Thursday, 16 May 2013
Noureddin Ziani, accused by the Spanish government of being a Moroccan intelligence agent and of "promoting international terrorism, Salafism and radical Islam"

I have noted before the curious confluence of Mohammedanism and separatist/nationalist movements within European polities. We see this is Scotland, where the Scottish National Party has allowed its ranks to be infiltrated by stealth jihadists like Humza Yousaf, and in Catalonia where Catalan nationalists and Muslims have made common cause. There seems to be a predatory instinct within Islam that makes its adherents adept at seeking our social and psychological fractures, whether it be vulnerable children without proper parental care to be recruited as sex slaves, or secessionist movements in European state structures.

Here we have a case where a Moroccan intelligence agent was promoting both Catalan nationalism, by recruiting Muslims to the separatist cause, and, according to the Spanish government, fomenting "international terrorism, Salafism and radical Islam".
Spain’s intelligence services have ordered the deportation of a Moroccan citizen who was paid by the CDC Catalan nationalist party to fan sympathy for independence among Muslim communities in the region. National Intelligence Center (CNI) director Félix Sanz Roldán accused Noureddin Ziani, a Muslim leader, of “posing a threat to national security [...] and compromising Spain’s relations with other countries,” as stated in the deportation order.

The Moroccan national, who has no criminal record, was informed of the deportation order by Spain’s National Police on May 3. Sources familiar with the case said he spent the night at a Barcelona police precinct, and his lawyer, Fátima Zohra, said the deportation could be made effective at any time beginning on Tuesday.

The deportation order has angered Catalan nationalists, although for now there has been no official reaction from Rabat. “We are incensed at this new maneuver by the CNI,” said Àngel Colom, secretary of immigration for Convergència Democràtica de Catalunya (CDC) and director of Nous Catalans, a foundation that actively seeks to get immigrants to adhere to the Catalan nationalist cause.

“What is the CNI trying to achieve with this deportation of Noureddin Ziani?” wondered this association in a press release issued in Arabic and Catalan. “To strike fear into the hearts of all immigrants who little by little feel closer to the right to decide and to the pro-sovereignty process in Catalonia?” Nous Catalans was created by CDC, and Catalan regional premier Artur Mas inaugurated its headquarters in Santa Coloma de Gramenet in 2012.

Colom knows Ziani quite well. He appointed him director of the Catalan-Moroccan office within his department, and last November both men toured a few of Catalonia’s mosques to preach the virtues of Catalan independence together.

“A Catalan state can bring you greater wellbeing,” the faithful were told.

Ziani, a native of the northern Moroccan city of Oujda who has resided in Barcelona for the last 14 years, is also the longtime president of the Union of Islamic Cultural Centers of Catalonia (UCCIC), a Muslim association that teaches Arabic and provides financial assistance to families, especially during Ramadan. Until recently, it was the second-largest beneficiary of subsidies granted by the Moroccan migration ministry to groups in Spain (158,700 euros in three years).

In fact, Ziani and Colom are so close that Fundació Nous Catalans doubles as the headquarters for UCCIC. For years, Ziani, who was once an imam, acted as the unofficial right hand of the Moroccan consul in Barcelona, Ghoulam Maichane, with whom he used to tour Catalonia and the Balearics to talk to Moroccans living there. Ziani also maintained close ties with the Catalan Socialists (PSC) until this party lost power in the region. When the CDC-Unió bloc (CiU) won the November 2010 elections, Ziani moved closer to CDC.

Rabat is concerned about hypothetical secessions in Catalonia and Scotland, fearing such developments will create new arguments for Western Sahara’s Polisario Front, which seeks independence from Morocco. That is why pro-government media there regularly attack “the opportunists who kindle the secessionist flame.”
Source: El País

Catalan nationalists have claimed that this is a manoeuvre from the Madrid government designed to undermine separatism. Although the Spanish authorities have not provided any details of what the agent is alleged to have done, they have been quite emphatic about it.
The Minister of the Interior, Jorge Fernández Díaz, yesterday accused Noureddin Ziani of “promoting international terrorism”, "Salafism" and "radical Islam". "It has nothing to do with his activities proselytising for the cause of Catalan independence," added Fernández Díaz.
Source: El País


Passer by said...

Well, there is european tradition to invite muslims into their internal struggles. Its in Iberian history. Thats how the moors invaded the Iberian peninsula. They were invited.
And Bizantium invited turks to fight in their civil wars too.
In both cases, those with strategic thinking were the muslims, not the europeans. Just read this:

"During the Byzantine civil war of 1352–1357, Turkish mercenaries allied to the emperor John VI Kantakouzenos plundered most of Byzantine Thrace and around 1352 *were granted* the small fortress of Tzympe *near Gallipoli* (Gallipoli is a bridgehead between Asia and Europe). On 2 March 1354, the area was struck by an earthquake which destroyed hundreds of villages and towns in the area. Nearly every building in Gallipoli was destroyed, causing the Greek inhabitants to evacuate the city. Within a month, Suleyman Pasha seized the site, quickly fortifying it and populating it with Turkish families brought over from Anatolia.

John VI offered cash payments to the Ottoman sultan Orhan I to vacate the city, but was refused. The sultan said he had not taken the city by force and could not give up something which had been granted to him by Allah. Panic spread throughout Constantinople as many believed that the Turks would soon be coming for the city itself. Because of this, Kantakouzenos's position became unstable, and he was overthrown in November of 1354.

Gallipoli was to become the major bridgehead into Europe through which the Ottomans would facilitate further expansion into Europe. In less than ten years, nearly all of Byzantine Thrace had fallen to the Turks, including Adrianople."

Anonymous said...

Send that terrorist back to morocco, but inside a black bag (for corpses)

Bluepanic said...

Census analysis shows Christianity in dramatic decline, and a youthful Muslim population on the rise

Josep Trinxeria said...

Once more, I would like to ask this interesting blog not to equal catalan nationalism to 'separatism'. Catalonia is a nation like Engaland or Germany. The spanish state is an empire and part of the old Europe. The new Europe is that of the free peoples that should struggle side by side as brothers, not as rulers and slaves, for the preservation of Europe.
We don't want to "separate" anything, we want to regain our independence, which btw is the same thing you would do if someone told you what to speak in, think, pay... in your OWN country.
So, please try to analyse these points and go beyond the "nation-states" mantra, like if these states where kind of god-given structures.
We want a Europe where no people oppresses another. Don't we?
Having said that, of course there are catalan liberals and multiculturalists, but like anywhere else, unfortunatelly. Stop assuming the point of view of imperalist websites like "Alerta Digital" who claim all catalan nationalists are pro-alien invasion, etc, etc. They are the true problem for the Unity in struggle in Europe.

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