of living and countless more reasons. The competition between groups or folks was on habitat, water sources, the will of one group to oppress the other etc. Take for example the bloodshed between the American Indians and the white immigrant’s right from the beginning. The whole European history is full of bloodshed and wars till the end of the 20th century. The last one was the Yugoslavian wars . As for the Jews they formed a different religious group in Europe and the Islamic countries. From the time people had adopted monotheism and communism they had turned in a bloodthirsty monsters. One of my acquaintances had once said that there were more people murdered in the name of God than in the name of the devil. Not only the Jews are sat apart as ‘no good people’. Till the day of today many people relate the ‘Free Masons’ to a kind of ‘Lucifer worshippers, black magic, Makumba and more crap. The Free Masons are respectable people who are living according to the norms of decent people. What they are doing in their free time, is their own business. The same can be said of the Jews. The knowledge that many of them are succesfull brings even more hatred by people who envy them.

King Lear said...

I agree 100% with what you have written. The blatant double standard found within a large section of the counter-jihad movement on this issue has always disturbed and disappointed me.

I support the right of Israel to exist and to exist as a homeland exclusively for Jews but Europeans deserve the same right and too often it is denied to us by groups containing a disproportionate number of Jews.

Anonymous said...

When I first began commenting on Islam many years ago, I noticed how quickly people would bring up the issue of the supposed need to 'respect' the ideology, to which I would reply that the only respect which we owed to Islam and its adherents was to seek the truth (especially through reference to Islam's own main texts, Koran and Hadiths), to speak the facts as we perceived them as dispassionately as possible, and hope to enlighten others and possibly help those peoples living and suffering under the ideology's restrictive and cruel tenets.

We should apply the same attitude towards Judaism and to Jews. Therefore, we should examine, firstly, Judaism as it is written and taught and, just as Islamic teachings come from the Hadiths as well as the Koran, so, too, Judaic teachings, laws and practices come also from the Talmud as well as from the Torah (the former is the basis of teaching of rabbis and also in Jewish faith schools, yeshivas). The belief in a chosen people, one who acknowledge only One God, and who await the Messiah, can and does lend itself also to a separation from other peoples via concepts of ethnic/religious/genetic 'purity' which, in turn, also leads to developing certain strategies, laws, conduct which give to the 'chosen' people advantages over others.

On a major English newspaper, I read an exchange between two commenters, one quoting from the Talmud and the other, identifying as a Jew who put up a link to an exegesis on certain Talmudic passages. The first commenter had said the Talmud did not regard non-Jews as fully human and the Jewish commenter sought to counter this by the exegesis (which did accept that non-Jews were also human organically). What interested me was what the exegesis had to say about what we would term the concept of nationhood:-

"However, the Jews, as a unified nation, are one organic entity. We are obligated to treat each other as close family members and are responsible for each other's actions. Gentiles do not have this organic, national bond with each other and are therefore excluded from this concept."

This actually supports CZ's point about a nation of people being bound by common factors which, from the Jewish point of view, Jews have preserved historically through the millenia of Jewish history due to their adherence to Jewish laws and their ethnic/genetic closeness. That Jews do not regard non-Jews as having the same "organic, national bond" can easily be countered with reference to racial, religious, legal and historic factors, but this does show that the problems emanate from a far earlier source than Communism. Ultimately, this is a question of theology as well as of ideology and politics.

Anonymous said...

One of the problems over Islam and its existential threat is that Islam (via Mohamed and Islamic texts) took on laws, practices and teachings that were originally from the Jewish sources (Talmud, Torah): stoning of adulterers, use of deceit/guarding one's words to protect members from outside the tribe, a parallel legal system operating within a non-member nation, segregation of sexes, consanguinity, paedophilia, apostasy punishments, not revealing the beliefs to non-members, dietary laws {Kosher and Halal foods}, genital mutilation, the requirement to establish the belief system and eliminate "false gods", etc. Christianity as a belief system from Christ's words and teachings, and those of the Apostles, is universalist (neither Jew nor Gentile, Greek nor slave) and is not genetic/ethnic/tribal-centred and calls only for spreading by teaching of its Gospel.

parisclaims said...
I have no idea if this woman has any influence whatsoever over her co-religionists, but I do know that anti Semitism needs her like a fire needs oxygen.
Whatever way you slice it, Jews are massively overrepresented amongst those that flood western Europe with 3rd worlders and attempt to force multiculturism down our throats. Not so keen on 3rd worlders entering Israel.

Anonymous said...

One of the main concerns of anyone opposed to Islam is that it threatens two of the foundations of Western civilisation: freedoms of speech and belief. 'Islamophobia' is a term intended to silence any discussion of Islam and Moslem bodies (OIC) with the collaboration of the US, EU and UN are intent upon developing this term (and non-existant 'condition') into a perceived 'crime' and obtaining its inclusion in the criminal statutes of Western countries (it already exists as so, in Sharia Law and in the Cairo Declaration of Human Rights in Islam to which the majority of Islamic countries are signatories). Terms such as 'nationalism', 'nativism', 'xenophobia', 'far-right' are meant partly to silence discussion of Islam, but no one ever mentions 'anti-semitism' and its relationship in political terminology. The term seems to have first entered political, written and public discourse in the mid to late 1870s, almost in conjunction with 'racialism' ('racism' replaced the latter term). This term seems to have been used to deflect attention from criticism of Jews as a people of an ideology, Judaism, and the fact that Jews espoused causes (Communism/Socialism, multiculturalism, hostility to nationalism, etc) which threatened countries and their separate identities. By switching to a term that referenced an ethnic identity (semite), this could be stretched to implying, through the use of the term 'racialism'/'racism', that criticism of Jews/Judaism involved a blanket condemnation of an entire mass of humanity and that this was evil.

