Sunday, 30 June 2013

All across Europe, firefighters, seen as representatives of the waning authority of indigenous Europeans in their own lands, are coming under attack by the Muslim colonist population.
In a meeting, Mayor Horst Schiereck thanked the Herne fire brigade, who had to make 150 deployments during the bad weather last Thursday. In the course of these, it was not only water they had to struggle with, but cursing residents and physical attacks.

..."Most of the population were great with us," says Timm, "but there were also a few unpleasant exceptions."

For example, the officers were sometimes rudely insulted by residents and even physically attacked, especially in Kant and Uhlandstraße this is said to have been a problem. "The people didn't notify the fire brigade, and when they saw us at their neighbours, they complained that we were helping them there, but not helping them," says Timm. Especially people with an immigrant background appeared in large groups and obstructed the already overburdened emergency services. The accusation: they were helping the Germans first.

"Of course that's nonsense. We help all citizens," Timm made clear. The emergency services tried to defuse tensions, but sometimes the threats from the residents were so great that they had to withdraw.

And now, the scene switches to Lille in France...but the story is the same.
In 2012, according to the regional fire and emergency department, the Nord recorded 96 complaints filed by firefighters in the exercise of their duties, for incidents ranging from insults or spitting to physical aggression.

In the capital of Lille, it all started when Rachid Ardjouni, 17, was killed by a policeman in Wattrelos. The districts were set ablaze and the firefighters, associated with the forces of order, became targets for the rioters. Same phenomenon during the urban riots of 2005: "There were lots of incidents in Roubaix and Lille South, especially," recalls commander Bonvin.

Beyond these extreme cases, numerous firefighters testify to the lack of respect, sometimes worse, which they are victims of on a daily basis. "The attacks? We're used to it," says Serge Charmeux, chief of the Loos centre. "Before, being a firefighter was something sacred. Today, you go out for a car fire and they leave bottles of gas inside so it will explode in our faces. And the insults, we're used to it, I wouldn't dare to repeat them to you."

Rémi Bourgois has been in charge of the firefighters in Roubaix for only two months, and has already experienced "three personal attacks on deployments". "It's hard to accept that you can be attacked when you're trying to save the person," he adds. Sébastien is one of the victims: "When transferring the bed to the hospital stretcher, something triggered in a woman that we had rescued, an increase in aggressiveness." The worse for drink, she got up, and punched the staff sergeant. "That surprised me," he comments discreetly. He suffered wounds to the face and hands. At present, it is impossible for him not to "think of attacks" when he goes out on a deployment. "More and more we are being targeted by 'jeunes'. It might be petanque balls being thrown, we never know where they'll fall. We've had pots of mayonnaise, washing machines..."

...Faced with this change, the firefighters are adapting. By offering psychological support to everyone who is attacked. And analysing the risks of a deployment. "We don't just go anyhwhere," says commander Bonvin. "We avoid culs-de-sac, traps, so the staff don't get caught." Even if no deployment is refused. On the scene, the firefighters protect themselves: since four years ago, it has been possible to leave the engines in the ambulances running without leaving the keys. So they're not stolen. And the van windows are protected by a film so stones don't smash them into pieces.
Source: La Voix du Nord

Not content with attacking firefighters during their regular deployments, however, the Muslims are now laying ambushes for them deliberately.
An adolescent appeared in front of a tribunal for children this Thursday for having drawn the fire brigade and police forces into an ambush in the La Beaucaire district in Toulon.

On Monday night, the emergency call centre for the fire brigade in Draguignan received a call indicating that a vehicle was burning in the La Beaucaire district in Toulon.

On the scene, around 2 am, there was no trace of a vehicle in flames. On the other hand, a police vehicle had a paving stone dropped on its roof - no one was injured.

The investigators in the regional police traced the makes of the call to "18". A resident of the district who will celebrate his 15th birthday in August, already known to the police services.

...The adolescent who made the false call has denied his involvement in the projectile being thrown. He will be prosecuted for the false call.

Islam is trying to conquer us, without anyone really noticing.
We know because we were Muslims ourselves.

In Turkey the radicalism is already started with the Islamisation from president Erdogan. Do not let yourselves be deceived and do not let yourselves be subjugated by Muslims. DEFEND YOURSELVES!!!!
Source: Anti-Islam Fraktion (AIF) [Anti-Islam Faction]

Saturday, 29 June 2013
Intimidations, proselytism, drug trafficking… For several months, shopkeepers and locals in the Italie shopping centre, in Rennes, have been complaining about pressures and they talk about a deteriorating climate. In the crosshairs: a handful of troublemakers.

In the Italie shopping centre, in the Blosne district of Rennes, the butcher-processor has finally closed its doors at the end of April. "Worn out by the pressure," the shopkeeper sold his premises. At the beginning of June, in renovated premises, a halal butcher will move in, the second in this site which has fifteen shops.

In eleven years of operation, the butcher has had his window smashed a dozen times. Why? "Because I had the misfortune to sell pork!", assures Jérôme. A few years ago, a message of about fifty centimetres was engraved by knife on to a wooden door in the back of his shop: "Death to the pigs, we will bleed you."

"As in previous cases, I filed a complaint at the police station. As in the previous cases, the police refused to come here to take note of it. I am bitter." According to the man in his forties, the intimidations even went as far as physical threats. "Three years ago, one evening, a dozen thugs came into my shop. They told me that if I cooked galettes-saucisses [tn: sausage pastries, a delicacy associated with Rennes] outside, as has been the tradition since forever, it would end very badly. Right away, I stopped making galettes-saucisses on Friday, a day of prayer for Muslims. I made them on Saturday in the early morning, when the troublemakers in this district are still asleep."

Shocked by what they consider "racist" acts, the inhabitants have circulated a petition to denounce these actions and show their solidarity with the butcher. Several hundred signatures were collected. "Nothing changed," Jérôme admits publicly. "I tried to resist, but I've given up. Today, I'm abandoning the ship. However, my business is doing well."

