Wednesday, 22 May 2013

I was watching the Spanish news channel 24 horas just now, part of the public broadcasting RTVE group [Spanish equivalent of the BBC], and they had a segment on the riots in Sweden, then a segment on a diplomatic row between Hungary and Germany after a German politician said they weren't going to "send the cavalry" to Hungary to enforce human rights and the Hungarian leader Viktor Orban then said that the Nazis had sent tanks to Hungary and it didn't work out well. Astonishingly, the presenter then segued from this into a discussion with a representative from some multicult NGO, saying that these two stories, in Sweden and Hungary, were signs of a rise in racism and intolerance across Europe. WTF? Swedish police shoot a machete-wielding immigrant. Muslims then go on the rampage, destroying parts of Sweden, and that's a sign of the rise in "racism and intolerance"?!? Honestly, the mind boggles. In the course of the discussion, the multicultist demanded that tougher criminal penalties be introduced for "hate speech", including on the internet, and that the education system be used a tool to indoctrinate children into the benefits of diversity.


Anonymous said...

What kind of racism?
White racism or BLACK racism?

Anonymous said...

TVE is controlled by Marxists. Don't waste your time with the mass-mierda

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

"What kind of racism?
White racism or BLACK racism?"

The obvious implication was that the poor immigrants - they actually used the term "youth" when describing the machete-wielder who was shot dead by police, even though he was 69 - had been subjected to racism and intolerance and this had somehow forced them to riot.

Maria José said...

'We swear by almighty Allah we will never stop fighting you': What man holding bloody cleaver said after 'hacking soldier in Help For Heroes T-shirt to death just yards from Woolwich barracks'

'They were chopping and cutting him': Shocked eyewitness tells of horrific machete attack on soldier

Shocking video taken by eyewitnesses to slaughter of soldier in which 'killer' blames British Government and apologises to women who saw it

Maria José said...

Stockholm riots spread south on fourth night

Multiculturalism' blamed for violent Muslim riots

As the debate over immigration raged, the Sweden Democrats party, which seeks to implement broad restrictions on further immigration, has now become the third largest political party based on recent polls.

In certain areas of the country, which have become virtual “no-go” zones for native Swedes, almost the entire population is either foreign or born to immigrant parents.

Hermes said...

Those fellows are mentally ill. Is this so hard to understand? Mentally ill. Because multiculturalism is a mental illness. End of discussion.

Anonymous said...

Islamaphobes thats what you all are. Islam is a religion of peace. ISLAMAPHOBES

Anonymous said...

When will Sweden wake up and boot out the Muslims? Sweden is not a Muslim country, yet they treat the Swedes like trash and will one day rule this friendly country because they are growing much faster than everyone else in Sweden. I sympathize with the Swedes, but if they don't take action, then they are to blame.

Anonymous said...

Islam is the religion of hate and death to the west.

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