In the past several years, I've seen articles on 'counter-jihad' sites as well as in press and other online sites, wherein 'anti-semitism' (criticism of Jews or Judaism) is said to be "...human irrationality...the ultimate source, buried deep in the mass subconscious, is still untouched. Underneath the present stimuli, and contributing to them their explosive potentiality, lies the powder keg of emotional predisposition, of a conception of the Jew which has nothing to do with facts or logic." This attempt, to ascribe criticism of an ideology or its followers, to mental instability on the part of the critic, can just as easily be employed, and is, by Moslems over critics of Islam.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the behind it. So muslimhate becomes maainstream and they can create their big israel and destroy the only group that can challenge them.
The european male

Anonymous said...

At least you came to discover that Communism and Multiculturalism are jewish movements. Better late than never. You would be surprised to know, however, that Islam is also a jewish movement. Even Muslim dont know this, but their religion was influenced by judaism. As always, Islam backfired badly on the jews. You should do your own research on this topic

Anonymous said...

It is said jews now control 70% of the media - they definitely control all of hollywood, type your fave actors names in google - put jew? after the names and watch the results ))
Given the huge extent of jewish ownership and control of key sectors of Western societies its extraordinary the lack of scrutiny of this perfidious matter - but these days one has less freedom to question than ever before so really one shouldnt be surprised that theyve managed to lock everything down so completely.
When you think about it logically no one should be beyond studied criticism - and yet so many groups are now untouchable. At the top of that writhing pulsatingly powerful heap would be the - it starts with a j tee hee. If youre wondering how we got into this straightjacket the answer can only make you more uncomfortable - jews had an awful lot to do with it.
Btw early American government security assessments of the Russian revolution described it as a jewish takeover of that unfortunate country. Jews invented the US porn industry after the second world war, many of these colourful characters have stated on the public record it was a way to "get back at" white Christian society - to undermine it. What causes people to want to destabilise or destroy a functioning society l have no idea - perhaps we should call it a malevolence or even some kind of mental disorder. Ask yourself what kind of people aided the conquest of Jerusalem by the Persians in 612 and then purchased the 60,000 Christian inhabitants from the conquerers so that they could...butcher them.
Ask yourself why the Israeli army comandeered the tv channels of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps and ran porn on them 24/7.
Ever wondered why so many serial killers in the US are jewish - and usually its the really weird ones? Did you know the Columbine killers (good jewish boys) deliberately sought out conservative Christians and taunted them about their religion before shooting them? You didnt know because youve never been told! The real problem is theres tons of this stuff and we never hear about it. Blame it on that hate book the talmud - according to which non jews are mere cattle to be dealt with any way they choose! moo
Some choice quotes:
"Politics in America has become a Jewish profession, just like law and the arts"
Ira Forman The Jewish Daily Forward March 20 2008

"We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it"
Ariel Sharon, former Israeli Prime Minister October 3 2001
"Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it." - Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001

"The US has no longer a government of Goyim but an administration in which the Jews are full partners in the decision making at all levels"
Maariv (Israeli newspaper) "The Jews Who Run Clintons Court" Sept 2 1994

This site documents jewish control of Amurica
knock yourself out

Anonymous said...

@Paris claims
You are right. Barbara Lerner, can bring the blood of every sane European to a cooking point. She is, indeed, the oxygen for every person who has, let say, antipathy for Jews. A close look at this woman, tells that she belongs to the generation that had undergone the mass brainwashing of ‘The Frankfurter Schule’. Herbert Marcuse was her hero during the late ’60; along with mass murderers as Che Guavara, Mao Tse Tung, Fidel Castro and the like. I don’t know what she is doing in Sweden, but I guess she better keep her mouth shut and not spread garbage-talk that can harm the Jews in the country and give them name as the 5th colon of the Muslim and the Red – Green Queslings. The terror spread by Third-World Muslim (and African) imported citizens is changing slowly the political landscape. Try to compare it with the days before the French Revolution of 1789 or the October Revolution of 1917 in Russia.

Anonymous said...

Thank yo for a brilliant, thoughtful post!
I just have a few remarks to make as an Israeli Jew (since y expressed the hope that an Israeli Jew would respond):

1) Norman Podhoretz has a very interesting discussion of this issue in "why are Jews liberal". His argument is that after 19th century emancipation, Jews were so eager to reject all barriers -including their own, Jewish religious barriers and the nationalist barriers of their host societies- that they rejected their own religion and started worshiping all things Marxist, including the destruction of borders etc. Thus, the Jewish tendencies in question can be seen as a major revolt against both self-imposed and other-imposed constraints.

2) pardon me, but it is a bit disingenuous for you (a "native" European I assume?) to say that "if Jews didn't like it in Europe they could have left". At times, there was really no choice for Jews between collective suicide vs staying on your grudgingly hospitable continent. You speak of contempt? Well, it sorta goes both ways now, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

...continued from above

Pardon me, but I just can't help feeling a tinge of Schadenfreude at Europe's current woes. Think "you didn't like us living with you? Well, how would you like to enjoy our mutant cousins"?.

3) I think you truly underestimate the role of the mainstream European churches in fomenting interreligious hatred in old Europe (note: I don't count offshoots that would later become major religious movements in America, such as baptists etc). The European Christian persecution of Jews over the centuries was relentless, cruel, and quite methodical. Much of what you see now in terms of Jewish political behavior is a delayed response to that persecution, however irrational and unjustified.

Anonymous said...

Another gloating jew, ty for affirming my beliefs.

parisclaims said...
Shame the victim wasn't Spectre

Unknown said...

It's clear MacDonald doesn't know anything about Communism or about the Soviet states. The majority of those who made up the Soviet states were Slavic peoples. Lenin stated himself that the Jews, like the Slavs, were comrades and not enemies.

The irony of it is that Kevin MacDonald states that Jews did communism, yet turns around and says they are capitalists as well. Well, which one is it? Those are conflicting ideologies. Did Jews do both?

It's amazing how commentators on this issue know nothing about Soviet history. For one, the Bolshevik Revolution was not a Jewish movement.

And at Anon, that "zog" wordpress site is a troll site. Because when everything is against you, blame ZOG. You have been collectively haxed.

