Wednesday, 17 July 2013
Yes, more talking will calm the rioting Muslims...
Now the district head of the relevant station in Hamburg-Altona and the fathers of responsible young people want to sit together at a "round table". ...The police trade union sees the behaviour of youth with an immigration background as an alarm signal for a 'failed immigration policy'. According to the GdP [tn: the police trade union] policy makers have to 'wake up, if we want to avoid permanent conditions in Hamburg of the kind recently observed in Stockholm, London and Paris.'
Source: - Round table talks will be used to end riots.


Anonymous said...

I see, so the police are finally discovering that Germany has a failed immigration policy. Nice of them to join the other couple of billion people who figured that out long ago.

What will they do with their chancellor, who has declared that Germany will become an Islamic state?

Or is that just some little meaningless thing we should just forget about?

Maria José said...


El Ayuntamiento precinta un local comercial que iba a ser reformado para realizar una mezquita tras denunciar los vecinos de la zona las obras ilegales.

Los musulmanes de la comunidad Al Huda han mostrado su rechazo a las leyes de España, de la Generalidad y de Mollet del Vallés (Barcelona) ya que exigían usar un local comercial como mezquita, un extremo que vulneraría las normativas vigentes...

Anonymous said...

Why is that West is spending so much blood and money to satisfy Muslim desire to have a calliphate?

Muslims want a calliphate so the caliph can declare an official Jihad. However, they are incapable of toppling dictators on their own and establish a calliphate. So to please them, we are doing it for them. From Afghanistan to Tunisia, we are establishing sharia states for them.

Muslims though, should ask themselves why the West is so obliging to their wishes.

Our leaders are not complete fools, not all of them, as they are all united in the present policy towards Muslims and Islam.

So I ask, what is going on?


sheik yer'mami said...

"Round table" - "interfaith" -"outreach" -all the same BS. The so called "Islam conference" started almost a decade ago is also a complete and utter failure just like the idiotic 'peace talks' between Israelis and Fakestinans.

They (muslims) demand and the infidels yield.

That is the same outcome every time. Infidels can buy the peace for another day or two as long as they pay the jiziya and know their place. This has to stop. We need somebody with a spine.

Anonymous said...

DP111: I frequently reference in my comments Islamic law and Islam's central texts (Koran, Hadiths). Moslems do not 'require' a Caliph in order to wage Jihad: Islamic Law (such as 'Umdat al-Salik) does discuss the duties of a Caliph in an Islamic State; however, it also states that, in the absence of a Caliph (or Caliphate), it is still a duty of Moslems, individually and as an 'umma' (community) to wage Jihad. It is an obligation on all Moslems because of Mohamed's role and order to fight and kill all people until all people acknowledged only 'allah' and its 'messenger' (Mohamed). JIhad may be waged by an individual Moslem through his/her wealth (paying Zakat, annual obligatory tax on all Moslems is to be partly applied to fund Jihad, as per Koran 9:60); or by pen/speech (using Taqiyya or Kitman, mandated deceit from the Koran) or through Da'wa (proselytisation, which also includes, to answer your question about our supposed 'leaders,' the use of funds to bribe non-Moslem leaders of non-Moslem peoples in order to bring their peoples eventually into Islam.

As for the leaders themselves of our countries: they obtain wealth through these bribes, they gain through umlimited Moslem immigration a dependable (so they think) voting bloc which will assist them in staying in political power (Hollande of France, for example, won with 93% of Moslems voting for him), and they place themselves therefore in positions where they will not, unlike their fellow citizens, suffer the worst effects of a Western society bludgeoned into Islamisation.

Frau Katze said...

It's too late. Too many Muslims already there. "Round table" will accomplish zero. How stupid are these people anyway?

Anonymous said...

DP111: Further to your query, our Western leaders also engage in wars against certain Moslem groups or leaders for the benefit of other Moslems as part of the bribes they receive from Moslems via Zakat.

Here is the actual quotation from an Islamic Law Manual ('Umdat al-Salik) certified as a correct legal compendium by Al-Azhar University and relevant to the entire orthodox Sunni Moslems. Sunnis comprise about 85% of Moslems worldwide.

When speaking of the uses of Zakat (obligatory, annual tax on all Moslems), one the uses of the proceeds of this tax is for Da'wa (proselytisation), monies to be paid to "those whose hearts are to be reconciled" {to Islam}:

"H8.14 Those Whose Hearts are to be Reconciled

"The fourth category {of Zakat} is those whose hearts are to be reconciled...

"Those to be reconciled include:

- 1- the chief personages of a people (O: with weak Islamic intentions) whose Islam may be expected to improve, or whose peers may be expected to enter Islam;

- 2 - or the heads of a people who collect Zakat for us from Muslims living near them who refuse to pay it, or who fight an enemy for us at considerable expense and trouble to themselves."

It really couldn't be more obvious: money talks and it owns and directs the actions of our so-called leaders. And that Zakat, used to bribe them and enslave us under Islam, comes in large measure from the billions earned by Moslems as part of their incomes (which are taxed under Zakat) through slaughtering, certifying and then selling Halal food and Halal products to non-Moslems. That's one of the many reasons why the so-called 'counter-jihad''s failure to mount any campaign against Halal is so disgraceful: we are funding, even through the food we eat, or the 'halal' finance (Sharia compliant finance) we use, our own demises and the destruction of our own countries.


Anonymous said...

Anon 7.10 you are absolutely right only look at Hitler.

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