Sunday, 2 June 2013

Healthcare professionals are treating patients with malaria, chagas disease and dengue fever. These infectious illnesses travel not only in the body of the traveler who visits tropical countries, but also in the body of the immigrants who arrive in Spain. More than 1,200 cases of imported illnesses were diagnosed in 2012.

The huge number of imported and newly appearing illnesses is increasing. Foreigners who choose to live in Spain or those Spaniards who travel to tropical countries can potentially import infections. Maladies also travel, and these do not make distinction between hemispheres when traveling. This circumstance is noticeable not only in these days when people go on holiday, but also as immigrants arrive at the Spanish coasts in the spring-summer seasons.

According to the data of the public health, intestinal parasitism, malaria, tuberculosis, chagas disease and diarrhea are the most usual diseases carried by citizens who make holiday in exotic places, and also by foreigners coming from tropical countries. 70% of these diseases are detected in immigrants, and the remaining 30% in travelers. 

Some of these diseases can have serious effects and cause death, as for example malaria, which is one of the most frequent and infectious diseases, and also one of the main health problems affecting travelers. There are 4 types of malaria, of which “falciparum” is the deadliest.


Anonymous said...

Same medical facts have cropped up in the US over the amount of Third World invasion (including Moslems) over their border with Mexico. (Moslems use the US-Mexican border as their entry into the US, they come through Latin and South America after first traveling thru Europe (where they collect their false IDs, learn Spanish). The drug cartels in Mexico are their guides. The listings of diseases brought in from the Mexican border are unkown within the US medical experience and these often prove resistant to drugs. Islam is destroying us from within and without and we have people worried that deporting them would "make us like them"!

Anonymous said...

before i immigrate to Canada i had to do a medical check up. does overseas Spanish Embassies require applicants to do medical check ups?

Anonymous said...

Anon 1532 if you are a pathetic muslim you can do whatever you want and get away with it. To do a medical checkup is against their religion, so they don't have to get one, and all diseases they have will be treated free of charge will the real people starve. Try to deny it!



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