"Jews invented the porn industry" - Facts, please.
"Jews did Bolshevism" - Facts, please.
"Israel is evil because it is Jewish" - Yes, and Palestinians are innocent children. Israel is surrounded by Jihad. And for someone who claims to be enlightened by the evil Joos, you sure are fooled by them. Who's to say the Internet wasn't made by Jews?

"Columbine shooters were Jews" - One was a Lutheran and the other, I expect, was Lutheran as well. So in typical Joo fashion you're believing everything you read without bothering to check for yourself. You possess the typical conspiracy mindset: "I know something you don't know! What's that? I'm wrong! Stupid sheeple! I AM THE SAVIOR OF THIS WORLD!" Christ, shut up already. Most serial killers are actually black or of minority status. Oh-ho-ho-ho. I take it that these Anon users simply stumbled onto Stormfront and concluded that everything bad that has happened to them is because of the Jews.

"Jews did Jerusalem" - Facts, please. No conspiracy resources, thank you.

I love it when PCTs tell you to "do some research" yet do none of their own, and get extremely pissy when you tell them that the big baddies weren't Jews. Communism was not a Jewish movement. The USSR wasn't Jewish and it's hilarious how many Westerners buy into this BS. Now here I thought you guys were enlightened. I'd have to say the biggest critique of Macdonald is that he knows nothing about Russia or its Soviet history - and hasn't bothered to check. Funny thing, that Holodomor - it never happened, and there were no mass atrocities. Not according to OFFICIAL DOCUMENTS.

And the "Islam is a Jewish conspiracy" is from Revilo P. Oliver and no one else. It's pretty hard to convince towel-heads that Jews are controlling them. Oh, wait! They just turned on the Jews, their masters! You gotta love how quick PCTs will change their theories. Can't handle dissection, can they?

Anonymous said...

"We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

Anonymous said...

" Is there a deeper reason, beyond the mere financial, as to why Jews in particular have become involved in porn? . Al Goldstein, the publisher of Screw, said "The only reason that Jews are in pornography is that we think that Christ sucks. Catholicism sucks. We don't believe in authoritarianism." Pornography thus becomes a way of defiling Christian culture and, as it penetrates to the very heart of the American mainstream (and is no doubt consumed by those very same WASPs), its subversive character becomes more charged. Extending the subversive thesis, Jewish involvement in the X-rated industry can be seen as a proverbial two fingers to the entire WASP establishment in America."

Anonymous said...

Concerning the Jews and Communism
Out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State. . .
There Were in 1918-1919:

457 Jews

..But Only...
17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans,
1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim
Here are the research statistics from the published historical studies in detail...
"Last Days of the Romanovs," by Robert Wilton, T. Butterworth/London/1920, George H. Doran Publishers/New York/1920, Institute for Historical Review/Virginia Beach CA/2nd Printing 1996, pp. 184-185 -- According to the data furnished by the Soviet press, out of 556 important functionaries of the Bolshevik State. . . there were in 1918-1919, 17 Russians, 2 Ukrainians, 11 Armenians, 35 Letts, 15 Germans, 1 Hungarian, 10 Georgians, 3 Poles, 3 Finns, 1 Karaim, 457 Jews.

(Encyclopaedia Britannica, Vol. XIII, p. 912) -- "In 1907, May 13 thru June 1, a fifth Congress of the Russian Social Democratic Labor Party was held, this time in London. This was the last one held before the 1917 revolution in Czarist Russia. Present: The Bolsheviks, led by Lenin---91 delegates [mostly Jews] The Mensheviks, led by Martov and Dan [JEWS] -- 89 delegates The Polish Social Democrats, led by Rosa Luxemborg [JEW] -- 44 delegates The Jewish Bund, led by Rafael Abramovitch and M.I. Lieber [JEWS)---55 delegates. The Lettish Social Democrats, led by 'Comrade Herman' Danishevsky Lenin [JEW] appeared on the scene, after an absence of nine years."
"The Surrender of an Empire," Nesta H. Webster, Boswell Printing and Publishing Company, Ltd., 10 Essex St., London, W.C.2, 1931, p. 77 -- The Germans, not realizing that he would be anything more than a trouble maker for their World War I enemy, Russia, passed him and his party (exact number disputed -- about 200?) In a sealed train from Switzerland to the Russian border. In Lenin's sealed train, "Out of a list of 165 names published, 23 are Russian, 3 Georgian, 4 Armenian, 1 German, and 128 Jewish."

"The Surrender of an Empire," Nesta H. Webster, Boswell Printing and Publishing Company, Ltd., 10 Essex St., London, W.C.2, 1931, p. 73 -- T"At about the same time, Trotsky arrived from the United States, followed by over 300 Jews from the East End of New York and joined up with the Bolshevik Party".

Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. IX, p. 668 -- Thus under Lenin, whose birth-name was Ulianov and whose racial antecedents are uncertain, and under Leon Trotsky, a Jew, whose birth -name was Bronstein, a small number of highly trained Jews from abroad, along with Russian Judaized Khazan and non-Jewish captives to the Marxian ideology, were able to make themselves masters of Russia. "Individual revolutionary leaders and Sverdlov -- played a conspicuous part in the revolution of November, 1917, which enabled the Bolshevists to take possession of the state apparatus".

[Archivist's and Librarian's Notations.] Here and there in the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia other Jews are named as co-founders of Russian Communism, but not Lenin and Stalin. Both of these, however, are said by some writers to be half-Jewish. In addition, Stalin was married to a Jewish lady, whose husband, Lazar Kaganovich murdered 35 million Christians and burned down cathedrals, publishing statements of note in Russian newspapers about the new world he was creating by doing this. Whatever the racial antecedents of their top men, the first Soviet commissariats were largely staffed with Jews and the Commissar of Commissars was Leon Trotsky [real name "Bronstein"], a radical, atheist Jew who spent time while exiled from Russia in New York City with hundreds of other active, radical socialist/communist Jews from the Eastern European Pale. The Jewish position in the Communist movement was well understood in Russia.

