Saturday, 27 July 2013
The Mossos d'Esquadra [tn: Catalan police] have arrested a young Moroccan who is accused of having whipped his 14-year-old sister for being too western, Jordi Sabaté, the mayor of Vilella Baja, the municipality where the family lived, explained to Efe.

The Mossos arrested Hassan B., 20, on 18 July after being alerted by his sister, who said she had escaped after being whipped and was able to take refuge in the house of a friend from school.

The family has been living in the town for eight years and there are seven children in total. The father has a permanent job in a farm. Some of the children have gone to school in the town, but "there is permanent contact with the Social Services," says the mayor.

The General Office of Infant and Adolescent Care has also been monitoring this family because "they have a very low cultural level, they come from a very poor area and are overwhelmed, we're also paying as much attention as we can." says Sabaté.

The brother "was even signed up for the bowling club and has never displayed a very strict religious attitude, so what happened has been a great surprise to us," he comments.

The young man had been in Morocco and the alleged beating of his sister occurred a few days after his return, comments the mayor.
Source: H/T: Marie José


Red Rose said...

"this family have a very low cultural level..."

And there are seven children in total! Sheesh, just the type of people the country needs! Maybe more offspring in the pipeline?

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