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More books like this one are necessary if we are to wake up before things become too barbaric:


My review of Obertone's "France - Orange mécanique" was first published in Danish on the site
In the English translation there are a couple of errors:
1) I am an ex lecturer (Copenhagen University) - not professor.
2) The acronym DDD - the French government's watchdog - should not be translated "defence of the court", but "defence of justice" or "defense of rights".
Torben S. Hansen.

Review of the book La France Orange mécanique - zero n'est Cense ignore la réalité (Ring, 2013).
By Torben S. Hansen, historian, professor emeritus
The film "A Clockwork Orange" - 1971, directed by Stanley Kubrick - is a dystopian tale of a criminal gang that excels in "ultra-violence". It has inspired journalist Laurent Obertone (pseudonym) for the title of "La France Orange mécanique". Over 350 pages documenting, analyzing and commenting on his part of French society crash in massive, permanent crime of the worst caliber as a result of immigration and the authorities and the media's paramount responsibility for the disaster.
France has received a large number of foreigners - for example, Italians and Armenians in the 1920s and Portuguese and Spaniards in the 1950s. They were relatively quickly and easily integrated. It did not happen - or at least only partially - with the last four decades influx of non-Western immigrants (and refugees). In the large and medium cities "sensitive neighborhoods" have emerged, many of which are completely "lost by the Republic" ("Territoires perdus de la republique"). Here, a new subclass of Arab, African, etc. newcomers lumped together. The original French population is now fleeing from these areas, where most homes are cheap rental apartments.
Seen from a sociological perspective, these "zones" are parasites on society and the nation. Obertone brings a wealth of statistics - primarily official - to illustrate the misery. From 1980 to 2000 rapes increased fivefold and seven percent of French women have been subjected to this crime. Each year, 75,000 people are raped.
According to official indication 1,000 murders are committed per year, but a sociologist estimates that the real figure is 45 percent larger. The number of burglaries, robberies, car arsons and other vandalism has long been on the rise. Annually 105,000 robberies are committed - including bank robberies - without weapons, plus 6,200 with the use of firearms and 9,500 with a knife. The total annual cost of crime is 115 billion euros - 5.6 percent of gross domestic product (published 2010 in the newspaper Le Figaro). Other expenses include 30 billion euros in pensions to immigrants. In addition, scores of other heavy expenditure such as restoration of rental housing, the operation of prisons, increased resources for police and fire departments, etc.
Politicians - above all from the Left - deny that this daily accident occurs at all. Instead the socialist government ministers Valls and Toubira (respectively Interior and Justice Minister) talks about the urgent need to combat "racism" among the original French. Rape is a government responsibility when it comes to Syria, but not Lyon or Paris.
France's internal problems are monitored by different semi-governmental agencies which are created by the Left to carry the anti-racist policy. One of them is HALDE, the "Higher Authority for combating discrimination and promoting equality", which today is called DDD, "Defence of the Court". Besides blaming "the whites'" racism and consequent "exclusion" of immigrants, authorities argue that factors such as poverty and unemployment are causing the violence and unrest. That Muslims are vastly overrepresented in prisons is the French society's fault.
The national media only seldom reports about the daily crimes in the "sensitive areas". When the gravest crimes are finally reported, the editors do not hold back from distortion, concealment and outright lie. One example is the famous daily "Le Monde", that mentioned a killer of Chechen origin. His real name is Omar, but the newspaper called him Vladimir. Politicians and the media has assumed a moral right to either conceal or reformulate and "articulate" the immigrant crime, and to shame, condemn and crush the protests of the victims: "A veritable cultural revolution has taken place in our country. You feel only intellectually superior, taking the side of the offender and downplaying his responsibility ... " (p. 17).
The public debate is steeped in a paradigm, the "discourse" or wording that obscures and denies the physical reality of arson, shootings, stabbings and rape. Complaints and protests are routinely met with accusations of generalisation - unjustified criticism of entire population groups as a result of a single individual's behavior. When thousands of criminals of North and South African origin torch the city, they are called "the young people from the suburbs." by the media in order not to "stigmatize" certain groups of immigrants.
Editors, politicians and officials do obviously not live in "sensitive areas" and they will stop at nothing to stigmatize those who shout and demand effective action against criminals. When a critic is first decried as "racist", all means of demeaning methods are used against him. Ad hominem attacks are a favorite tactic: Has a brother of the so-called racist's grandfather in any way been associated with the Vichy regime (which collaborated with the German occupation from 1940 to 1944)? In this case the matter is crystal clear, and any evidence of murder or grievous bodily harm can be brushed aside.
Obertone provides a thorough refutation of the main points of the monotonous rhetoric and indoctrination, the "professional moralists" expose society to. Another example: Unemployment in France is relatively high, but the "fringe areas" with the most unemployed, have significantly lower crime rates than the "sensitive neighborhoods" in and around Paris.
He ends the book with the following statement: Ethnic homogeneous societies such as Finland and Japan have the lowest crime rate and the highest prosperity.


