Thursday, 20 June 2013

It's interesting that the gubmint has supported this film to discourage the immigration of Europeans, but to my knowledge no similar films have been made recently to discourage the immigration of Pakis, Arabs or negroes.

Note the blue-eyed blonde woman. Yes, of course. That's exactly the kind of immigrant we need to discourage. But Pakis are fine.

The article about this film in Komment Macht Frei contained at least one interesting paragraph:
I wish the video had gone a bit further. There are still Poles who come to Britain without realising that this is a very tolerant multi-ethnic society, where people are not expected to be called names on the streets because they have a different skin colour or wear extravagant clothes. I have overheard countless unpleasant conversations in my mother tongue when those who were talking probably thought nobody could understand them. Britain's liberal attitudes can still be a cultural shock for those arriving from a predominantly white, Catholic and conservative country like Poland.
Source: Komment Macht Frei


Anonymous said...

There's a point not mentioned in this video, nor acknowledged by Poles in Britain: a very significant number have been found to be sending funds back to Poland or, more onerous to the British, obtaining social benefits for their children who are not even resident in Britain. Immigration is seldom needed, in large numbers, by any Western developed country; we have been lectured for decades that immigration is a necessity but if a nation is to survive, it must ensure that its educational (including apprenticeship), business, research/development, farming and manufacturing sectors are giving primary attention to their own peoples. No Western country can afford the parasitism of Islam nor of other nationalities (even Western) in large numbers; Britain, least of all, and things will only worsen with Bulgarian and Romanians flooding in. Of course, race, religion, civilisational culture matter, and people from the same roots are likely to be more beneficial to a country, but the first call on our concerns should always be for our own people.

Anonymous said...

Awww that little girl is so adorable!! <333

Walter Sieruk said...

Such a heinous film is nothing but actual racism.

Anonymous said...

I'm neither blonde nor blue eyed, but still Polish and this cheap ass film hasn't discouraged me from coming to Britain. Sorry.

Anonymous said...

Poles are not the problem muslims are ! deport them all !!! 80 -85 % of them live on benefits ! We need them for the economy ? no we need them to drain our benefit system and to rape our women and spread sharia and to enrich our multicultural society :PPPP



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