Tuesday, 9 July 2013
"Direct democracy is our only chance to protect Western freedom and culture
By: Nicolai Sennels, Danish psychologist

Faced with political correctness imposed on us by a self-serving political elite who refuse to represent us who elect and pay them to govern, we - the people - demand the freedom to take the decissions on areas most crucial for our societies.

Polls show that the rift between politicians and a self-chosen EU commission on one side and the people on the other, is massive and growing. While governments in many Western countries e.g. decided to increase unnecessary immigration, debt, the political power of the EU and the influence of sharia, a majority of the population is against such policies.

The fact that our representatives' solution to their self-created problems is making us even more dependent on big banks, discarding our votes to satisfy faceless EU technocrats and trying to pacify the violent Islamic bloc by giving in to their seemingly unending stream of threats, has not improved we voters' trust in those paid to represent us in parliament.

To strengthen democracy and counter political correctness, we need to be able to vote on matters too important to be left up to an elite not having to live with the consequences.

Switzerland, the happiest and richest country in the world, has referendums on both national, regional and municipal issues - three to four times a year. Here the citizens are invited to vote on everything from public debt, to immigration, Islamization and EU treaties.

Imagine if we could directly vote on such topics! It would give us, the people, a real chance to free ourselves from being ruled by politicians living from populism and by supra-national entities surviving only by the brutal use of self-created legislation.

Representative democracy is out-dated. It is created in a time where voters had little or no schooling or access to information and many lived close to the breadline, making it more relevant to trust well-educated representatives to take decisions for the common good. Even though state aid dependent media daily fails to report important news and facts thereby neglecting their duty to provide us with a sufficient basis for choosing our parliamentarians, it is no longer a secret that politicians tend to make populist decisions just to keep their jobs, and allow foreign lawyers and non-elected bureaucrats in Brussels - all of them accommodated in monocultural parallel societies - to overrule our bloody hard won national democracies and to trample ancient country borders in order to further their career.

Today, in our civilized and well-educated cultures with all information at our fingertips, and the genuine life experience from living with the full consequences of (preferably our own) political decisions, direct representation in the form of referendums can be trusted more than any other form of government as the least imperfect way to protect our freedom and way of life against abuse of power by the egotistical, power-hungry, easily intimidated, undemocratic, ignorant and greedy forces that are so obviously prevalent in our times."


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

With modern technology, we don't need to do it by cumbersome conventional referendums. People could vote from their own homes on their televisions watching a dedicated Parliament channel with a special remote control that is keyed to their unique handprint. Every vote on every law could be an electronic referendum.

"All Muslims should be expelled from this country." What say ye? Yay or nay?

Anonymous said...

Most American states have direct democracy. But we have found that when we don't vote the way "the progressives" want us to vote, our votes are nullified by "progressive" judges. A word to the wise.

Anonymous said...

Switzerland, the happiest and richest country in the world, has referendums on both national, regional and municipal issues - three to four times a year. Here the citizens are invited to vote on everything from public debt, to immigration, Islamization and EU treaties.

The Swiss are not invited to vote by the government. It is the other way round. The Swiss people have total power whether to call for a referendum or not, on any issue.

Direct democracy of the Swiss variety gives all the power to Swiss citizens. ALL OF IT, ON ALL ISSUES - parish local, cantonal, federal or foreign.

All policies, big or small, can be subject to a referendum. The decision to hold one also rests with the Swiss. Any change in taxes by the government, must be submitted to the people. No Ifs, no Buts.  

Taxes raised for a specific reason have to be spent for that reason. For instance, road taxes have to be spent in transport related issues. Politicians do not have the freedom to play funny games with our money for pet projects or give it away, then complain that essential tasks  could not be done due to lack of money, therefore taxes have to be raised. 

Moreover, referenda can be held from the local parish level, to the cantonal level or federal level. For instance, a few decades back, a parish where the vast majority of the people were farmers, decided by way of a referendum, to abolish death duties and inheritance tax. Thats its. Done.

One of the interesting fallouts of Direct democracy is
that the Swiss vote heavily in referenda, but hardly bother to turn out when electing parties for parliament. This has been shown in poll after poll. When one thinks about it, it is obvious why. All policies are in the hands of the people. Politicians are merely decoration, they do what they have been told to do by law – in reality,  it is the civil service that implements the law as defined by the people, period.  Elected politicians are there to monitor the civil service to make sure that they are doing what the people voted for - they are the watchdogs  of the people. 

The Swiss have all and final say in all matters of Swiss policy. And just to rub it in that the Swiss people are supreme, the Swiss decided long ago that each sane male is legally obliged to keep a fully automatic assault rifle at home to defend the Swiss way of life. just in case a government gets ideas. Such a system makes the citizen a responsible individual, willing and able to defend his way of life, as well as making sure that the government does not disarm the people, then rule over them by having a monopoly of force.

We in EU run Europe, are now beginning to see the merits of the Swiss way of running things.


Anonymous said...

I say YAY!

Anonymous said...

Very true Sennels!

Anonymous said...

The nowadays situation in Europe is worse than we can even dream of. Our children’s future, our well being today and our freedom are in the hands of people who had undergone, in their youth, the most successful (long-term) mass brainwashing in history. The country, where it all had begun, had perished 23 years ago, but the destruction of our society and our life is still going on.

Please read the two brilliant articles of Paul Watson: How to destroy a country part one and part two.



Anonymous said...

Direct Democracy is the magic bullet that would fix all of our societal problems.

Anonymous said...

Meaningful direct democracy is never going to be allowed and in any case theres a real possibility the libtards aligned with the newcomers are now thew majority in all white countries. Direct democracy will place even more power in the hands of these people.

Anonymous said...

its too late for this - the demographic shift means the anti-whites wll prevail if this system is introduced

Jack Rainbow said...


Jack Rainbow said...

Please answer my question: what ways and means have you planned to achieve this ideal of Direct Democracy?

Anonymous said...

Do not be positive or hopeful for Egypt because those that report it only speak English and do not hear the majority of what is going on. It is a Islamic culture stop thinking that it is a western country. Right now they are killing their Christians. Islam is the enemy of Christianity and Judaism. Three choices: convert to Islam, become a Muslim Slave, last choice, Die!
Robin Rosenblatt

Anonymous said...

I see thuggish types who follow ideologies such as islam (Sharia), marxism (progressives), etc as using and abusing democracy. I do not see Democracy as an ideal only a farce that is used. And I will add to Anonymous who posted on 6 Oct 2013, 23:03 - the 2nd choice of subjugation is only a temporary choice until the moslem(s) start needing someone to sacrifice in order to cleanse themselves (they look at murder as one of the most holy acts for their allah-thing) of sin. sin defined in islam - basically sin and holiness are twisted and sinister.

Anonymous said...

Read this link, Hiroshima saved millions of lives!

Anonymous said...

Can we trust the vote counters? Recent information is that software for tabulating voting for elections, is from a company with strong Soros connections. Efforts need to be made to "True the Vote."

Anonymous said...

Switzerland is not the riches country, also not in Europe. Luxenburg is more rich than CH. Imigration part on Luxenburg is 45% Switzerland 22.7 EU aprox. 6.9, Further we have many islamic country they are offically richer than the Switzerland and Luxenburg.

But of course the direct democracy is our only chance. I'm from Switzerland. Maybe you can have this system in the USA after a totally reset, after the richest people have destroid her own country and the bigest part from this planet.

Linksreaktionärer Gutmenschpack :-) said...

Yeah stupid! Let the mob rule..........



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