Hermes said...

Well it's clear, the main enemy are the elites and the terminally insane political class. It is this sort of people which has to be removed from their positions of power... if it is still not too late...

Here are some interesting lines from regarding what to do:

"We can choose between two strategies. The first is to try to retake the existing institutions – the public schools, the universities, the media, the entertainment industry and most of the mainline churches – from the cultural Marxists. They expect us to try to do that, they are ready for it, and we would find ourselves, with but small voice and few resources compared to theirs, making a frontal assault against prepared defensive positions. Any soldier can tell you what that almost always leads to: defeat.

There is another, more promising strategy. We can separate ourselves and our families from the institutions the cultural Marxists control and build new institutions for ourselves, institutions that reflect and will help us recover our traditional Western culture.

Several years ago, my colleague Paul Weyrich wrote an open letter to the conservative movement suggesting this strategy. While most other conservative (really Republican) leaders demurred, his letter resonated powerfully with grass-roots conservatives. Many of them are already part of a movement to secede from the corrupt, dominant culture and create parallel institutions: the homeschooling movement. Similar movements are beginning to offer sound alternatives in other aspects of life, including movements to promote small, often organic family farms and to develop community markets for those farms' products. If Brave New World's motto is "Think globally, act locally," ours should be "Think locally, act locally."

It seems like a very good idea, don't you think? The west may be already too corroded by the elites so as to be restored as it once was. We should create a "parallel world" of our own, instead of trying to save what is seemingly doomed to crumble down.

Anonymous said...

The national media only seldom report...
It's the same in every single western country. If you want to know the truth about what's going on in society you are forced to read blogs like these. All western governments have out bans on reporting the truth on muslims and their criminal activities, because they don't want them to look bad.
People everywhere are being suppressed by these muslims but no one is allowed to say it out loud. As a woman, when I see other women wearing headscarfs and often times little toddlers as well, I am simply revolted. But when I say it out loud I am a racist and refuse to honour their culture. They do not, have not ever , will not ever honour my culture! WTF!
Muslims are evil, but dare say out loud. The worst is of course CNN. Nothing to do with this blog, because its in America, but I suggest you read but they have to say about the Boston bombers: they were confused boys (TERRORISTS) who had such a hard childhood, or something and they need our sympathy and they must not be condemned form what they did!

Yeah right. I haven't read anymore on CNN about it, so they might've changed their attitude, but I doubt it.

Back to France: the county is screwed big time! And Hollande is just making it worse!

Hermes said...

A video about France we did some time ago, and in which Obertone talks:

TL Winslow said...

I know all about the history of WWII, but I missed the part where it was fought for Islam to take over the West. The world we're living in is not right, and we need to change it. For starters, the U.N. should oust the OIC members, declare Islam a criminal organization, and make it a world crime to give a Quran to a minor. See how it might be done with my Winslow Plan for Defeating Islam.

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