Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Chaotic scenes played out on Friday afternoon in
Favoritenstraße in the 10th district. At an information stand of the Favoriten Freedom Party [tn: Favoriten is a distict of Vienna], in front of dozens of eye-witnesses, three youths of Turkish origin tried to get hold of a Freedom Party banner and make off with it. When a Freedom Party official told them to stop this, the immigrants reacted with vile insults and verbal attacks. In addition, they threatened the officials and punched one on the head. When another district official tried to make an emergency call to the police, he was kicked, said the district secretary of the Favoriten Freedom Party, council member DDr. Eduard Schock.
Source: OTS Via: Unzensuriert


Anonymous said...

The Moslems are smelling blood, they have been given free rein AND free reign by their EU masters who wish to provoke a response from native peoples in order to begin eliminating some of them (this will likely be carried out under the terms of the Lisbon Treaty in the sense that these acts of defending themselves against Moslems will be interpreted as attacks against the State, specifically, the EU as The State (for which the penalty in the Treaty is death). The EUGENFOR would probably be used for this, rather than local police or security forces, because it might still be a bit difficult for the EU to depend upon native police/security forces being willing to fire on their own peoples, whereas the EUGENFOR would be sent into countries of which the personnel in them are not themselves citizens of the affected country. And I doubt if the EU is intent on wide-scale elimination of citizenry since it will still need to retain enough native skilled and unskilled labour forces to provide it with its tax base, since the Moslems are, in almost every country which records these facts, majority unemployed, thereby not contributing taxes while at the same time depleting countries' welfare and benefits funds. The EU will merely eliminate a few troublesome groups of protestors 'pour decourager les autres."

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