In the district, the butcher's misfortunes are known to everyone. All the more so as they do not appear to be isolated. Abdalah, owner of the neighbouring halal grocer's shop, set up in the Italie only a few months ago. The young men recounts how, several times, people demanded that he stop selling alcohol. "I changed the place of my bottles, but I held firm. It passed. Today, there's no hostility." A chemist who has been here for nine years, Anne explains: "There is no crime problem here. It's quite calm. But there is a problem of intolerance, something we didn't see before."
Source: Le Mensuel de Rennes

The 17-year-old, Abdel A., who, last month, killed the 76-year-old former alderman Jan van Eijken in De Bilt when he drove on a pedestrian crossing is again at home. The teenager must await his sentence at home.

The lawyer of the accused, Jan Hoens, had asked for provisional release because the personal circumstances of the defendant outweigh the social impact of a continuation of the pre-trial detention.

The court granted the request and the prosecution has no objection to the decision.

According to witnesses, Abdel A. along with a sixteen-year-old friend, last month drove at a high speed through the centre of De Bilt, when he struck the former alderman and optician Jan van Eijken on the pedestrian crossing.

The boys drove by leaving behind the wounded man in front of his own shop.

Mayor Arjan Gerritsen (VVD) has expressed alarm at the crime of teenagers:

"An accident? It is criminal what has happened here. A young boy drove really fast, struck Van Eijken and then simply drove away."

Remarks made at the funeral of a former fighter in the Muslim section of the cemetery of Founade, in Brive, is creating controversy. There are two contradictory versions of the facts.

A funeral speech, a press statement and a libel complaint are putting fire to the powder at the heart of the Muslim community of Brive and in Limousin more broadly. It all started last Saturday during the funeral of a person from Objat, former fighter and standard bearer, in the Muslim section of the cemetery of La Fournade, in Brive.

Noureddine Akel, president of the Association of the Muslims of Brive and the Association of the Muslim Section [of Graveyard] of la Corrèze spoke at the end of the ceremony, in the presence of several personalities including the mayor of Objat, Philippe Vidau.

This is where the versions diverge. In a press statement, the Regional Council of the Muslim Faith in the Limousin region(CRCM) accuses Noureddine Akel of making remarks that were "violent with regard to non-Muslims, declaring, among other things, that he would not hesitate to 'smash the neighbouring gravestones and crosses using a sledgehammer'".

When this text signed by the president of the CRCM in Limousin, Elhassane Lechhab, who was present at the funeral, was read Noureddine Akel became angry.

"I never, never said that?! I don't have the right?! I was talking about the graves in the Muslim section that aren't faithful to tradition. The ones that have plaques and funerary decoration, especially. The graves should be very simple. I wasn't talking about Christian graves which I respect."

However Elhassane Lechhad, "in the name of the Muslim community of the region, firmly declares it rejection of this hateful ideology". And continues, saying: "The CRCM raises its voice against this shameful act ... and demands that Mr Akel has the decency to resign from the presidency of the Association of the Muslims of Brive."

This association forms part of the Union des organisations islamiques de France [Union of Islamic Organisations of France], close to the Muslim Brotherhood movement. The CRCM has even suspended the national authorities of this structure to "clarify the origin of this speech which is contrary to the dogmas of Islam."

Noureddine Akel considers these remarks "an attack against the mosque of Gaubre" which welcomes a handful of practitioners close to the Salafist movement preaching a fundamentalist Islam.

Elections for the French Council of the Muslim Faith are coming up soon, so this looks like one Muslim faction taking out another as part of an internal power struggle within that body.

Friday, 28 June 2013
Brave father speaks out:
"In our family we have four boys. They have all been robbed here in Oslo, by robbers threatening with either gun, violence or knife. The perpetrators have been the immigrant youth. Late Saturday night again one of our boys in the family was robbed, at the bus stop right outside where we live. In our own community, where we want to feel safe and have a good time, he was threatened with a knife to give up his mobile phone."
Source: Aftenposten - Robbed again!

Another African fence-jump into Melilla.
Thursday, 27 June 2013
Turkish Family and Social Policies Minister Fatma Şahin held talks with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, who is on a visit to Turkey. After the meeting she said that “the process of EU integration strengthens Turkey’s positions and weight”, Turkish NTV reported.

Later on the minister wrote on her twitter page about her impressions from the meeting with Mr Jagland, as follows: “Apart from Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjørn Jagland, who told me literary the following: “Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a Noble Prize candidate if he manages to solve the Kurdish issue”, is also Chairman of the Norwegian Nobel Committee”.

At the meeting Minister Şahin confessed that the violence over women in Turkey was a problem of the society and there was a need to take the necessary steps in this field.
Source: Focus
BRUSSELS, June 25 (KUNA) -- The Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) , Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu , Tuesday officially opened the OIC Permanent Observer Mission to the European Union in Brussels saying the 57-member organization is keen to develop relations with the 27-member European bloc.

"There is also a growing and developing interest on the highest level in the EU to cooperate with the OIC," he told the gathering of diplomats and officials from Europe and the Muslim world present at the inaugural ceremony.

He noted that the OIC is the second-biggest organization after the United Nations having 57 members in four continents. Ihsanoglou said the OIC signed an agreement with the Belgian foreign ministry in 2011 to open the mission in Brussels and in November of the same they purchased the building in which the office is now located.

"I think our relations with the European Union on the different agenda items that we share will benefit all of us. There is a need for the cooperation between the Muslim world and Europe and the OIC as a collective voice of the Muslim world which stands for modernization and moderation will be the proper institution to deal with the EU," he stressed.

Hugues Mingarelli, Managing Director for North Africa and Middle East in the EU foreign service, known as the European External Action Service, said that EU High Representative Catherine Ashton was to be present at the opening of the office but she was held up at an EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg.

"There are a number of reasons why we should intensify our relations," he said noting that the two sides have to cooperate to promote "our common values for tolerance, mutual understanding, respect for belief and religion." "If we want to be effective in addressing a number of crises starting with the Syrian tragedy, we have to strengthen our cooperation because alone there is very little that we can do," he added.

