Monday, 20 May 2013

Youths rioted in northern Stockholm on Sunday night, setting fire to cars and throwing rocks at police, in what is believed to be a protest against the fatal police shooting of a machete-wielding man in the suburb last week.

"At 10pm we sent out staff to an address in Husby," explained Lars Byström of the Stockholm police to the Dagens Nyheter newspaper.

"My colleagues were met by young people who threw stones at them. It continued with a pair of violent riots and extensive damage."

The riot kicked off when young people set fire to cars in Husby, a suburb in the far north of Stockholm. Witnesses claim at least 100 vehicles in the area were in flames. Another fire was lit in a nearby garage, resulting in the evacuation of the apartment block. Around 50 residents were taken care of and sheltered in buses that were on hand.

The local shopping centre was also vandalized, and three police officers were injured in the fracas. Police estimate that the riots involved somewhere between 50 and 60 youths.

Forty emergency workers from both police and the firefighting service were on hand.

The protests come in response to a fatal police shooting of a 69-year-old man in Husby last Monday, according to the youth organization Megafonen. The man had been threatening police with a machete before he was shot.

Initially, police to the press that the man died from his injuries at hospital, but it later emerged that the 69-year-old died at the scene.

Many neighbours questioned why police used such extreme violence to deal with the situation.

"This was an old man with a knife facing a whole gang of specially trained armed police officers. Did they really have to kill him?" a neighbour told the Aftonbladet tabloid the day following the shooting.

A community-based organization that aims to organize residents of Stockholm's northern suburbs to fight for social justice claimed Sunday night's disturbances started as "reaction to police brutality against citizens, our neighbours".

"We understand that people react like this," Rami Al-Khamisi from Megafonen said in a statement.

Calm was restored to Husby by 5.30am, police did not, however, make any arrests.

"We've not made any arrests, but we'll try to during the day. We'll take a look at security footage and speak with witnesses so we can take legal action against the people who are guilty of crimes," Byström told DN.
Source: The Local H/T: Maria José

Was the 69-year-old a Mohammedan?


Maria José said...

Husby is one of several neighbourhoods of apartment blocks in western Stockholm occupied primarily by immigrants.

One Husby resident, Ali Muzelef, said in a Swedish radio broadcast that the protesters were still upset at this month’s shooting and that they believed their complaints had not been taken seriously,

Anonymous said...

Is this suprising from a country that thinks a man going to the toilet standing up is sexist?

Maria José said...

Riot police 'resorted to racial slurs' in Husby

Al-Khamisi, meanwhile, said that it's unlikely that rioting in Sweden will stop any time soon.

"This kind of thing isn't only happening in Husby, it's happening all over Sweden. People are tired of politics not working in our favour, they're tired of the current situation,"...

Anonymous said...

You let the filth flood into your country: you reap the rewards of societal decay and increased crime.

Sweden needs to regrow a pair.

Anonymous said...

Sweden needs to get its act together period! But what do you expect from a country who loves muslim immigrants so much and love being raped, tortured and killed by them!

Anonymous said...

One way is for all Swedish women to wear a hijab. I realise its not good for us if we visit Sweden, but it will protect Swedish women.

As for Swedish men, I recommend a sex change operation.

Anonymous said...

Anon. 13:31. The men don't need no sex change. Muslims men will fuck anything that has at least one hole to. Put their tiny dicks in. Plus most of are in fact homosexuals. So the sex change will only disappoint them.

Anonymous said...

I am a moslem and I have ever gone to Sweden, even in a short time. I found that Sweden is a beautiful country with very kind people. I hope that one day, they are open to the lesson of Islam by directly learning from Al-Quran that are relevant to their value.

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