Monday, 29 July 2013
The man who set the world on fire during the Mohammed [cartoons] crisis has changed his attitude

One of the most significant and radical Danish Islamists in recent years has warned against the milieu and the mindset he has been a part of and advocate for.

At the same time he expresses understanding for the Danish People's Party, Pia Kjærsgaard and part of the Islam-critical positions he previously fought fiercely against.

During the cartoon crisis Ahmed Akkari acted as a preacher and spokesman for the Islamic Society, inciting hatred and struggle against Denmark and freedom of expression, but today he has basically changed attitude and broken with his former comrades, he says now in an interview with BT.

"I have become much wiser. Today, I am very critical of the whole mindset of the milieu I represented. There is something terribly wrong when everything is seen as a battle between good and evil, where one represents the only good. All different thoughts are perceived as an attack that must be fought, and it is dangerous," says Ahmed Akkari.

The 34-year-old Danish-Lebanese says he has experienced several examples of religious leaders preaching resistance to Denmark and Western values in the name of the Koran. For fear of violent reactions from his former co-religionists, however, he does not wish to mention names or specific details at present.

"I have seen what has happened to other people who have allowed themselves to criticize these people's world and interpretation of Islam," he says, referring to other prominent Muslims around the world that have been met with death threats and attacks after criticism of 'the true faith.'

Harmful development

Since the Mohammed cartoon crisis, Ahmed Akkari has receded from public view and the role of imam and religious spokesman. If he chooses to stand up now, it is due to what he views as a dangerous development. If the flow to extremist Muslim circles is not curbed, it can have serious consequences for the Danish society, he fears.

"It reproduces a particular world view of people complete without nuances. It's all seen in black / white as a struggle between them and the rest of the world, and in reality it is not. This makes it even more dangerous that they have begun to attract young people from gang environments and prisons. They may not have the brainpower to be critical of what they are told. And they are people who are already on the edge of the Danish society and find it difficult to comply with its rules. The combination is a powder keg. There's no telling how it could end," says Akkari.

...His new worldview means that the former imam today has changed my mind about the 12 cartoons of the Prophet of Islam, Muhammad, which in 2005 set the Muslim world boiling with rage against Denmark. On a tour of the Middle East, Ahmed Akkari actively helped to incite the hatred that led to the boycott of Danish products, the burning of embassies and the deaths of several demonstrators. Today he regrets this and now says that he understands the newspaper Jyllands-Posten's reasons for printing the drawings.

...In the same way he has today gained a new perspective on one of the people he previously saw as one of its fiercest opponents, the Danish People's Party now retired chairman Kjaersgaard.

"Today I can better understand the skepticism towards immigrants and Muslims that she and the party represents. I have lived in Denmark since I was seven years old, and I remember how Denmark was then. My dad speaks often about it. The population was not so divided, and there was a naivety and security that is disappearing. It is not only because of the Islamist milieu, but you are naive if you think that they do not play a role," he says.


Muhammad Yahya said...

In Islam We Respect Every Messenger And Prophet Sent By Allah Subhanahu Wa Ta'ala ...
Muhammad Yahya

Anonymous said...

The stench of Taqiyya and Kitman in this Moslem's words:

Jyllands-Posten commissioned several cartoonists to contribute to the periodical's view that it was impossible to criticise Islam; those cartoons (12) were not drawn to mock Islam, but instead to underline the self-censorship of Western media. Also, and this is the crucial point, those 12 cartoons had been published in Egyptian media four months before the orchestrated Moslem protests and had elicited no riots or threats from the Egyptian public. Moslem imams in Denmark (one of whom is now dead) arranged for 3 additional cartoons (all quite intentionally derisory of Islam and its 'prophet') to be added to the original 12 Danish cartoons and those Danish imams then hawked these 15 cartoons around the Middle East to deliberately create a boycott of Danish products and to undermine Denmark's then upcoming rotating leadership at the UN Security Council. The rioting resulted in several Moslems killed by other Moslems and a boycott of Danish goods which, due to Western support for Denmark, resulted only in inflicting hardship on Moslem babies and children in the Middle East whose parents usually purchased the superior Danish dairy infant products. Danish products overall showed a profit increase of 17% as a result of Western support for Denmark. This Moslem is no doubt sensing that the tide is changing everywhere and that Europeans overall are wanting Moslems out of their countries. He is trying to seem as if he is now a voice of supposed moderation, notice his use of 'Islamist.'

