Saturday, 15 June 2013
Fire him:
"A teacher for a maths exam at Herning High School declined to extend his hand to female students. This caused a stir among the students, who expressed the wish for a different examiner, but this could not be done.
'- Our examiner has stated that he does not want to shake hands with women. So it will probably be a good idea not to try to shake his hand. At least you are now warned, so no exam situation becomes confused because of it. Good luck with the exam.' [was the message from the high school]"
He did not get fired, btw...
Source: Teacher refuses to shake hands with female students


Rufus News From Atlantis said...

So a Muslim teacher refuses to touch the hands of females because according to his deranged satanic religion, women are filthy pieces of eat; and no-one says a word about this outrage. Presumably he was more than happy to shake the hands of the males present. Imagine if one of them had refused to shake his hands on the grounds that his paki nonsense is offensive to all decent humans? All hell would have broken loose, with the student most likely expelled as a 'racist', 'islamophobe', 'xenophobe' and all manner of other politically correct thought crimes. The Danish police would have arrested the boy concerned, and no doubt the dhimmi politicians would have shrieked in unison about how evil he was.

But of course no Dane boy - descendent of the Vikings - dared to take a stand for his Danish sisters. And no Danish girl had the sense to spit in his eye for his foul views. Poor Denmark, Poor Europe. If we continue to tolerate this evil, we are doomed. The time for being polite is long passed. The time for action is now - and yes, as much as I hate to use the slogans of the organised left who got us into this mess to begin with, the time is for direct action using all means necessary, regardless of legality. If we continue to obey the laws of our enemies, we will die - it is that simple.

Anonymous said...

That is because, in denmark we have a thing called freedome of religion. Which is a huge mistake, but that's just my opinion. So what the goverment is saying about this, to try and cover it up, is: That in the Islamic religion you are not to shake the hand of the opposite sex, unless that person is family.
Here is my take on the whole thing:
I don't really care that his religion tells him not to shake her hand. He lives in a modern, civilized country and it is common courtesy to shake hands, even more when it's at an exam.
Denmark is not a muslim country even though more and more muslim are moving. Hey fun fact in Europe there currently lives 52 million muslims.
If someone where to speak out againts him, he would only damage himself. Because if you spoke out against him as a "pure" Dane, you would be branded as a racist which is kinda tabu in Denmark now. But a little racism is good. 'cus if we cant keep Denmark and Danish politics "Danish" then we infact will become a muslim country. And if any of my country men reads this, then you know that i am speaking the truth.

Anonymous said...

islam thinks shaking hands causes sexual thoughts. LOL.

Anonymous said...

its not an unusual thing, we muslims think and believe that women are to be respected, not touched or played with. his gesture was of respect and modesty. plz research in advance before u people raise your fingers at something u don't know about.



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