Thursday, 11 July 2013

Building of Mosque in Reykjavík to Begin Next Year
The chairman of the Reykjavík environment and planning board, Páll Hjaltason, has said that the board’s promise to grant the Association of Muslims in Iceland a plot of land in Sogamýri on which to build a mosque will be met.

The land was approved for the purpose in January of this year.

The Association plans to build a mosque with a nine-meter high minaret, though the final design will be decided upon in cooperation with municipal authorities and the Association of Icelandic Architects, reports.

The mosque, which will be 800 square meters, will function as a community center, library and large prayer room.

According to the head of the Association of Muslims in Iceland, Sverrir Agnarsson, it is hoped that construction can begin next year. Construction costs are expected to be ISK 400 million (USD 3 million, EUR 2.4 million).

There are two Muslim associations in Iceland, the Muslim Association of Iceland, which, according to Statistics Iceland, has 465 members, while the Muslim Cultural Centre in Iceland has 305 members.

The mosque will be the first in Iceland.
Source: Iceland Review

But at least someone is talking sense about it.
Former mayor of Reykjavík claims a mosque will threaten Iceland’s culture and safety. Ólafur F. Magnússon, who was mayor for little less than 7 months in 2008, is highly pessimistic about plans of a mosque being built in the open space of in the eastern part of Reykjavík, Eyjan reports.

City council approved of the plans last week, after Muslims in Iceland having waited 13 years to get a property to raise the first mosque in Iceland. Ólafur writes in Morgunblaðið today, expressing his concern about the matter.

“It is worrying that Muslims here don’t seem to have any difficulties financing the project, receiving aid from Muslim organizations abroad. Those organizations might want to increase the influence of Islam in Iceland, as well as in other countries.”

Instead of a mosque, Ólafur suggests a temple of the Nordic gods to be built in the plot. “Such a cultural gem would bring joy to the majority of the city’s residents, as well as other Icelanders, and wouldn’t be as out of place as a mosque would."


Anonymous said...

Incredibly sad. This is just the beginning, mark my words. So long, Iceland.

parisclaims said...

If they're fasting during daylight hours in Iceland right now, hopefully they'll all die of starvation.

Walter Sieruk said...

The people of Iceland really don't need a mosque. For I have been to Iceland twice and eventhrough the Icelandic people are very nine they don't know or understand the Bible that well. For many of the minsters in the churchs in that country arn't doing their job. In that they don't teach the Bible that well the the people of Iceland and thus the people don't know or undeerstand the Bible that well. The point being that the imams and mullah's can thus in an easy way twist the Bible verses out of context to make Islam look Bible based and end up doing much harm. A good Christian internet site made by people who do know the Bible well is

Walter Sieruk said...

To the construction of this mosque in Iceland it's worth citing from the words of the Former Muslim and Hezbollah member,Dr, Daniel Shayesth, who is now a Christian. For in his book ISLAM:THE HOUSE I LEFT BELIND he explained on page 99. "The mosque is vital for establishing Muslims as sovereign over non-Muslims in a non- Islamic society. Building a mosque in a non-Islamic society or country symbolizies Islam's claim over that society or country, even with a non-Muslim majority."

Anonymous said...

Parisclaims said it for me.

It would be idiotic to follow Islam north of the arctic circle. With 24 hours of daylight on the solstice and other days nearly as long, to observe fasting during Ramadan, one would starve.

What else could you expect from following rules put forth by an epileptic pedophile from the 7th century?

Anonymous said...

Why can't we build a church in Iran Saudi Arabia Yemen Pakistan Kuwait Iraq Turkestan
All the Stan's Tunisia Libya Egypt Syria Sri Lanka most of Indonesia eat al??

When IS ALLOWED, I will be ok with it.

Mohammed Saad Shmaiss said...

It is allowed to build churches in the counties u mentioned.. I don't know wht u see on TV about Islam to hate that much.. u pathetic ignorant people! Im really sorry for you and if you want to know about the real Islam I'll be glad to communicate. and I recommend this page too.

Anonymous said...

The only one pathetic in here is you mohammed. Fuck islam and your pedophet mohammed!

Anonymous said...

Fuck islam and muslims

Anonymous said...

There is a hope!

Anonymous said...

Islam is nothing but FILTH and DEATH. Don't let that mosque stay up!!!

Get Islam out of Iceland NOW!!!!

Anonymous said...

Icelandic Men!! are you descended from Vikings or Sheep? your ancestors are turning over in their graves.

Anonymous said...

RISE MY NORDIC BROTHERS RISE>>>> don't fall for taqiyya. When can read world news

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