Maria José said...

OTRO ACCIDENTE DE TRENES, esta vez en Suiza.
Algo raro está pasando y los gobiernos europeos deberían investigar a fondo que está ocurriendo.

Maria José said...

Of train disasters, the media and Al-Qaeda

A relatively recent issue of Al-Qaeda’s ‘Inspire Magazine specifically tells muslim readers to attack trains as opposed to aircraft as they are easier targets and tells them how

BREAKING NEWS: More than 40 people injured as two passenger trains collide head-on in Switzerland

Anonymous said...

In a nut shell.. It comes down to one simple question.. Can we afford to give him the benefit of any doubt???

Derick Mackenzie. said...

Mohamed said: "Kill!" The god of the Qu'ran says: "Kill!"
Jesus, the God of the Bible says: "...Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you." (Matthew 5: 44.)
Which do you think is right?

Anonymous said...

Really? Frankly, I still don't trust this man. Tariq Ramadhan seemed to be a good guy, but now we know all he had been doing was taqiyah.

Anonymous said...

The only good muslim is a dead one.

wallygreeninker said...

Islam is not a threat. This man was a bad, but is now a reasonable civilised, Muslim. A former extremist proves that such people can be reformed and that Islam is perfectly compatible with modern values (while peacefuuly and respectably reproducing and shipping in relatives and co-religionists). It's just two pincers of the same attack.

Anonymous said...

The Koran clearly states that its acceptable to lie to non-Muslims. Are we really prepared to believe everything he now says and trust him? I think not.

Anonymous said...

Where Islam spreads, freedom dies.
Lying to non-moslems is allowed and halal in islam.Never trust a snake.Moslems are dead sure that their islam is the only true religion which makes them real fanatics .They just don't distinguish between faith and truth.Even if they dominate the world they will eventually kill each other.

Anonymous said...

Wallgreeninker, you are joking, right? The whole point of Islam is it is not, nor can it ever be, compatible with modern values. The word Islam means submission - submission to Allah the moon god and his prophet is an untrustworthy, sex mad, hedonistic paedophile who also practiced incest and necrophilia. In fact, Islam is not compatible with the Human Rights Convention nor the Children's version. There are many nice individuals but you only have to look around Europe where the crime rates have shot through the roof in the areas in which they live. An example are the many gangs of Muslims who have been going through the courts in the UK for sexual grooming and rape where the victims asked for help and did not receive it because the various sectors were scared of the lash backs.

Anonymous said...

it most certainly IS a threat. if you only worry about nut jobs blowing you up, maybe you can say the "moderate" muslims are fine. as to that i'd have you recall dzokhar tsarnaev was well known to be a fun-loving moderate muslim pothead, until his true colors were shown. the worse threat is the small subtle things. they think all gays should be dead, and in muslim countries it is a death penalty "crime". they think YOUR wife and daughters are all whores because they aren't covered up wearing burkas. in the UK they treat them like it, google child grooming and taxi rape epidemic. all over eurabia, look at rape stats climbing! they think girls should get their clitorises and genitals cut off so they behave. they think dogs are unclean, and have harassed dog-owners walking their dogs, fought for dogs to be illegal, and taken it in their own hands to poison dogs ALL this in WESTERN countries. no alcohol, no music, both are forbidden. they feel wife beating is not only acceptable but mandatory in some cases. look up "how to beat your wife" on youtube. women are just breeding stock, and inferior ACCORDING TO MOHAMMED (pigs be upon him), so they have fewer rights. if your wife or daughter is unlucky enough to be raped, even in the west rapists get off saying "i didn't know that was wrong", which i suppose is better than the middle east (israel excepted) where they would be flogged or jailed (this has happened to western women in the uae). ALL of these actions and attitudes are from MODERATE (as you delusionally call them) muslims. and you can't reform them because you can't reform that the quran says to think and do all these things.

Santosh Mishra said...

I really don't think that Islam is a religion of peace.

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