"I hope the opening of this mission in Brussels will be a new milestone in the intensification of the relations between the OIC and the EU," stressed Mingarelli.
Francois de Kerchove, Director of the Belgian Foreign Minister's cabinet, expressed a "high degree of satisfaction" over the opening of the OIC office in Brussels.
He noted that the EU and OIC share two common objectives which are shared values and practical issues such as the ongoing tragedy in Syria.

"I hope the EU and the OIC together will be able to address these issues better, "he said and wished the OIC success in its cooperation with the EU and Belgium.

For his part, Saudi Ambassador to the EU and Belgium Faisal Trad told the Kuwait news agency (KUNA), "I believe this is a very important step in the recognition of the Islamic world." "I believe the opening of an OIC observer office in the heart of the EU is a plus to the great work that Islamic countries and the OIC are doing. I believe the relations between the Islamic world and Europe are very, very important," said Trad.

He noted that the population of the EU is about 450 million and the Muslim world population is 1.5 billion and therefore it is important that the EU and Belgium should have a better recognition and communication with the OIC, he added.
Source: Kuna

A global Muslim body has called on the European countries to accept Muslims and their religion as a family member and to fight anti-Muslim sentiments to help improve relations with the Muslim world.

"Islam should be welcomed as a family member in Europe, not as a guest,” Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, Secretary General of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), told Anadolu news agency and Turkish state broadcaster TRT on Tuesday, July 25.

“As the exclusion of Islam means ignoring the influential role of Islamic civilization in the evolution of the Western civilization."

Typical of the hair-trigger rioting that can occur in the Muslim no-go areas springing up around Europe.
Around 8 pm, a police patrol was alerted by the acrobatic and dangerous driving of some motorcyclists.

All were driving without helmets in a busy area. When the police arrived, they managed to flee, except one of them who fell to the ground, permitting his arrest in Decauville Street.

But this arrest was disturbed by the intervention of "jeunes" who encircled the officials. Taking advantage of the diversion, the motorcyclist who was involved in the accident managed to escape. Despite everything, the police succeeded in arresting one of the assailants. Then this person's brother intervened in turn. The disorder has caused tensions to rise in the estate. Around fifty people mobbed the police officers who used their flash ball guns and tear gas. One of the projectiles struck a woman, one of the mothers of the two brothers who were arrested. Taken to the Parisian hospital Quinze-Vingts, she lost her eye.

Overwhelmed, the forces of order called for reinforcements. Twenty-five teams (around sixty police) converged on Decauville Street, where tension mounted again. The reinforcements were greeted with stone-throwing. Three police officers were slightly injured and a vehicle was damaged.

In the la Sablière district, calm was not restored immediately. Two vehicles were burned in the evening. The tension only diminished at 1 o'clock in the morning.

To restore calm, the authorities judged it more prudent to not deploy any police forces in the district tonight.

A teacher filed a complaint this Wednesday after having been attacked in the Marnaudes estate, in Villemomble. This professor was monitoring tests for school qualifications in an institution in the area. At lunchtime, he went out and when he was returning to the school he met several "jeunes" who apparently thought he was a police officer, according to what they said to him. He defended himself from these accusations, assuring them that he was a teacher. He was not able to avoid being struck. He was robbed of money. He was able to call the emergency services.

This attack took place in the district where the police operation degenerated the previous night.
Source: Le Parisien

If you're a Brit, sign the petition here.

It actually might be better if someone set up a petition on the UK government's official petitioning system. If we could get 100,000 signatories to that, it would trigger an automatic debate in parliament on the topic.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

The decision to reopen Turkey's EU membership negotiations represents a shameful submission by Germany to Turkey. Conflict between the two countries flared last week after German Chancellor Merkel made relatively innocuous remarks about Erdogan's crackdown on protesters. This was greeted with threatening remarks from Turkey.
Critical words by Turkey's European affairs minister against Chancellor Angela Merkel have apparently gone too far for the German government. On Friday, Foreign Minister Guido Westerwelle summoned Turkey's Ambassador to Germany to the Foreign Ministry, a source told SPIEGEL ONLINE.

Westerwelle is currently on a short visit to Ukraine, and Turkish Ambassador Hüseyin Avni Karslioglu will instead be asked to meet with another Foreign Ministry official.
Earlier this week, Merkel expressed her concern over actions by Turkish security forces against protesters in Istanbul and other cities. The chancellor said she had been shocked by police deployments she found to be "too harsh".

For Turkish Europe Minister Egemen Bagis, such criticism crossed the line. "If Ms. Merkel is looking for domestic political material for her elections, that material should not be Turkey," Bagis told reporters on Thursday. "If Ms. Merkel takes a closer look, she will see that those who mess about with Turkey do not find an auspicious end."
Source: Spiegel

He also urged Merkel to consider not only the thousands of German companies that do business in Turkey but also the "3.5 million blood brothers" who live and vote in Germany. Bagis allegedly also told European politicians that Turks in Germany could launch mass demonstrations against Merkel and that he couldn't guarantee stability in Germany were that to happen. Merkel reportedly was furious and interpreted Bagis' comments as a direct threat. Ankara had also said that there would be a "strong reaction" were talks cancelled altogether.
Source: Spiegel

In effect, a Turkish government minister threatened to use the millions of Turkish colonists ("blood brothers") in Germany, many with German citizenship, as a fifth column to disturb the civil peace of the country unless the German government complied with Turkish demands.

In a pitiful gesture typical of a third-world country, Turkey then summoned the German ambassador to ask why its own ambassador had been summoned. As if its own ambassador would not be able to relay a report of the meeting himself.

Press reports then circulated suggesting that a meeting, planned for Monday, that was expected to reopen negotiations with Turkey would now not do so, due to opposition from Germany, Austria and the Netherlands.