Universal Jewish Encyclopedia, Vol. I, p. 336 -- "The White Armies which opposed the Bolshevik government linked Jews and Bolsheviks as common enemies".

Anonymous said...

"The pair also wore makeup and held hands in school. In their own writings they described themselves as “anti-racists” and that they “hate racists.”

Some media outlets falsely reported that the date of the massacre was set to commemorate WACO. Other falsely reported that the date was to commemorate Hitler’s Birthday. The actual reason for picking the date was that it was the date their favorite band was set to break up. The bands is KMFDF, which is an acronym for “no mercy for the masses” in German. The band sings violent, nihilistic lyrics, and is most definitely left-wing.

In fact, in 1995 KMFDF singer/songwriter Konietzko stated “It’s pretty obvious that KMFDF is a very left-wing band.”

KMFDF was also the favorite band of the recent school shooter in Finland.

So the Columbine killers exhibited homosexual behavior, listened to violent left-wing music, and in their own writing said they “hate racists.” This has not slowed down the media from making false and outlandish claims.

The two were members of a clique at school that called themselves the “trench coat mafia.” The group was widely identified as homosexuals by other students.

Gentile victims of the crazed Jew killers.

Years after the killings, more details came out about the so-called “basement tapes” held by the Sheriffs Department. The killers made several video and audio recordings of themselves. In their own words, the killers hated Christians and women in particular. While excerpts from the tapes can be found online, the complete tapes were sealed by a judge for twenty years. The pair make comments on the tapes that Hollywood directors would fight over who got to make a movie about them.

They expressed a desire to kill “Christian God Loving Whores.” Klebold said “I am glad we killed Christ” and Dylan says “I will shoot the Christian girls in the head.”

The so-called “mainstream” media never mentions that the primary target of the Columbine Killers were “Christians” and secondly “Christian women.” They never mention the obvious homosexual overtones in their behavior and motivations


NOTE: Many witnesses at Columbine reported more than 2 perps that day, one in a white tee shirt throwing pipe bombs and another on the roof with a rifle. Police may even know who these people are. Much of the evidence has been classified for reasons no one can figure out.

Crazed Jew Targets Christians at Columbine

…Klebold’s mother, Susan (nee Yassenoff), was a shul-trained Jewess who attended a synagogue named Temple Israel in Columbus, Ohio, where her grandfather, Leo Yassenoff, a construction magnate, built the Jewish Community Centre that bears his name.

For a comprehensive assessment of Klebold’s personality go to: Dylan Klebold Personality

Eric Harris was from New York and transferred to Colorado two years before the massacre. Harris was evidently on an anti-depressant at the time of the killings, and some of his victims were callously shot without mercy at point-blank range.

Harris was dating a Jewess named Sarah Davis and ran a pro-Jewish Website that let him vent his spleen about persecution of Jews, and other issues of race, politics, and religion, and his diary said his mother was Jewish.

A personality profile for Eric Harris, based on his journal entries and inter-personal communications, indicates that his behavioural patterns were consistent with a “malignant narcissism… (with) pathological narcissism, antisocial features, paranoid traits, and unconstrained aggression.”

Some say the killers’ plan was to use dozens of bombs to cause carnage on a vast scale and to then flee the country to the sanctuary of the Talmudic state of Israel. This sounds plausible, because if any of the bombs in the cafeteria had detonated properly the blast could have caused extensive structural damage to the school and resulted in hundreds of casualties."

Anonymous said...

What Jews have said
The evil thoughts of Gentiles contaminate the world’s atmosphere and
create ordeals for Jewish children. As the Remnant for Pinchos says,
the thoughts of Gentiles, even when they are dead, still linger in and
contaminate the atmosphere.
— Yalkut Shaiylos u’Teshuvos

Gentile souls are of a completely different and inferior order. They are
totally evil, with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. Their material
abundance derives from supernal refuse. Indeed, they themselves derive
from refuse, which is why they are more numerous than the Jews.
— Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of Chabad-Lubavitch

Goyim were born only to serve us. Without that, they have no place in
the world – only to serve the People of Israel.
— Rabbi Ovadia Yosef

Anonymous said...

"Your male and female slaves are to come from the
nations around you; from them you may buy slaves.
You may also buy some of the temporary residents
living among you and members of their clans born
in your country, and they will become your property.
You can will them to your children as inherited
property and can make them slaves for life, but you
must not rule over your fellow Israelites ruthlessly."
(Leviticus 25:44-46)

Supremacism has animated them since way back when Noah was a sailor/zookeeper. We should all be supremacists only the stage would get rather crowded and since the tribe pretty much owns the stage now whites dont have a hope in hell of getting their voice heard! lolz

Paul Greif said...

To quote George Gilder from "The Israel Test":

"Jews, amazingly, excel so readily in all intellectual fields that they outperform all rivals EVEN in the arena of anti-Semitism [my emphasis]."

So it is really no surprise that individuals of Jewish extraction have been over-represented in a vast array of intellectual pursuits, some of them quite antithetical.

As for Communism, it didn't take long before Stalin and his successors in both the USSR and Eastern Bloc countries reverted to traditional Eastern European anti-semitism and began to purge the upper echelons of those of Jewish ancestry, eventually conducting a full blown witch hunt against so-called "rootless cosmopolitan" and pernicious Zionist influence. Beginning in 1948, the anti-Jewish witch-hunt persisted across the Communist Bloc for the next forty years. Some of the most vicious anti-Zionist and antisemitic propaganda that is today mainstream in the Muslim world and finds its echo in the rhetoric of Western Progressives was pioneered by Soviet propagandists (e.g. the Apartheid libel). Those who think Jews had a fun time of it under Communism are sadly misinformed. See, for example, Robert S. Wistrich "A Lethal Obsession."

Anonymous said...

