Friday, 26 July 2013
The Hague has big plans for a second culture palace. Name: Medina. Location: Schilderswijk .

By Frank Verhoef on 23 juli, 2013 - 19:00

I've written many times on this item. The one who wanders through the Schilderswijk or Transvaal , has the feeling that he or she is entering a different world. A world of foreign languages, high unemployment and lawlessness. Traditionally, the two neighborhoods are the real ‘Socialist PvdA’ neighborhoods. However, I venture the assertion, that if the two districts should support themselves, they would both end up within a maximum of ten years as a kind of Detroit : bankrupt and with a police warning sign at the entrance that says "enter at your own risk”.

To maintain the suburbs for the Social Democrats, the three Socialist Hague councilors are conducting a nice experiment in what they may see as 'their playground’. The one arranges 'free' internet, the other denies that a ‘Sharia triangle’ exists and still another has a megalomaniac plan devised for a real culture palace that inherits the name "Medina". Cost factor: 3.3 million Euros. Gee Whizz, 3.3 million Euros is a mere trifle compared with the culture palace that will be built next to the town hall and where the taxpayer should cough up 181 million Euros.

“Medina”, where do we know that name from? Oh yes! It is a city in the strict Islamic Saudi Arabia. What do I say? Medina is after Mecca the most sacred place for the followers of Mohammed. There are millions of Muslims, who go on an annual basis for a Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina. So Saudi Arabia, the country where unbelievers or women enjoy little to no freedom, has apparently such a great fascination for the Socialist Hague councilor Marnix Norder (Integration) that the 'multicultural leisure centre' for the predominantly Muslim residents of Schilderswijk Transvaal should therefore be called ‘Medina’.

In ‘De Telegraaf’, of this morning, it is stated that the Socialist councilor calls the cultural palace a ‘pearl’ for the district. The arrival of a culture palace that is named after a Muslim city in an orthodox Islamic country does not exactly seem like a 'pearl' of a neighborhood, or a recommendation whatsoever. It is rather a confirmation of what many local Hague people already know: the former working

class areas of ‘Schilderswijk’ and ‘Transvaal’ have become Muslim neighborhoods where (so far) on a small scale Sharia is applied and where the inhabitants are rewarded with a unique 'multicultural' culture palace if they vote for the Socialists.
The Socialist PvdA is blatantly handing out presents to the immigrant and Muslim inhabitants of these neighborhoods in order to reap rewards in the municipal elections of March 2014. It is a matter of time before hell will break out in the Hague.
Source: Dagelijksestandaard


Anonymous said...

Anyone who votes Socialist in Holland is traitor. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Continuing our class in Islam 101:

Medina is the name of the town to which Mohamed and his band of followers fled when they were thrown out of Mecca. This has been re-fashioned in Islamic storytelling as the Hijra, the 'emigration' and this removal to Medina is regarded as the official start of the history of Islam as a warring ideology because it was from Medina that Mohamed gathered other supporters, and what began as a series of forays against caravans (not always well-protected and therefore easy prey), eventually became an army eager for booty and with this army Mohamed marched on Mecca and took it, instituting his brand of 'religion' and his particular deity (although 'allah' is a word used throughout the Middle East historically by many different faiths, with varying intonations, to signify a deity) and the practice of the pilgrimage to Mecca (which had been a place of pilgrimage long before Mohamed and a very profitable business concern, as it still is today).

It might therefore serve as a warning to well-informed people against naming a part of your city after the place where Islam first manifested itself officially as the world has known it for almost 1,400 years. Moslems think long-term and we in the West have forgotten our history, and the world's history.

King Lear said...

The Guardian newspaper has been caught lying again. They omitted any reference to the attack on police officers which started the Trappes riots.

See this article and the oldest comments left.

Roni said...

@Anonymus 26 July 2013 14:19
The Russians have a warefare tactiek: the ‘scorched earth policy’; used at times of retreat. they are burning everything down in order to cut the enemy from short supply lines. They had used it twice a) against Napoleon and b) Nazi Germany. Alas, is the modern “scorched earth policy” vastly used by Multiculturalists and pro EU parties in Europe. The policy is deliberately aimed against own local European population. By non-stop import of tsunami waves of Third World immigrants and refugees (especially Muslim and Africans) the ‘scorched earth tactic’ is working like a pandemic. From the moment the newcomers settle down, the locals have to escape and leave the area. They are compelled to run away from places where they used to live for decades or even centuries. They become refugees in their own country. The ‘scorched earth’ area’s are No-Go Zones for locals, whites and non Muslims in general. Signs of the ‘Detroit –syndrome’ start to take over everywhere; not only in the big cities. The Hague is an example for a slowly decaying city. The Socialists of the Netherlands have no sympathy for the locals. However, their attitude is more moderate toward the locals than their fellow socialists in countries as Sweden and Norway. The Dutch Socialists had learned from the wave of hostility after the murders of Pim Fortuyn and Theo van Gogh one thing: they have no unlimited political power. Not anymore!.

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