This met with more threats from Turkey.
Bagis said on Thursday, “I hope she corrects the mistake she has made by Monday... or this will lead to reactions.”

These Turkish threats were a clear sign of Turkey's unfitness to be a member of the European Union. In a rational world, they would have led to the complete termination of Turkey's EU candidacy. Instead, though, Germany gave in to the Turkish bluster.
The European Union agreed on Tuesday to continue accession talks with Turkey, but only after a progress report due in October. The compromise deal serves to defuse the recent acrimonious dispute between Ankara and Berlin.
Source: Spiegel
Tuesday, 25 June 2013

The CCTV images have confirmed what was already apparent to those who carefully parsed the news reports of the initial incident: leftist thug Clément Méric attacked the patriot Esteban Morillo, not the other way around.
It is information of the first importance that has just been revealed by the RATP CCTV cameras in the Clément Méric murder case. The record reveals a definite violence and an aggressive intent on the part of Clément Méric towards the far-right activists with whom he battled before losing his life. The young leftist militant thus appears very aggressive. Indeed, we see him rush into Esteban Morillo's back in order to strike a blow to his head while he [Esteban] was grappling with two other assailants. Then Esteban Morillo is shown to strike a blow right in Clément Méric face before he collapses.
Source: RMC

You would hope that this would resolve the case and lead to the dismissal of the charges against Esteban Morillo. But that is to assume that the world operates rationally and fairly. In the warped world we live in, Europeans who assert their right to life as peoples are evil; and any measure, any violence, any deceit is justified in suppressing their evilness.

Take a look at this news report of the recent revelations to see how sick left-wing bias can pervert almost any presentation of facts to suit a political agenda.
Three weeks after French left-wing activist Clément Meric was killed in a confrontation with far-right skinheads, French police have got their hands on a video which may explain exactly what happened, radio station RTL have claimed.

Meric was killed after an angry exchange of words between left-wing activists and right-wing skinheads when they met by chance at a private clothing sale in an apartment on Rue Caumartin in the 9th arrondissement of Paris on June 5th.

As the confrontation escalated, Meric was punched unconscious. He was pronounced brain dead in hospital the following day.

It was initially believed that there were no CCTV images of the attack, but now it has emerged that a street surveillance camera belonging to transport company RATP, captured the fatal clash.

According to RTL, the video appears to show that Meric confronted his attacker, apparently intending to strike him. As he approached, the alleged attacker turned and threw a punch, striking Meric in the face. The blow knocked him unconscious.

Meric "confronted his attacker"?!? The video clearly shows that Meric is the one who did the attacking, sneaking up on Morillo's back to strike him while he was grappling with two others. Yet deceitful journalism is still able to transform the leftist aggressor into the innocent victim.

He immediately fell to the ground but did not receive further punches and kicks as he lay on the ground as was initially believed, RTL claims.

However an article in French daily Liberation, quoting sources close to the investigation claims the police do not share the version of events presented by RTL. According to Liberation's source the video only shows kicks being exchanged between several youths.

The man who is suspected of delivering the fatal punch is Esteban Morillo, aged in his 20s, who was arrested in the aftermath of the fight along with four other far-right radicals, including a 32-year-old woman.

Morillo is likely to face manslaughter charges after police sources say he admitted throwing a punch but insisted he did not mean to kill the student.

Meric's violent death brought condemnation from across the political spectrum and prompted thousands of people to take to the streets in Paris and other major cities in protest.

France's tough-talking Socialist Interior Minister Manuel Valls pledged a "merciless" crackdown on far-right organisations and French Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault ordered the "dissolution" of the group allegedly linked to the death.
Source: The Local

The Equality Cult loves to use these mythologised high-profile cases to advance its political agenda. We see the NSU trial having a similar effect in Germany and they are still milking the Stephen Lawrence case in Britain 20 years after the incident took place!

UPDATE: Wait, maybe I spoke too soon. Here is, at least, a more or less honest report.

The killing of a teenage anti-fascist militant after an altercation with far-right skinheads in early June prompted fears of a resurgence of far-right violence. But the evidence suggests the leftists may have been the aggressors.
By Tony Todd (text)

The death of a leftist militant at the hands of a skinhead gang in Paris on June 5 may not have been the clear-cut case of far-right aggression, following a report on CCTV footage of the event in which the leftist militant is seen throwing the first punch.

Subsequent details from the police investigation suggest that victim Clément Méric, 18, and his fellow “Antifas” [anti-fascists] may even have been targeting the skinhead who is now being investigated for involuntary manslaughter.

Méric sustained fatal injuries following a verbal altercation with the skinheads at a private sale of British-branded clothes – particularly Fred Perry, Barbour and Ben Sherman – favoured by French far-right and leftist militants alike.

As originally reported, the skinheads left the sale, “fetched reinforcements” and waited outside for Méric and his friends to reappear. Méric died after he was hit at least once in the head.

Early reports suggested that the man who hit Méric, Esteban Murillo, had been wearing brass knuckles.

Méric ‘the most provocative’

But according to French broadcaster RTL, which has seen the footage taken by a nearby camera belonging to Paris’s RATP public transport network, Méric and his group may well have been the ones to have struck first, confirming claims by far right groups that Murillo had been attacked, and not vice-versa.

According to RTL, it was Méric and his group who waited outside the sale, and it was he who threw the first punch.

RTL also quoted witnesses saying that Méric had been the most provocative during the verbal altercation.

Immediately after Méric’s death, the Paris prosecutor asked that charges of premeditated murder be levelled at security guard Murillo, 20.

But the investigating judge dismissed the suggestion that Morillo and his gang had purposefully targeted Méric, ruling that he should be investigated instead for manslaughter.

And according to weekly news magazine Le Point, investigators who confiscated computers from “Antifa” militants associated with Méric found photos of Murillo and his girlfriend Katia, annotated with the comment: “We need to identify these people.”

'Anti-fascist' 'skinhead hunters'?

