Saturday, 22 June 2013
Two days after the most recent elimination of a Socialist candidate in the first round to the benefit of the Front national, a UMP [tn: mainstream right-wing party in France, Sarkozy's party] functionary wonders: "If you stick to the figures, and only the figures, don't we have to admit it? The FN is the second party in France."

24 March and 16 June, two dates that illustrate the rise in power of the FN. On 24 March, in l'Oise, the UMP's Jean-François Mancel was only just re-elected after a duel against the Front National's Florence Italiani. On 16 June, the Socialist party is eliminated in the first round in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Marine Le Pen then congratulated herself: her party "has become the centre of gravity of political life".

In the former seat of Jérôme Cahuzac, former Socialist budget minister [tn: afflicted by a major corruption scandal], the Socialist party is there leaving the UMP and the FN to confront one another in the second round, this Sunday.

An electric shock that resembles a warning one year from the local elections and, above all, the European elections. According to a poll carried out by the British institute Yougov, the party of Marine Le Pen would win 18% of the votes in the next European elections, just behind the UMP and in front of the Socialist party. Still in second place.

...The number of French people who consider the FN a danger for democracy has fallen below the 50% bar for the first time.

Add to that the popularity of Marine Le Pen which has reached 40% for the first time and the number of UMP voters favourable to alliances with Marine Le Pen's party in the local elections. According to an IFOP poll, 47% of UMP voters would like agreements with the Front National in the next local elections. Only 32% called for such alliances in 2010.
Source: L'Express

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Anonymous said...

Things are looking up a little bit...come on France...

Anonymous said...

"Far-Right"...every mention of that old canard should elicit the response: Better Right than Wrong!

Anonymous said...

Over the past year, I find that most of the good news about countering the Islamic tide has been coming out of France. And to think I wrote it off as a lost cause! Now, I feel France has the best chance of liberating itself from the scourge of Islam if they keep this up, especially with their youth getting so actively involved. Vive la France!

Anonymous said...

I'll take the snobby xenophobia of REAL France over the Islamization of the coming caliphate any day.

Anonymous said...

Viva la France keep on fighting overthrow the left scum and national traitors and get youre country back from the jihadis



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