Friday, 12 July 2013

On Thursday night a group of youths (17-26 years old) was standing in Holstenstraße in Hamburg-Altona in front of a kiosk.

Several motorists had complained to the police that they had been blinded by youths with laser pointers. The officers then wanted to check this group of 16 youths. But they reacted aggressively!

According to police, the officers were "massively threatened", someone kicked the police vehicle, others tried to attack the police.

While the officers requested reinforcements, around 150 residents gathered on the street. They took the side of the youths and shouting anti-police remarks, the officers say. "There was an aggressive mood," explained one police spokesman on Friday.

Around 100 officers intervened, arresting 16 people. A suspect suffered irritation of the eyes after the use of pepper spray, another was taken to hospital on a precautionary basis after suffering circulation problems.
Source: Via: ">PI

These post-fast Ramadan parties are a menace to public order throughout Europe. In this case the newspaper says absolutely nothing about Ramadan or the fact that the perpetrators were Muslims but that becomes apparent in the video above, which was filmed after the confrontation. You can even hear them shouting "Allahu Akbar".

Incidentally, yesterday I decided to create a new website tag called "Muslim mob attacks police". You can see it below. I have now used it three times in only two days, involving incidents in three different European countries!


Anonymous said...

Ramadan commemorates Mohamed's emergence as a warlord and leader of his criminal army and after their forays against non-Moslems (Christians, Jews, other tribes), they would then sort out the 'spoils' of their battles (women, children, men, monies - gold - livestock; women would either be used as sex slaves or 'wed', children absorbed into the Moslem 'umma', men either used/sold as slaves or killed, and the rest of the 'war booty' divided --- Mohamed had one of his 'revelations' from his deity 'allah' that he, Mohamed, was entitled to one-fifth of all such booty). Fasting (during the day and then feasting during the night and giving and receiving presents, for thirty days and nights), and 'praying' and reading the Koran are additions to the historical reality of the fighting and enjoying of its results. These Moslem criminals today are imitating, to a lesser degree for the moment, what those raiding parties were about. Our countries' continued accommodation, and acquiescence to the 'demands' of Ramadan (police and public not eating in public near Moslems, politicians offering Ramadan addresses, the general public not being informed of what lies behind this observance) will only encourage further displays of Islamic aggression. That might, of course, be what the politicians want: to acclimatise the public to the reality of Moslem aggression (with a police presence to provide a sense of a still-functioning state) and thus ensure that people will eventually submit without a whimper.

Anonymous said...

During WWII an espionage network called ‘die Rote Kapelle’ (the Red Orchestra) had collected intelligence mostly by reading newspaper articles and match them like a puzzle together. The method enabled them to get a very accurate information on the military movements of Nazi Germany. If we use, in our time, the same method of collecting intelligence that was used by the Red Orchestra specialists Alexander Radó and Leopold Trepper, we are encountering a nightmare. ‘The Battle on Europe’ had already started and the WAR AGAINST US is a fact. Let us, for example, have a close look at the ‘big happening’s’ of the last month’s:
a) Hamburg attack on police 12th July 2013,
b) Paris : attack on police 11th July 2013,
c) Ceuta Spain : police attacked by Muslim mob 11th July 2013,
d) Paris : wild demonstration Muslim Brotherhood, 8th July 2013,
e) Paris : Police attack by Muslims 26 June 2013,
f) Stockholm : wild Muslim riots that had spread like fire through out the rest of
Sweden, May 2013
A careful analyse of all events from 2010 till July 2013, counting also the many individual attacks on local Europeans, the statistics show
a) sharp uprising line in clashes between the European authorities and the Muslim
c) the attacks on Europeans are heavier and finding place everyday all over the
d) The attacks are structural. They come in clusters in many countries at once.

It is a long-term warfare hold (momentarily) on a very small pit. The Muslim ENEMY is not ready for heavy offensives in Europe. He does not want to arise suspicions by his alliance of political-correct, multicultural ‘useful idiots’ who are supporting him by social welfare, housing, and spending tax money on his next generation of little terrorists. The enemy is waiting till he’ll stash enough weapons and having enough ‘soldiers’ for the take over. Till then, he uses the Hamas and Fatach tactic of sending young boys as scouts. See How far can he go.

Red Rose said...

Anonymous 22.11

Very interesting information. It makes a lot of sense.

When confronting Moslem gangs, the police should be armed and should fire at the thugs. If they are not armed, they should be.

It is WAR! The enemy is gaining strength. One day it will be too late. The Army and Police Force have to start retaliating - forcefully.

Anonymous said...

hllo Kameraden ; we have allready links to England , France , Holland and Finnland ; the islamistic mob in Hamburg gets full political support from the "protestant church" ( which is a communist cell since 1968 ) , from almost any political party ( including "christian democrats" ) ; the so called intellectuals try to destroy the german people and we are ready to fight untill vicory or death .

so surrender - no mercy - no prisoners .

combat 18 Hamburg

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