In "Inventing the Middle Ages"
(, Cantor says about some of the Jewish historians who had to flee Germany, that if not for the antisemitism they would have been Nazis. This does not make them especially evil; no more so than the average German. They would probably have endorsed the destruction of groups like the Gypsies. Since German doctors joined the Nazis in greater than proportionate numbers, I suspect that Jewish-German doctors would also have participated in euthanasia, and some would have protested as well, just like some German doctors. They need not have been acting as Jews in either case, merely as more than averagely competent German citizens. In any endeavor they would have stood out. To ascribe to them some malevolent racial consciousness is pathetic whining. It was pathetic when Germans complained about Jewish competition in academia and business, it was pathetic whining when anglo saxons insisted on admission quotas in England and the Americas, just as it is pathetic whining when whites and asians are discriminated against in admissions today.

Anonymous said...

I have read most of this extensive article, and would like to comment that I agree with most of it. As an Israeli Jew I am aware that Jewish people of the diaspora tend to develop left leaning ideologies, probably as a counter-balance to the antisemitism directed against them for centuries (not that I believe that this justifies antisemitism in any way, since antisemitism has preceded these anti-nationalistic political movements by many centuries).

But here's the thing - The creation of Israel is the answer to the "Jewish problem". The majority of Jews in Israel have strong national feelings, we abhor the left, we reject multi-culturalism. One may say we that by living in our own country, we have been cured of the "left-leaning disease".

So perhaps, since multi-culturalism in Europe is causing Jews to escape Europe in droves, the problem will correct itself. Most Jews will immigrate to Israel, the indigenous people of Europe will reassert themselves, and Islamic immigrants will eventually be forced to either assimilate or go back to their countries of origin.

Anonymous said...

A British Jew I know speaks with approval of the diversity that exists within Israel. He mentioned the great variety of restaurants offering Yemeni, Iranian, Italian, French, Russian, Brazilian etc. food. I fear many Israelis see no discrepancy in their natural support of the nation state of Israel and their support of multiculturalism for everyone else in the West as they view their country as already multicultural. The point they either miss or play down is that they are united by their blood and religion in their return from the diaspora, that they love their homeland and may hold their heads up as patriots which we Europeans can't do here in our homelands without vitriolic abuse from the Left establishment.

mony said...

IT will not cure itself...don't buy that stuff (MC as jewish thing..). i can assure u that there r much more christians than jews in the MC movement in absolute numbers, still nobody calls it christian movement but leftist..
some of the comments r the same antisemic junk masking itself with lies covered with facts twisted together in non- logical manner.
the same people that blame jews for all those thing will never generalize jews for the huge positive contribution to science and human advance.
the habit of describing the innocent and naive christian nations misleaded by the some secret jewish conspiracy is an old music.

please note that hungary with its 100000 jew (1%) of population only) has its antisenic Renascence in these day.
spain's most brutal persecution period of its jews happened after 1492 when there were no jews left (converted jew took the hit).

some of the stuff here is pointing to the mental tendencies of the accusers more than it indicate something about the jews. the "JEW" that has little connection to the real jew ( a regular human being with usual good and bad ) and more connected to the ancient hostility that mystify - half in admiration and half in disgust- the mythical jews in their minds

mony said...

my lesson from the holocaust and from jewish history is:
as an israeli jew- be able to protect myself.
as human being: we r all jews and we r all nazis.
it is just the coincidence of history which role we play.
anti-semics are not unique. their hate is generated from the spring of fear and collective anxiety and tendency to find common scapegoat
to carry all the blame on purify our self as individuals and as society.

Anonymous said...

@ Paul Greif
What you mean is the communist monster they created turned on them and ate them - a banal form of poetic justice. Seventy three million is the most accurate death count for 73 years of jew installed commie utopia. Are you trying to tell us those early commie jews didnt wage an unrelenting and murderous war on white christians? Really? You do know that the Czar and his family were murdered by an all jew execution squad, dont you? Do you think this was a coincidence?

mony said...

i am still trying to figure out if jews r to blame for communism or for capitalism...?
are they to blame for their own segregation or for promoting multi-culti?
r they to blame for porn industry or to be bless for the fact that christians no longer musterbate alone in the dark...?

Anonymous said...

Calling those who legitimately criticise jews "anti-semites" is a ruse to shut them up. It is an undisputed fact that jews now form a kind of ruling class in the white countries - or what used to be the white countries. Jews do not have the best interests of whites at heart. Why would white people want to be ruled by or dictated to by jews - the short answer is they wouldnt. Theyll tell you that theyre white just like you - but later theyll proudly own that jew is a race - and it isnt the white race. They want it every way they can get it. If you want to know what they really think about whites go and read the talmud. The only jew you can trust is one who admits the talmud is a hate book and distances him or herself from it. You can have an honest conversation with that person - you are wasting your time debating the talmudists.

mony said...

let assume this article was instead about the jew about christians..and instead communizm we would blame christians for nazism, Inquision , social darwinism, colonialism and any atrocities that involved christians? do u get my point...?

2 years ago a shark killed 2 polish tourist in SINAI beaches. in the egyptian journals there was an atricle blaming the MOSAD for sending the sharks...
don't u think u blame the jews for your own inflicted "shark"?
not every critical position against jews is anti-semic. but if it look like, talk like and uses the same conspirative logic- it is probably a duck.

mony said...

by the way- most jews are secular and never opened a talmud book. there are pharses in the talmud which r very bad (although very few). still , as i said, most of jews don't care about talmud and i haven't heard yet about jew killing christian for his religion. i do know about millions of jews killed by christians. stop blaming jews for your own genocidal fantasies ( i am talking to u -Anonymous- not to any christian). this talk about talmud is so stupid , as u r running the ideas how to generate hate.

mony said...

btw 2 :
all this trash about "white man" is really low.
letting people like u lead the struggle against radical islam in europe is giving the multi culti left ammunition for free.
we r struggling for westran values- which r very positive. not for replacing one kind of supremacy in another.

Anonymous said...

jews can have a country - white people arent allowed to have a country. jews muslims and all non whites generally are allowed to have an identity and worship in the house of their identity - white people are the only people who arent allowed to have an identity - we are constantly told we must worship in the house of universalism and subscribe to lowest common denominator pc infected brainless world view.
the jew controlled media has presented the zimmerman character as a white. white people are being bashed raped and murdered across the US because of this - but the jew controlled media isnt telling you this. ln fect Zimmerman is part latrino part black and part jew.
Where are the jews denouncing the jew controlled medias anti white bias? let me know when you come across one..