Le Point goes on to suggest that the police are investigating the possibility that Méric and his associates in the “Antifa” movement - which the far right calls “skinhead hunters” - had managed to identify Murillo and were actively seeking to provoke a confrontation.

Three other men, aged 19, 23 and 25 have been charged with aggravated assault. A 32-year old woman has been charged with aiding and abetting the assault.

In the aftermath of Méric’s death, there was an outpouring of public sympathy for Méric amid fears of a resurgence of far-right militancy in France.

French Socialist Prime Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called for the far-right organisations linked with the alleged aggressors, notably “Troisième Voie” [Third Way] and Jeunesses Nationalistes Révolutionnaires [Nationalist Revolutionary Youth], to be officially dissolved.
Source: France24

So not only did the leftists plot an ambush, not only did Méric strike Murillo first, but Méric had been deliberately stalking Murillo and his girlfriend, targeting them for an attack!

As I said in one of my original posts about this weeks ago.
We can only hope that the truth eventually comes out in the course of the police investigation and/or trial. Apparently the whole incident was captured on CCTV, so there is only so much lying they can do about it. With plenty of eye-witnesses in a busy shopping district, and the CCTV film, truth may eventually prevail.
Monday, 24 June 2013
On Sunday the 23rd of June, the sad news came from Syria: Father François Mourad was killed in the Custody’s monastery, where he had come to seek refuge and offer his assistance. The conditions of his death are not clear. He was apparently alone in the monastery when it was completely pillaged.

Father François was well known in this region to which he retired several years ago to live as a hermit. After completing his novitiate in Rome as a Franciscan of the Custody, he heard a more urgent call from the Lord to lead a contemplative life. He followed this call in Syria, of which he as a citizen. His relationship with the Custody remained strong and he came regularly to one of its monasteries or another to help by replacing an absent friar. “He was always a bit ‘one of us’,” in the words of the Father Custos.

Since the beginning of the war in Syria, he left his hermitage to be with a friar in fragile health and to serve a neighboring community of religious sisters, as well as to seek a bit more security. The tragic circumstances of his death are particularly painful for the Custody.

Another Franciscan, Father Firas, came from the region of Kanaieh and took away the body to bury it, according to this source. "I would like all the world to know," reacted the regional official of the Franciscans in Syria, "that in supporting the revolutionaries, the West is supporting religious extremists and helping them kill Christians." "With this attitude, there will not be a single Christian left in these areas," he added.
Source: Le Point

Meanwhile, the head of a Papal Agency says Muslims "are people of good will".

The head of a papal agency that gives assistance to Christians in the Near East says local Muslims are largely positive towards their Christian neighbors and even appreciative of their presence.

“The broad majority of Muslims are people of good-will,” Monsignor John E. Kozar, president of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association, told CNA June 21.

“Not only are they tolerant of us Christians, they’re even supportive. They value the schools and clinics that we have.”

“We hope that their influence will calm the radicals, or (even) convert the radicals to a more balanced and tolerant approach of peace among all men and women everywhere,” he added.
Source: CNA

Giuliano Delnevo, a 25-years-old Italian from Genova, died during the clashes between the Syrian rebels whom he was affiliated to and the troops of Bashar al-Assad.

According to the Italian media, this young man who was being investigated by the Italian justice due to his possible links to terrorist groups, died after having been severely wounded in the Syrian city of Quseir after a clash with forces loyal to the regime.

Delnevo, who had adopted the name of Ibrahim after having converted to Islam, had entered Syria via Turkey in 2012 in the company of Chechen fighters.

His body was identified thanks to the passport he was carrying in his pocket.

The president of the Arab community in Italy, Foad Aodi, declared that between 45 and 50 Italians have gone to Syria in order to fight in the side of the rebels, according to what Syrian sources told him.

Apart from this data, which was also reported by the Italian media, Aodi explained that there are three women who are helping “in various tasks”. One of them is Italian, another one is of Spanish origin, and the third is a Chechen. 

Foad also pointed out that some 600 people from all over Europe have gone to Syria in order to fight against the regime of Bashar al-Assad, among them a high number of Belgians.

Source: El Mundo
Sunday, 23 June 2013
George Orwell, 2013...:
“Police kept more than 100 acts of arson secret from citizens in Albertslund (Muslim dominated area). And they did it for the sake of the feeling of safety, says Minister for Justice, Morten Bødskov, in response to the Legal Affairs Committee.”
Source: MX - Bødskov: Why we kept 100 arsons secret

I've posted before about the dubious incidents in Argenteuil in France in which two burka-wearing women (recall that it's illegal to wear a burka in France) were allegedly attacked by two skinheads. The police and some politicians have been notably sceptical about these claims. One of them women who claims she was attacked has now suffered a miscarriage. That much, at least, has been confirmed. It wouldn't surprise me if this turns out to be an incident in which the woman wanted to get rid of her baby for some reason then faked a skinhead attack to explain it away.

The incidents have sparked indignation among Muslims in the area, which has been heavily colonised. In the video you can see the Muslims telling the mayor that they are the ones who put him in office.

In the video below you see the mayor appear at a mosque to try and appease Muslim anger about the incident. This represents a shocking abasement of the French state to the growing power of Mohammedanism, and a gross violation of the cherished French principle of secularism.

Saturday, 22 June 2013

The identitarian movement is spreading further across Europe. An affiliate of the French group has already appeared in Germany. Now another surfaces in the Netherlands. The article below is a hostile left-wing comment piece on the group but it contains some interesting information.
The hitherto in the Netherlands unknown Resistance group ‘Identitair- Verzet’ [Identitarian Resistance] yesterday made clear that its members had put the heavy chain locks on the gates of the Islamic high school ‘Ibn Ghaldoun’ in Rotterdam; known for the exam fraud. The NRC report: "The group was formed early last year by students. The group describes itself as "not left, not right, but identitarian. Dutch fighting for their rights because the government is forsaking them, is one of its top priorities, like the reunification of the Netherlands and Flanders”. On Twitter they call themselves: 'Very-Dutch action group for the Netherlands and Flanders’.
The provocation has immediately led to media attention and the aggressive acts of pupils in the school.

