Monday, 27 May 2013
Thanks to patroling parent groups, the Muslim mini-civil war in Stockholm ebbs out. Frightening, that the Swedish police cannot handle the problems alone, and unheard of that they allow Muslim parent vigilante groups in this way. It is not okay that the Swedish police in this way hands over power to ordinary citizens and lets them do the very dangerous work of patroling against extremely violent groups. This is just another case of Stockholm syndrome, where the Swedes are taken hostage by violent Muslims and allow patroling groups of male sharia-style moral police to take over the streets. The Swedish police has proven itself weak and irresponsible - which is the worst signal that they can send to the extremists.

Calling vigilante "volunteers" and "good forces" is Orwellian and not very convincing:

"Stockholm police spokesmen said on Sunday that rioting, which youths began a week ago in capital's outlying northeastern suburb of Husby appeared to be easing.
"We are on the way to normalizing the situation," said spokesman Kjell Lindgren. "There were no violent gatherings of people or violence against our officers."
He added though that on Saturday night windows had been smashed at a school in southern Stockholm and 16 people arrested. Elsewhere in Stockholm, soccer fans had gathered outdoors to watch broadcasts of the Champions League final from London.
Parents walk streets to deter tensions
Lindgren referred to volunteers and parents who had walked streets to deter trouble, saying "the strong presence of the good forces, and police reinforcements" had helped to calm tensions."

Rioting ebbs in Stockholm, parents walk streets


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