Anonymous said...

MONY the talmud informs jews like a spectral psychic current coarsing through their DNA. That most are unaware of its contents is a given. Christians all over the world have been prostrating themselves at the feet of the jews ever since WW2. Do you ever see a jew owning up to the sins of the past? Nope. l am white. l am not allowed to say l am white. l am not allowed to reside in a white country because white countries are NOT ALLOWED ANY MORE. Jews can say whatever they like and no one will criticise them - jews are even allowed to have their own country. The short answer is we should all become jews and that will really mess them up. Maybe then we will be allowed to have our own country and our own media and our own HOLLYWOOD.
Btw jewish actors suck. Every movie lve seen lately has had a jewish lead actor - because thats all we get these days - whites arent allowed! If you think people arent starting to notice the jewish imprimatur/stranglehold on life in the West now youve got rocks in your head

mony said...

dear friend
jews control CNN? BBC? GUARDIAN? (i would say christians...)
do u really think all jews share the same world view? (stop being so mentally lazzy. if u buy generalization u get the huge holes in it for free))

i, a JEW(!), thinks english deserve england, Greeks deserve their greece and so on. the argument is between english to english. some of them jews. most- christians and white.
the argument is between contradicting world views. not races.
( one interesting irony: the GALDEN DAWN in greece which is extremely anti immigration is going to australia to recruit supporters.- big immigrant greek community) .

i do not think we share the same cause, even if we read the same websites. can't wish u good luck but will wish u to find some better defining tool for your self and social esteem.

Anonymous said...

Yes MONEY if it has escaped your attention the jews very nearly control all the mainstream media you must have spent the last 70 years in a cave stroking your beard. For those of us who live in the English speaking countries the fact of jewish control is self evident.
Even if Rupert Murdoch isnt a jew all of the Newscorp senior executives are. Ask gentile Ted Turner what he thinks if the tribe - when he got into bed with them he was worth 20 billion, when he finally extricated himself from his liason he was worth about 2 billion.
This is what Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn who himself suffered greatly in the Jewish-run Gulags, and who later won the Nobel Prize, had to say about the commies:

“You must understand. The leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They Hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse…

More of my countrymen suffered horrific crimes at their blood-stained hands than any people or nation ever suffered in the entirety of human history.

It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time.

The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of its perpetrators.”

l hope you stay happy and safe in Israel and am glad you endorse white people for white countries - unfortunately its a concession most of your tribe arent willing to concede.

Paul Greif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Paul Greif said...

Well, if this article proves anything, is that if you publish an article with the word "Jew" then it will inevitably bring out the revisionist, anti-historical, conspiracy-minded flakes like the cowardly and deluded "Anonymous" above. So the Gulags were all run by Jews? Wow. So 70+ years of communism was all the fault of a tiny cadre of Jews? I already knew that there were an awful lot of stupid people in Russia (as elsewhere), but it still surprises me when I come across it in such stark terms.

Anonymous said...

Yeah i like my anon status, cause ppl with a nonleftist opinion get arested these days..
U claim its not correct, show us then? Or you only able to complain and cry like a marxist douche?

Anonymous said...

@ Paul
You want to argue with Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn - go right ahead. You better check his credentials first so you know what youre up against.
Its not anti-historical or revisionist that jews now control all six major Hollywood film studios - and 70% of the mainstream media, IT'S A FACT.
Ariel Sharon said "We the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it" - do you think he was lying or telling the truth?
No minority group has the moral right to dominate a society the way jews are now dominating the Western countries - especially a minority group that places its own interests above the interests of the host group. But its actually worse than this - the minority group in question actively works to subvert the host groups culture from within. Jews do not have the best interest of white people at heart. Jews have the best interest of jews at heart.

K(yle) said...

A lot of posters ignorant of the genesis of the Soviet Union. It was funded by western bankers and industrialized by American companies. An estimated 98% of the Soviet Union's industry was built by "capitalists" and was paid for with "loans" from bankers, which with the way western economies work it's more like the Soviet Union was paid for by the taxes of western people.

There is no disconnect between Capitalism and Communism and the Warburgs and the Rothschilds and Goldman-Sachs didn't see Communism as anything antithetical to their business which is why they funded it.

Broadly speaking Capitalism and Communism have the same goals, with only a slightly different definition of justice between them that is irrelevant to anyone who isn't viewing the world from within this false dichotomy.

There were once upon a time a lot of anti-Capitalist right-wing thinkers prior to the Cold War. Because Capitalism also works to erode the morals of community and religion and nation. Read Adam Smith himself on the subject. He doesn't believe that his England is suited to Capitalism, and needs a massive amount of social engineering to be turned into a "nation of shopkeepers". People who have no identity and motivating force beyond monetary concerns. Capitalism is prescriptive, while Marxist Materialism is descriptive of the outcomes of this prescription. These ideas exist on a continuum on the same side of a divide, not in opposition.

In the end a nation of shopkeepers and a nation of workers isn't really all that different, and the one thing neither system is going to tolerate is a nation full of Englishmen.

K(yle) said...

Also for the people citing Jewish competence as a source of over representation need to check their math.

Say Germans, or Dutch for instance, at the 90th percentile of IQ are the equivalent of Ashkenazim at the 84th percentile given the most generous reading of IQ studies for Jews.

There is no way that this accounts for say >50% of "white" college admissions being Jewish at every college in the US except Yale (where Jews are still more over represented than their IQ numbers would predict).

The numbers don't track according to IQ. When controlling for IQ there should be way fewer Jews and way more gentiles in just about every endeavor you could think of.

Studies have already been done that show in the US at least that people with the "wrong" background (German-American farmers from the midwest) are less likely to be accepted to college by a massive margin compared to people with the "right" background (such as NYC Jews) when all else is equal.

