Friday, 19 July 2013
On Wednesday two Moroccan men were sentenced for a racist assault on three people in Helsinki in May.

The men asked two passing women and a man if they were Finns. When the answer was yes, they attacked the three - this was a racist act according to the Helsinki District Court which sentenced the men to six months' imprisonment suspended and damages and fines.

One man, in his 40s, was found guilty of four counts of assault (one of the victims was beaten twice), defamation, theft, an immigration violation and obstruction of an official. The other, in his 30s, was found guilty of petty assault, theft, an immigration violation and obstruction of an official.

The Moroccans are illegal immigrants.
Source: Avpixlat


Anonymous said...

So in Finland it is considered racism when a white person is the victim? That is good news to hear! Very good news indeed. So not every country in Europe is completely fucked up after all! I'm very happy to hear that!

no-opinions-just-facts said...

thereligionofpeace dot com reveals Islam for what it really is: not a religion at all. Allah and his profit, Muhammad, may piss be upon them.

Anonymous said...

So. Now it is even in Finland!. Helsinki has a Muslim problem. Welcome to the joint!. I read almost, every day, about white Europeans targeted by Muslims and are falling victim all over Europe. The only metaphor I can think about, when I read the news, is the one of the Plague. Islam is spreading very quickly throughout Europe the way the Yersinia Pestis pandemie had done it in the 14th and 15th century. It had reached from Italy as far as Iceland. The plague epidemic was spread so fast by black rats (and the flees on them) and the people who’d carried the germs, when they had tried to escaped the infected area’s. The Islamic plague is made so mobile due to the help of the Red and Green rats who are carrying the Yersinia Pestis germs to the top of every country and implement them in the law. Another hub for infection is the EU. We need as soon as possible social hygienic antidotes, otherwise the local inhabitants of northern and western Europe are wiped out in no time.

Anonymous said...

Those monkees are parasites and oxygen thieves.
Keep your chins up, Finns!

Anonymous said...

it didnt mention if they were to be deported

Cranky White Woman said...

They won't be deported. That would be "racist." *eyeroll*

jake runi said...

Muhammedans are theologically (that is, by their theology) incapable making a compact or agreement with an infidel that is enforceable by that infidel, they are only enforceable the other way arround. Their word is no good. They do not consider that their oaths of loyalty and fraternity and obedience to the laws that shield and succor them bind them in any way and they are free to do as they please because we don't matter, only they do.

For this reason and our self-preservation, we should assume, as a matter of law, that their pledges of their political loyalties are worthless and they should be rounded up and expelled.

hellosnackbar said...

In the UK there's a pro Muslim organisation called UAF (unite against fascism) and their members are too stupid to recognise Islam as a supremacist,totalitarian fascist ideology.
Britain should make Richard dawkins it's Prime Minister

Porky's2istan said...

"six months imprisonment SUSPENDED..."

No jail time. No deportation. Way to show those violent muslims who's the boss Finland. At least they actually called it a hate crime instead of just 'youths' being 'rowdy' like they do in France.

Maybe the Fins should just start going 'Zimmerman' on these scuzzballs instead of waiting for the police/government to actually protect them.

Anonymous said...

The question now is, Will they be deported??

Anonymous said...

@hellosnackbar - "...Britain should make Richard dawkins it's Prime Minister.."

Forget Richard Dawkins - the old fart thinks he knows everything and his own ideology to push - the religion of scientism.

Nigel Farrage as PM and Tommy Robinson as immigration minister would be a far better choice.

Anonymous said...

I like that, Nige for Prime Minister and Tommy as immigration minister Ha Ha.

Anonymous said...

This is why we Texans have Conceal Carry and Stand Your Ground.

Anonymous said...

lel good job :D keep finland as is :DD
regargs türkey :DDD

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