In a video apparently referred to as a mission statement, that the group has listed on its site, a French boy says [1a]: ‘Make no mistake. This is a declaration of war!’.
Is it a coincidence that these people, in our country, have raised their profile (from the end of last March) after a regular columnist of De Dagelijkse Standaard (mid-March) threatened a 'new phase'?

Historian Han van der Horst says: ‘The Identitarians’ are a new addition to the toxic strain of French fascism with its very old and dangerous tradition. It is significant that the ‘Dutch Identitairians’ start immediately on their site with a French declaration of war on the République Française”. He sees a relationship with the ‘Action Française’ of Daudet and Maurras. The latter was an anti-Semite and supporter of so-called 'scientific racism'. This transparent disguised racism is propagated in our country by Joost Niemöller of ‘De Dagelijkse Standard’. It should come as no surprise that Niemöller came immediately to the rescue of the ‘Identitarian Resistance’. Creepy man [2]. (Nor surprised me that one Fop Schipper Niemoller recommends the piece. Retweeted by ‘Identitarian Resistance’ itself this law student distiniguished himself negatively earlier with a lousy ultra right opinion piece in ‘De Volkskrant’.)

Van der Horst calls the group 'radical right'. That's an understatement. Another man in the video criticizes specifically the alleged 'imposed miscegenation’. Only for that reason alone the group reveals itself simply as extreme right [1b].

An anthology of statements of persons in the video above: "We turn off the television in order to pass through the streets." "We have stopped to believe that 'Kader' may be our brother on the planet, our village and our human family”…. "We have discovered that we have roots, ancestors, and thus have a future”…. “Our legacy is our country, our blood, our identity”… “Power to youth… "Our lambda flags carried high."… "The lambda, which adorned the shields of the Spartans, is our symbol." "Bored by your cowardice, we will not shirk any fight or any challenge."… "We are the 25 percent unemployment, social debt, the explosion of the multicultural society."… "You do not tame us with a condescending look, with ‘young people’ jobs and a pat on the shoulder". And finally, the above already quoted: "Make no mistake. This is not just a manifesto. This is a declaration of war! "

I wonder if they feel themselves related [1b] with ‘Terre et Peuple’, 'Resistance identitarian Européenne': French neo-fascists who oppose both social democracy as against the (capitalist) globalization and pose as 'green', nature lovers. Something tells me that the Dutch group is just fiercely against the environmental movement. For example they denies the climate catastrophe.
If my suspicion is correct, it still may be confusing for the image and international contacts of this club. A nice confusion, also: the lambda (Λ)-symbol of arms of the ancient Spartans, rather than the Templar cross [3] which is more in use by rightists, should contribute to fragmentation and mutual bickering. Funny thing is that the 'lambda', including references to Sparta, is also used as a symbol of freedom for homosexuals. Perhaps this is why in the Dutch logo it is not a lambda, but an omega (Ω) - whatever they may mean [4].

It is striking that these extreme right-wing militants are not only corresponding in their imagery (black and white thinking), but they are in other respects similar to the group where they get their anger and frustration on target for everything, the militant Islamists' television ',' blood ',' root ',' legacy ',' flags', 'ancestors',' identity ',' fight '. That of those ancestors fits the romanticizing of an alleged ever glorious' European nature people "Terre et Peuple”. Such mystification played a major role in the run-up to Nazism. But as I said, it would surprise me if the Dutch 'brothers and sisters' have something to do with nature as a fetish.

Furthermore, it is evident that the economic crisis, particularly youth unemployment, is a driving factor, as it has been revealed before by Golden Dawn in Greece. Instead of responding to the correct analysis, they are looking for a scapegoat - doing their utmost best to get people worked up and to arouse aggression.

Immobilière 3F: logement social trop cher et... par HLMPOURTOUS
Two days after the most recent elimination of a Socialist candidate in the first round to the benefit of the Front national, a UMP [tn: mainstream right-wing party in France, Sarkozy's party] functionary wonders: "If you stick to the figures, and only the figures, don't we have to admit it? The FN is the second party in France."

24 March and 16 June, two dates that illustrate the rise in power of the FN. On 24 March, in l'Oise, the UMP's Jean-François Mancel was only just re-elected after a duel against the Front National's Florence Italiani. On 16 June, the Socialist party is eliminated in the first round in Villeneuve-sur-Lot. Marine Le Pen then congratulated herself: her party "has become the centre of gravity of political life".

In the former seat of Jérôme Cahuzac, former Socialist budget minister [tn: afflicted by a major corruption scandal], the Socialist party is there leaving the UMP and the FN to confront one another in the second round, this Sunday.

An electric shock that resembles a warning one year from the local elections and, above all, the European elections. According to a poll carried out by the British institute Yougov, the party of Marine Le Pen would win 18% of the votes in the next European elections, just behind the UMP and in front of the Socialist party. Still in second place.

...The number of French people who consider the FN a danger for democracy has fallen below the 50% bar for the first time.

Add to that the popularity of Marine Le Pen which has reached 40% for the first time and the number of UMP voters favourable to alliances with Marine Le Pen's party in the local elections. According to an IFOP poll, 47% of UMP voters would like agreements with the Front National in the next local elections. Only 32% called for such alliances in 2010.
Source: L'Express

FrenchFarRightShamesSocialists por V1683
BRUSSELS. Officers (constables) of the Brussels police refuse to salute female colleagues or citizens. It involves four Muslim policemen who hide behind their faith.

An internal investigation into the behavior of the policemen will be soon started.

According to sources, the four agents do not greet women they encounter during working hours. They might even completely ignore them totally, writes ‘Het laatste Nieuws’ .

A police spokesman of the Brussels police confirms the problem. “We know the problem and we plan to have a meeting with the parties involved.”

Friday, 21 June 2013
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Bilal A., a 16 year old Syria Jihadi Fighter who returned back to Schaerbeek has given the investigators detailed statements. The court of justice is especially interested in who recruited him.

