Sunday, 14 July 2013
A lawsuit is currently pending against the French state, brought by 13 individuals of North and Sub-Saharan African origin, who claim that they are stopped disproportionately frequently by the police because of their ancestry.

In response, the magazine Minute undertook research into the origins of France's most desperate desperadoes. It found that only 16.47% were, shall we say, the kind of people whose ancestors might have fighting with Asterix against the Romans. The others were "issus de l'immigration".

You can scroll through the information on the police website and see for yourself here.

Source: Novopress


Maria José said...

Islamic extremists threaten to stab inmates who eat pork in front of them at one of Britain's toughest prisons

The 'long serving prisoner' at HMP Long Lartin said cooking pork at the communal kitchen is 'deemed dangerous, even a threat to your life'.

Massive riots by muslims against police in Hamburg Germany.

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