College admissions is almost entirely discretionary, and Jews are over represented in academia and on these boards. You can't get anywhere in the US without a degree, and you have a bottleneck of control right here before you even start your career.

Jews are more likely to be present in intellectual fields because college acts as an elitist winnowing of candidates for these fields, and the majority of smart gentiles are excluded by virtue of being rejected for not being parochial Jews, which is why IQ can't predict their level of over representation.

It shows the level of prejudice to believe that the <1% of the German population in the 1920s would be able to account for 40% of doctors among a notoriously smart people, who statistically come out comparable in IQ to Jews. Medicine was a Jewish ghetto in the same way that IT is becoming an Indian ghetto and for the same reason. Fact of the matter is gentiles will always prefer the smarter Jew even over his own kin, because that is what our culture teaches. Nepotism is wrong, racism is wrong, only merit matters.

Except after you let in all of the smart Jews they absolutely prefer dumber Jews to smarter gentiles and it's demonstrable from the statistics. This isn't just true of Jews but it's more pernicious because while Indians do the same thing, it's apparent and there is a gripe even among universalist whites. Most whites aren't aware of any racial or cultural distinctions between Jews and European peoples, so everything just looks normal unless you are aware of the issue. It's white people promoting other white people. Except that's not the case.

Anonymous said...

What morons like MacDonald always conveniently forget is that all these Jews that wants lax immigrations laws are all socialist and commies like himself and his cultist followers.

It's not harder than this, he believes in the destroyed evolutionary bs and creates his stuff via that bs. Just another Jew hating con man from that shithole California.

Much blood on his hands, he will not like his meeting with God.

Frau Katze said...

I'm not a Jew, but I notice they trend liberal. Still, there can't possibly be enough of them in, say Sweden, to be the sole cause of the catastrophic Swedish immigration policies.

Some have woken up. Check US Front Page site, run by David Horowitz. Features excellent writing by Daniel Greenfield too, and other Jews who have seen the light.

Anonymous said...

Yes but Frau which light have they seen?
Professor MacDonald is all about self determination - for white people. It seems the jews and the muslims and pretty much every other variety of non-white oppose this simple goal. l wonder why that is. Are they afraid that they cant survive unless they have whites to cling to and leach off?

Passer by said...

What i found about jews is that israeli jews have more similar thinking to europeans compared to western (diaspora) jews. I think that the zionists are the normal jews, who want to have a country, a culture, they don't trust Supranationalism, the UN, Globalism, etc. They are typically more nationalist and many of them defend the existence of the nation state, as opposed to Open Borders Globalism.
The abnormal jews (mostly) are those from the West.

What i believe is that the normal condition for all peoples is to have their country, and not to be an "eternal minority". When you are always a minority, your thinking becomes distorted, and you start to hate the nation state who exists to serve the interests of its people first and foremost. When you have a country though, then your thinking becomes different, closer and more emphatic to the thinking of all other peoples who have their countries.

Like Jean-Jacques Rousseau said: "I shall never believe that I have seriously heard the arguments of the Jews until they have a free state, schools, and universities. Only then will we be able to know what they have to say."

Anonymous said...

rotgut said...
People keep talking about Israel as though it was a key element to overall understanding of Jewish group behaviour outside Israel - it is not. More jews live outside Israel than live in Israel, and according to a recent survey most will not go to Israel to aid her even in the most dire emergency - and most have no intention of ever moving to Israel.
The fact of Israels existence doesnt alter the behavourial traits or attitudes of the majority of Jews living outside Israel. If anything Jewish power and influence outside Israel appears to be growing, often at the expense of indigenous Europeans

Anonymous said...

@paul, western bankers... yeah rockafellers and consorts... JEWS

Anonymous said...

@Mony 18 July 09.17 h
The lessons from the Holocaust are:
a) Our world is based on Darwinistic rules. Graf Otto von Bismarck had expressed it in an excellent phrase: “Jeder für sich und Gott für uns alle”. That’s mean: everyone for himself and God for everyone. When we are in deep shit, we are all alone!!!. There is protection and no aid. As an old Jewish Holocaust survivor had once said to me: no flying saucer had ever landed in Sobibor or Trablinka and no aliens or angels had come to save the people there.
b) God has his own agenda and has obligation to no one. If there is nobody to protect you, you have to do it yourself. Living as a Jew in a hostile environment, you can do two things 1) leave and find a better place, 2) if you decide to stay, do whatever you can to protect yourself. Living in Israel means look upon the world through the barrel of a gun. The main rule in the Wild West was : the one who shoot first, stay alive. Don’t give a damn to what other’s have to say. You have the right to protect yourself. It’s your country and your homeland. You can keep it as long as you are strong enough. Jews who are living in Europe in a ‘multicultural infected area’ have to live like James Bond: see everything and try not to be seen. React like a lighting when someone tries to hit you. It is very important to learn children from very early childhood self defence. Train them in sports like Karate, Karate, Jiu Jitsu and the like.
c) The state of Israel can keep it’s place on the globe only by being strong enough to deal with it’s enemies. A strong army is first of all based on high qualified soldiers and high tech. High level education, Social Cohesion and Technology are the magic words.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 18th July 2013, 10.43 and 11.41 h.
a) “Calling those who legitimately criticise Jews "anti-semites" is a ruse …etc.” Well. The word is anti Jewish and not anti-Semitic. I do not think that European Jews like to be compared with the Middle Eastern ‘sand people’ who are yelling hysterically every 10 minutes Allah-Akbar and running bare footed all over the place. Please! You cannot compare people like Albert Einstein, Robert Oppenheimer etc. with those third world retards?
b) “It is an undisputed fact that Jews now form a kind of ruling class in the white countries” Where exactly they are ruling a country? In Europe? There are not many left of them after the Holocaust. I’ll ‘please you’ by the fact that more than 80% of the Dutch Jewry was wiped out during WWII. The ones who survived did not have the energy to ‘rule a country’. Their children and grand children are not so ambitious. They have a life of their own.
c) “Why would white people want to be ruled by or dictated to by Jews’? Why should they? Ain’t the American whites have enough balls to decide who’ll rule them? Are they that stupid or mentally unripe?
d) “They’ll tell you that they are white just like you”. Indeed. European Jews are white like you. They did not land here from planet Mars. A Jew does not belong to a specific race. What ever is walking on the planet can be found among the Jewish people.
e) “Jews can have a country - white people are not allowed to have a country. Jews can have a country, because they are fighting for it and paying with their own blood every single day. They got nothing for granted. Northern and Western Europeans had countries of their own for many centuries. Some of the countries had reached the highest social utopia (Scandinavian countries, the Netherlands Iceland etc.). The turning point came due to left wing and liberal leaders who had decided to let a tsunami of third world and Islamic immigrants and "refugees" into the country. This harmful immigration has turned European countries from the Garden of Eden into a garbage heap.
f) Passive Complaining and lamenting does not bring any change. People who want change have to fight for it. This is our world. Get it or leave it.

