Monday, 22 July 2013

A Muslim flew a jihad flag outside his home in Grönland Platz in the west of Oslo, a Muslim-colonised area. Some people complained to the police about it but they said it wasn't illegal. They did go to the Muslim's home however and eventually persuaded him to take it down.

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

The people of Norway had brought it – indirectly - on themselves. Their behaviour has had been passive for far too long. I do not blame them. Like all countries in Western and Northern Europe the benefactors of Islam and Third World are in charge for nearly half a century. In Scandinavian countries (apart from Denmark) left wing parties are promoting Islam and Third World values (Cultural Relativism) for decades. The needs of the local population (the ones who vote them) are under pressure for a very long time. They simply do not count!!!. Bruce Baver depict’s the situation in Norway in his book “When Europe Slept” very clearly. However after so long time it is time for a CHANGE. Not the one Obama predicts, but a change that will help to give the Norwegian locals back their life.

shahzad said...

my dear brother , first know about it then say anything this is not flag of jihad but a flag of islam , it has nothing to do with extremism. in india muslim have islamic flags over mosques and hindus have hindus flags over their temples. it doesn't mean muslim doesn't love his country they do love it, bcz this is one of the teaching of islam " love of country is a sign for faith".

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