Wednesday, 24 July 2013

They quarrelled over the daughter's lifestyle and texts that had been found on her mobile phone but somehow the court found it wasn't an honour killing. We are seeing Middle Eastern standards of justice now being applied in Europe.
Miriam was stabbed to death in January at home in IJsselstein

The 43-year-old mother Chahira Ben M. has been sentenced to three years in prison for stabbing her sixteen year old daughter Miriam to death. The penalty is much lower than the Public Prosecutor’s demand for seven years.

The Utrecht Court found the demand did not do justice to the circumstances, the accused person and the impact the crime has had on her and her family.


In January 2013, Ben M. stabbed her daughter Miriam to death in their home in IJsselstein. Behaviour experts considered that Ben M. had reduced accountability because of severe depression and extreme fatigue. She had not slept for nights.

The family of Ben M. feels no malice or hatred. During the trial, another daughter asked that “the lowest possible punishment” be imposed on her mother. "Unfortunately we will not get our Miriam back. But please do not take our mother and wife from us for a long time."

Ben M. quarrelled with her daughter after she read text messages from the girl on her mobile phone. She was shocked by the content and thought her daughter would get on the wrong path. Mother and daughter had often been in conflict about Miriam’s lifestyle .


On that day, the mother was in "total despair". She grabbed the knife, according to the judgment of the court. The stabbing was accompanied by a struggle.

Miriam's death caused a shock wave in the Netherlands. According to the court, despite speculation, in this case there is no question of honour killing. Ben M. was acquitted of murder, because there is no sign of malice. However, the court finds manslaughter been proven.
Source: Elsevier


Maria José said...

El dirigente islámico de Salt, acusado de blanqueo de dinero

El espionaje español sigue los pasos de Mohamed Atauil por su militancia salafista

Imputan al promotor de la mezquita de Salt por blanqueo de capitales

Anonymous said...

Europe is dying.

Anonymous said...

Hm. Your daughter is on "the wrong path" (meaning becoming secular, talking with boys, having fun in life, possibly even - GASP - assimilating into Dutch culture) so what is the solution?


This is going to send the wrong message to these people. "Oooh I can kill my daughter, say I was depressed and pretty much get away with it!"

R.I.P. to the young woman

Kerry Owens said...
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