Thursday, 4 July 2013
Almost 90% of the asylum seekers from west Africa in the canton are trafficking in cocaine." The figure is enlightening, but official. The public minister and the Neuchâtel police announced it yesterday when presenting the results of their anti-dealing operating during the month of May.

..."The vast majority of the people arrested are Nigerians," explained prosecutor Nicolas Feuz. A quick calculation in relation to this population of asylum seekers, and the assessment is unequivocal. "We need to stop saying that only a small proportion of west African asylum seekers pose a problem and cast a shadow over the others, it's quite simply false," he says firmly.


Maria José said...

Inmigrantes de una patera amenazan con arrojar a los niños al mar si son detenidos

Cogieron a los niños, dos de 2 años, para advertir a la Guardia Civil

El Gobierno cree que muestra la extrema presión migratoria que vive Melilla

Los varones salieron corriendo nada más alcanzar la playa

Anonymous said...

Drug dealing is one of the main sources of income in the West used by Moslems to fund Jihad. It also, of course, has the additional 'benefit' that, in creating drug dependency and mental and physical problems in Western peoples, it makes them far less of a threat to Islamic conquest.

Anonymous said...

The Swiss have just passed a law that asylum seekers or immigrants who commit criminal acts, have to be deported.

If 95% of West Africans are shown top be drug dealers, then 95% of West Africans will be deported. Its a very effective law if it is implemented.


Faisy Faisy said...

One will never be provided an asylum to the country if he decides to manipulate with the security of the nation; or poses a potential threat to it asylum usa

Faisy Faisy said...

On June 5 U.S. secretary of state John Kerry held a private meeting with Venezuela's foreign minister after an Organization of American States assembly in Costa Rica. The two men agreed on the need to improve relations between their countries, which have been in a state of poor diplomatic health for many years. An acceptance of Edward Snowden by Venezuela would undoubtedly derail those plans asylum usa

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