Friday, 12 July 2013

At one of the ongoing events to collect signatures demanding a referendum on the construction of a European Islamic Centre (ZIEM) in Munich, the organisers displayed a poster showing the faces of Muslim murderers or foreign origin. Bizarrely, while the event was ongoing, the state prosecutor ordered the poster to be confiscated because of a suspicion of incitement to hatred against peoples. Here you see the confiscation taking place.

The speaker, Michael Sturzenberger, complains of a two-tier justice system (dhimmi justice system in effect) in which you are permitted to show pictures of German murderers but not foreign Muslim murderers.

Later he refers to a poster which says, quoting a Turkish writer, "The terror comes straight from the Koran". This poster, too, was confiscated the previous year on suspicion that it incited to hatred against peoples. They had to overcome all of the legal hurdles to eventually win the right to display it again.

Source: PI


Anonymous said...

A little less formality about these posters might be useful: instead of putting them up in the obvious, near the place of contention (the proposed Islamic fortress), it might be craftier to print smaller copies, and casually 'leave them' in cafes, on public transport seats, in libraries, supermarket counters, doctors' surgeries/ordinations, sports areas...This might seem more random, but it has the advantage of possibly being seen by more people and it might be some time before they attracted the attention of officialdom; and it would give the authorities the feeling that it is they who are being watched and at the same time subverted by direct appeal to people in normal social milieux.

Anonymous said...

Promotion of Islam should be automatically banned in Europe considering that brave Europeans had to give their lives to stop it conquering us.
These dirt bag officials are making a mockery of the Europeans who gave their lives to defend us from Islamic conquest.


Anonymous said...

Germans are too cowardly to stand up for their liberties.

Anonymous said...

There should be more people like Mr Sturzenberg.

Our forefathers are turning in their graves. I'm so incredibly ashamed of myself. Where are the men in this country, where are the men in this world??

Oh right, WW2 happened.

Anonymous said...

Distruction of the antichrist is inevitable , You just make sure you are on the right side , It will be destroyed by the brightness of His coming !
Daniel 12 ?



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