Friday, 12 July 2013
"A 16 year old boy from Jönköping, Sweden, has been sentenced to pay a fine of 2000 Swedish kroner for posting a joke on Facebook. The boy wrote: 'How to kill 50 flies with one smack? Beat a Somali in the head with a shovel."

Blog (including joke):
Swedish news (excluding the joke):


Anonymous said...

Let me changee the name of the country to Swedi Arabia.

mony said...

the joke is indeed disgusting. still freedom of expression should rule

Red Rose said...

Even more disgusting if the boy had added to 50 flies - and hordes of fleas. HeeHeeHee.

If the shovel had smashed the head open, one insect he would not have found would have been a brain.

So fine me!

hellosnackbar said...

There is a general opinion in Europe amongst normal people that Muslims are morons.
It's only the pusillanimous politically correct poltroons that maintain and try to suppress what most people feel.
It's time for free speech and common sense to prevail!

Not related to a fly said...

I laughed. It was pretty funny. I'm still smileing as i write :)

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