Bilal went on 4 April this year to Syria along with his 15-year-old friend Ishmael from Vilvoorde. Bilal’s mother had called her son, last week, by phone from Turkey and was able to convince him to come home. Ishmael, whose 22-year-old brother Zechariah is also fighting in Syria, remained.

"Bilal is under interrogation," said spokeswoman of the district attorney, Ine Van Wymersch. "He has made detailed precise statements. On this basis, and because of his personality and his family situation we have provisionally decided not to bring him in front of the "juvenile court”.

Investigators have now a better insight into how to take care of the Belgian youth in Syria, where they are trained and deployed. The Brussels public prosecutor has a special interest in the persons who persuade the young people here to go to the front.

According to Bilal’s mother it was Jean-Louis Denis, alias Le Soumis (the Submitted) who was able to convince the boys. He is said to have spoken with the boy during the weekly food distributions in the North Station (Brussel Noord?). Several meetings with the leader of Sharia4Belgium followed in Brussels.

Suddenly they were all gone. They sent a text message only when they were already in Syria. Investigators do not exclude more arrests following in the coming days.
From New Sweden:
"Around 03 am this Monday a 23 year old woman was on her way home in Kristinebergsområdet in Oskarshamn. Suddenly three young immigrants close in on her. They ask her if she is Swedish and as she says 'yes' they beat her so hard that she falls to the ground. The three men stood above her and said: 'Welcome to Sweden, this is our country now, not yours'. The police categorises the incident as hate violence."

Source: Nyheterna - Woman victim of hate violence.
Thursday, 20 June 2013
The National Police yesterday arrested Bahar Kimyongür in Cordoba, a member of the organisation "Revolutionary Front for the Liberation of the People". The Turkish authorities have been searching for this man, who acquired Belgian nationality, for the murder of a well-known businessman. The police had come following his trail from Seville (an agent boarded the high-speed train), although the arrest took place in the Mosque on the orders of Interpol. The arrested man, who was on holiday with his wife and son, was transferred to the Madrid CGI from where he will be judged in court.
Source: DiarioDeCordoba

Antwerp City Mayor Bart De Wever (N-VA) says Antwerp will officially delete from the city’s civil register Muslim youth who are actively fighting in Syria. Due to the measures taken, they will have no official address any more and they will lose all their social rights such as their right to benefits.

De Weaver announced last week that he would do everything to prevent these jihadis being able to continue walking around in Antwerp. "The official removal of these people is completely under my jurisdiction," he says. "It is a long process that has now been launched. In several checks, we found that they no longer live in the city. By deleting them from the civil register, they have no official address anymore."

De Wever urges young Muslims not to leave for Syria this summer. According to him, a number of Antwerp youths are locked up either by the regime or the rebels. "Open your ears, radicals. Chances are that you will not return from Syria, because it is hell," said De Wever.

Yesterday it was announced that the “De Koepel” (the Dome) mosque, which is popular among Muslim youth in Borgerhout, is to lose its official recognition. The security forces found that the mosque is a hotbed of radicalization. The mosque “De Koepel” was founded by converts.

It's interesting that the gubmint has supported this film to discourage the immigration of Europeans, but to my knowledge no similar films have been made recently to discourage the immigration of Pakis, Arabs or negroes.

Note the blue-eyed blonde woman. Yes, of course. That's exactly the kind of immigrant we need to discourage. But Pakis are fine.

The article about this film in Komment Macht Frei contained at least one interesting paragraph:
I wish the video had gone a bit further. There are still Poles who come to Britain without realising that this is a very tolerant multi-ethnic society, where people are not expected to be called names on the streets because they have a different skin colour or wear extravagant clothes. I have overheard countless unpleasant conversations in my mother tongue when those who were talking probably thought nobody could understand them. Britain's liberal attitudes can still be a cultural shock for those arriving from a predominantly white, Catholic and conservative country like Poland.
Source: Komment Macht Frei

Michelle Jenner, the actress who plays Isabel
The "Plataforma Granada Abierta" [Open Granada Platform] has criticised the fact that the main actors in the TVE television series 'Isabel' presented a floral tribute before the sepulchre of the Catholic Monarchs in the Royal Chapel in Granada, claiming that this was a "sectarian act" which was inappropriate for the actors in a television series financed "by the taxes of everyone".

This association, together with citizenship associations, human rights organisations and IU [tn: United Left, basically Commmunists], were referring to the tribute offered this Monday in front of the sepulchre of the Catholic Monarchs by Michelle Jenner and Rodolfo Sancho, who play the parts of Isabel de Castilla and Fernando de Aragón in the series, before filming of some chapters in the Alhambra and Granada started the following day.

In this context, Granada Abierta wanted to signal its "concern" about the fact that "two professional actors, who work on a public television series financed by the taxes of everyone", have "been used to perform a sectarian act of national-Catholic propaganda, which divides the citizenry."

Thus they warn that with this floral tribute the actors, as far as they know unconsciously, have rendered a "homage" to the monarchs who "did not fulfil the Capitulations [surrender terms] of Granada, approved the Inquisition, started ethnic and cultural cleansing in the city of Granada and signed the edicts of expulsion of Jews and moriscos [tn: Muslims who pretended to convert to Christianity]."

"We consider that the exaltation of the victory of some and the defeat of others represents a step backwards in the democratic values of tolerance, convivencia and intercultural dialogue", adds a note from this association which has linked this act with the celebration of the Día de la Toma [Day of the Capture] of Granada by the Catholic Monarchs which is celebrated in the city every 2nd of January.

In the judgement of Granada Abierta, this celebration organised by the city council of Granada attracts "more and more far-right groups who identify with the authoritarian regime of the Catholic Monarchs, from which the Franco regime borrowed symbols and ideology."