Tanstaafl said...

Not long ago I was where you are now Cheradenine Zakalwe.

These critiques of counter-jihad at Age of Treason are intended to help Whites better understand this particular jewish charade.

Anonymous said...

A propos the comment of Tanstaafl, some months ago one of the owners of the 'counter-jihad' site, GoV, stated that in his estimation at least 50% or more of cj sites were Jewish-administered. GoV is highly supportive of Israel and so I assume he regards this as a positive aspect of resisting (and, one would hope, defeating) the ongoing Islamisation of Western countries. As has been pointed out, the Talmud has a central role in Judaic ideology; its original, oral and written texts, were in place and use centuries before Christianity (it was further codified AD), so the problems between many peoples and the Jews are not solely a Western (Caucasian race) or religious (with Christians portrayed wrongly as the eternal oppressors and Jews self-portrayed wrongly as the eternal victims).

One of the reasons this issue should be discussed, and researched more fully, is because, if we are frank about this, our approaches to Islamic incursions are restricted by an often unspoken notion that, were we to seriously undertake our own civilisational defence, we would somehow 'release our inner Nazi' (this is in line with so many references to Europeans as the 'only' people who have ever sought to commit genocide --- historically wrong) or that justified defence against certain Judaic practices (ursury and or the operation of Jewish communal leadership and government as a parallel, competing and conflicting system within European countries and the resultant economic monopolies and financial pressures on non-Jews) were in itself an irrational response. The question of proscription of an ideology, Islam, which seeks our forced conversion/enslavement/reduced status/deaths, is never discussed nor the issue of deportation because, again, there is an almost subliminal reference to Nazism, as if Islam itself and its history and goals had no relevance to this existential threat. We are willing our own civilisational suicide by permitting a false, rather unbalanced and highly propagandised narrative of the West's supposed inbuilt intolerance to one group of people (who are certainly not without their own guilt) to take precedence over the truth, history and our liberties.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymus 20 July 18.22 h
The comment of Tanstaafl on ‘counter Jihad’ sites as being for at least 50% administered by Jews is, generally, a wrong estimation. I assume that in the US are many ‘Counter Jihad’ sites administrated by Jews; like the one of Pamela Geller. However, here in Europe the situation is different. ‘Counter Jihad’ sites have nothing to do with Jews. They are a healthy reaction on the unbearable situation in North West Europe, created by the tsunami of Islamic immigrants and nigger refugees from Africa. Most average Western European citizens are suffering on daily basis from the devastating influence of Islam and Third World immigrants on their lives. You really don’t have to be a Nazi to hate them. We need no far right ideology; only a bit of common sense to understand in what a hazard we are living now and how our near future will look like. No ‘Talmud crap’ and no ‘Mein Kampf’ are needed to understand that it’s time to go down to business and wake up from the ‘multicultural and politic correct’ nightmare. By the way, Islamic Jihad law stands for genocide of whole nations. Millions were murdered and whole nations were wiped out due to Islam. Starting by the time of Muhammed and ending with the genocide of the Armenians by the Turks in 1915 and the big scale murder of Christians in Islamic countries right now.

Anonymous said...

Jewish involvement in the communist regimes of eastern Europe -

Anonymous said...

Jews dont tell the truth - ever. A perfect example - they never own up to the very large role they played in the slave trade to and in the Americas. The Jewish Encyclopedia descibes Aaron Lopez as the "merchant prince" of Newport, Rhode Island but conveniently fails to mention his pivotal role in the slave trade in the 1760's and 1770's. Many other jews were key players in that trade.
The Delos Synagogue on the island of Delos, Greece, is the oldest synagogue building yet uncovered by archaeologists anywhere in the World and dates from at least 150 to 128 BCE, or earlier. It is not a coincidence that Delos was the centre of the eastern Mediterranean slave trade.
"British PM Neville Chamberlain (speaking off the record to Joseph Kennedy while playing golf) stated that America and the world Jews had forced England into the war". (The Forrestal Diaries ed. Millis, Cassell 1952 p129).
The second world war could also be described as the second jewish world war against white people. It is a little publicised fact that the first world war was prolonged by the jewish promise to Britain to bring America into the war and thus assure Britains "victory".
The jews got the Balfour declaration and we got two more years of war and hundreds of thousands more dead white soldiers. That war had been fought to a stalemate in 1916 and most probably would have ended then.
Professor MacDonald makes an impressive case that jews undermine and work against Christian Western societies in order to protect and enhance their own positions in those very same societies - at the expense of native white Europeans. If people (and jews) dont agree with Prof. MacDonalds findings they ought to rebutt those findings - if they can.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Paul Greif said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Very interesting stuff. I've always felt the same, and many things I read confirm my instincts, impressions and personal experience.

We cannot completely trust the Jews to be on our side. They always feel extraneous, something different, and wish to remain so.

As far as the counter-jihad movement is concerned, we can be allies - having a common enemy - but only up to a point. There will come a moment when we'll probably have to part ways, because we will not have a common objective any longer.

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