Friday, 19 July 2013
"I never imagined that in 2013 I would be kidnapped in an apartment surrounded by a dozen people demanding that I draw up a certificate of virginity for one of their daughters."

...It's ten years now since this indefatigable woman in her forties started her consultations in this district which has been called the poorest in Europe. A few months ago she took over the practice of a colleague. "It was a conjunction of circumstances," she explains. And adds, a smile on her lips: "At the same time, there wasn't exactly a queue. Fewer and fewer doctors want to set up here. While here..."

In this district where silence is golden, this mother of three children has chosen to break the silence. No names, no photos or details that could identify her: that is the price of her peace of mind.

...Several times, she explains that she notified the social services about the worst cases. But sometimes, faced with the reticence of some families, she admits she backpedalled. "I want to stay alive," she says, admitting that she feels fear every day during her consultations. "You know, in this district, you're no longer in the Republic."

...Since her arrival in Belle de Mai, Marie has learned to deal with violence, often verbal, sometimes physical. "At the start, they insistently demand prescriptions from you and then you're faced with a Kalashnikov," she continues. One unusually violent episode occurred after she refused to oblige by supplying prescriptions. "I've stopped home visits for safety reasons. The episode with the certificate of virginity convinced me," she says. She recalls having gone to the home of a family who contacted her under the pretext that a young girl was sick. "Once there, I realised that the people present expected me to supply a certificate of virginity for the future bride. No doubt a way for them to provide assurance of their honour," she specifies.

When she is not the victim, Marie is the witness of this violence. "I am confronted with situations of sordid intra-familial violence, concerning abused children and kidnapped women," she acknowledges. Thus she reveals the case of wives who have come directly from North Africa, not speaking any French, transformed into "slaves" by their husbands, who justify this treatment by their religion. "Most of them don't confide directly. Sometimes, they come to see me without their husbands knowing. I learn that their passports have been confiscated and that some came to France against their will," she specifies. Emphasising once again the precariousness of the district, she declares: "Poverty like this is the ideal terrain for an increase in radicalisation and extremism. I come across more and more veiled women, sometimes completely veiled."

...Faced with such an environment, Marie nonetheless doesn't see herself giving up. "I love my job deeply, and I feel much more useful here than in a middle-class area," she explains. But she admits she feels relief when her days end and sometimes fear when they start.
Source: Le Point


Anonymous said...

Again a hero with no government that has her back. People who despise media should think twice when reading this! What the f*ck is happening in this continent?

l'Insoumis said...

We should put the politics and the media in trial for trahison.

Reality Check said...

What the French elite have done to their country and their citizens is unforgivable. Stop Muslim immigration now!

Anonymous said...

You are France no more!

Geo said...

Europe should serve as the canary in the coal mine for North America but I'm afraid too many of us are deliberately closing our ears to her singing.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone in France remembers why their national anthem has been titled "La Marseillaise"?

You New said...

"doesn't see herself giving up"

Didn't she just give up on home visits? It's only time before she quits and moves on.

Anonymous said...

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