Wednesday, 19 June 2013

IbnGhaldoun por V1683

As I've noted before, there are only two things Muslims are good at. The first is producing more Muslims. The second is fraud. On this occasion, pupils at an Islamic school stole and sold exam papers. It's not known how widely distributed they were around the country, but pupils from all over the Netherlands may have to resit their exams now because of this Muslim fraud.

Exam papers stolen from an Islamic school in Rotterdam may have been sold on to students around the country in the weeks before this year’s final exams.

Deputy education minister Sander Dekker said there was “concrete evidence” that the exams had been more widely distributed than first thought, both within the Ibn Ghaldoun school in Rotterdam and beyond.

Twenty-six pupils have taken up the government’s offer to resit their exams if they admitted receiving advance copies of their exam papers before the end of last week.

Of these 20 were pupils at Ibn Ghaldoun, where the papers were stolen, five were at other schools in Rotterdam and one studied in Utrecht.

Three more pupils from Rotterdam, Delft and The Hague were arrested on Monday in connection with the investigation into the theft, bringing the total number of suspects to six.

A 22-year-old man who was arrested for posting a stolen French exam on the internet has since been released, but it is not clear if he is still under investigation.

Dekker has said there is no need for all this year’s exams to be reset, even though the full extent of the fraud is yet to be established. Rotterdam has postponed its diploma ceremonies until the end of the month while the investigation continues.

The latest admissions also revealed three more exam papers that were taken from Ibn Ghaldoun in German, social studies and economics, all at the upper VWO level, bringing the total number of exams affected to 27.

In a written statement to Parliament, Dekker said he regretted the fact that more pupils had not taken the opportunity to come forward and warned that students who were caught out by the investigation risked having their diplomas annulled.

Pupils who admitted receiving the stolen papers before the deadline will still be reported to police and could be prosecuted.

The Dutch Forensic Insititute (NFI) is carrying out a digital survey of this year’s exam results, while police and public prosecutors are investigating how the papers were distributed from Ibn Ghaldoun school.

All students at Ibn Ghaldoun have been ordered to resit their exams over the next three days, regardless of whether they were implicated in the theft.

On Tuesday three pupils at the school failed in an attempt to have the order overturned in court on the grounds that it discriminated against them.

A pupil at Ibn Ghaldoun was arrested on Tuesday for assaulting a cameraman who was punched in the face while filming a news report for TV network SBS.
Source: Amsterdam Herald

Last year Ibn Ghaldoun raised official eyebrows when its pupils attained a 100 per cent success rate in their VWO exams – the most advanced level of secondary education – in spite of the school’s modest academic reputation.
Source: Amsterdam Herald

UPDATE Two cameramen from RTL and SBS 6 were abused, on Tuesday morning, at the Muslim high school Ibn Ghaldoun in Rotterdam where exam fraud has been detected. A young person who came from the schoolyard hit the SBS cameraman in the face. He was injured and filed a report. The RTL-man was kicked.

Chain locks were hung on the gate of the school by an action group. The young people present responded aggressively to that action and also turned against the media men. In the meanwhile, students came inside the school from the rear.

Activists of the action group ‘Identaire Resistance’ had hung the chain locks to the gates of the Ibn Ghaldoun school.

The police confirmed that there was a protest and are investigating what exactly happened who was responsible for the action. The police spokesperson says that the school has not yet called in the police and the police have not removed the locks.

The protesters called the school, where recently 27 examinations were stolen, an abscess in the Rotterdam education. A banner at the entrance of the school states: "We do what politicians should do." And that is: closure.

According to one of the activists, who is known as Jacob, the locks' are as good as unbreakable and can be opened only by heavy equipment. The action group has announced that this action is the first in a series. What actions will follow, Jacob prefers not to clarify: "It can stop future actions by people who do not agree with us."

Peter de Graaf of the national ‘Identitair Resistance’ supports the action and hopes for follow-up actions ‘that are non-violent and remain within the law’. “Identitair Resistance” believes that students have no right to retake exams. On Monday the students of the discredited school started to retake the exams that had been stolen.

The national group opposes the increasing immigration and Islamization, but above all they are for retaining the Dutch identity ' is stated on their website. "We have had some drinks with young people in Rotterdam and The Hague and called them to come and defend their own rights which have very literally been taken from them”, concludes De Graaf.

It happened in Aachen - Germany, just next to the Belgian border and near to Maastricht.

It must have been a dramatic situation that which happened on Monday evening at about 23:00 in Metzger Street, not far from Jülicher Street – Aachen. „We were standing on the walkway and wanted to smoke a cigarette, and then a somewhat old black Mercedes came and many shots were fired”, an inhabitant of a nearby house told. “At first we thought that they were fireworks”. 

She and her 27-years-old girlfriend, who lives in a house just in front of her, realized then that the issue was deadly serious, since the car turned and came back, and the shooting resumed.
At this point, they run for their lives towards Jülicher Street, where they were saved by a man of 22 who was standing on the other side of the street and observing what was happening. He opened the doors and pulled them inside. His girlfriend was hiding behind a parked red car. The young men who were also standing on the walkway, and whom apparently the bullets were addressed to, had flown in the direction of Haaren. „Panic broke in us. They thought that we were in connection with the young men who fled. What people sees in films, that was real for us“. Five Turkish-looking men were sitting in the Mercedes: two in front, three behind”.

The two young mothers were still trembling in fear in the morning after the attack: „One does not feel safe here anymore. We fear for our children and want to move away from here”. The confrontations are on the increase in the street; knives and sticks are used: „When one just thinks that they were running after us…”

Attorney general Peter Jansen did not want to give his views about the details of the issue. But the search for the shooters must have been dramatic. Three of them were detained by the police shortly after midnight. They may go before the judge today.

The authorities are intensely occupied with this case, and for this the police have set up a homicide division with 15-20 agents. The attackers had certain connections to rocker groups and bouncers, and neither those who were targeted by them - people from Arab origin - were respectable fellows. The police has evidences against them. Police chief Helmut Lennartz said: “There is an intense investigation underway”.

Source: Aachener Nachrichten

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