Thursday, 16 May 2013

The French priest attacked and beaten unconscious by a Muslim also had his mobile phone stolen, it emerges from an interview with a newspaper. Note the comments in the second paragraph seem to be from a different priest from the same parish, but they make it clear that the seemingly invincible spirit of dhimmitude survives.
"If my history can just give a shock of awareness to people, it will not have been so terrible...This type of attack happens to an enormous number of people in the district. Some "jeunes" no longer have any limits. It's the "vivre ensemble" that is in question. Not the attack of a priest in his gown."

"What we regret sincerely is that the Minister of the Interior hasn't shown himself in two days. If it had been an imam or a rabbi, he would already have been on the spot," stresses Father Marie-Christophe, an official at Saint-Jean. "We have had the support of everyone. There is a problem with some "jeunes" who are opportunists. Our attacker was indeed of North African origin, but a true Muslim wouldn't have done that. The members of the French Council of the Muslim Faith have also officially demonstrated their indignation. That doesn't prevent some people from making generalisations. And it is the silence of the politicians that is responsible."

Also, from this additional report here, it emerges that he was confronted by four Muslims and told to hand over his mobile phone. One of the Muslims then attacked him physically, while the other three just stood by and watched. Why didn't they intervene and tell the attacker he wasn't acting like a "true Muslim"?


Rufus News From Atlantis said...

A Priest not far from me was beaten by a gang of Pakistanis. He made a public appeal for everyone to forgive his attackers and stated that they were thugs and not typical Muslims! Scum like these apologetic traitors to Europe deserve everything they get!

Anonymous said...

Not typical muslims, not ral muslims, that is called wishful thinking! And if its not the real muslim, what of their parents? You know what they say: outside the door it's the police's problem not ours! They truly say that. Inside the house the kids only get beaten and half the time raped as well. And the girls are nothing more than breeders. The girl does anything outside the home, she gets killed by daddy or by big bro and then the police should mind their own business and do not question our culture, we demand respect bla bla bla!

Islamophobia is not a disease. It's a justified fear!

Anonymous said...
Why violent crimes are so rare in Iceland!

Norway Sweden and Denmark are becoming more violent yet Iceland isn't. Even the police don't carry guns. Everyone feels save. In Norway Sweden and den,ark this used to be the case. People wonder why! Hello islam, goodbye safety. That's why!
Feedback welcome!

Anonymous said...

It shouldn't be called 'dhimmitude': it's actually collusion, connivance and hatred of one's own people (treason). 'dhimmitude' implies a certain subservience, whereas I think it more likely that police, media, politicians, council staff, etc, are recipients also of "da'wa" (one of the uses to which Zakat, 'charity', is put according to the Koran): da'wa can be used as a form of bribery of those 'leaders' of those non-Moslem peoples whose 'islam' ('submission') can be expected to 'increase'.

As far as the remarks of Christian clergy in this assault are concerned, they have no excuse whatsoever for their theological ignorance, nor their ignorance of their own country's history re Islam. We can also put a significant share of blame on the worthless Vatican II with its statement (article 16) in some document years ago that Moslems 'share the same God' for adding to this mess. There are probably a few officials in that organisation who have had it made financially worth their while to draft such a blasphemous travesty, all in the name of 'interfaith dialogue', merde!

Anonymous said...
Please read this

Anonymous said...

Anon. 17:25 thank for the link, utterly and completely shocked and appalled. And when can we start the crusades again?

Anonymous said...

l have a facebook friend who lives in the northern suburbs of Paris - the worst part of Paris. She has a White father and her mother is from Moroc. She says it is very bad where she lives, she says the Arabs attack peopl, they are violent, they are murderous, she is constantly harrassed when she goes on the street - l mean she is harrassed every day. She says they rape White women. She says they will never go with a Black - they hate them.
She is living amongst them and she says they are very very bad. Many of us dont have to deal with the invaders on a day to day basis let alone be completely surrounded by them.
lt is time to awaken our dormant inner aryan, the one that sleeps tormentedly within us, it is time to return to our roots.

Anonymous said...

In holland, in Utrecht to be precise, a complete area was under lockdown because Moroccans where extremely violent. In this neighbourhood there only lived Moroccans like it is some kind of ghetto. No one ever gets arrested there. Every once and a while the army has to go in to settle the peace. Police don't even dare to go there because they no they get killed. But islam is the religion of peace and makes youth less violent. Such a tolerant breed of ... Well I wouldn't call them people, but what are they then? Surely not beasts because , beasts are more tolerant only killing to feed there kids and muslims kill because they like it.

Anonymous said...

I liked Pope Benedict, Franicis is not strong enough. I am an Orthodox Roman Catholic

Anonymous said...

I hope ye understand that the Catholic theology does NOT teach we all believe in the same God

Anonymous said...

And when can we start the crusades again?

We started it 11 years ago, one year after 9/11. Its just that it is not politically wise to say so.


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