Friday, 24 May 2013
A man of 44 was arrested yesterday in Bilbao accused of raping and cutting the toe off a social educator, according to the Basque Department of Security.

The attack occurred at 4.30 pm in a building in the district of Deusto in Bilbao.

It appears that the educator told the man that he was going to be expelled from the flat for violating the rules and he reacted by attacking her.

It seems the attacker, of North African origin, raped the young woman, tied her to a chair and gagged her with a curtain.

He also practically cut off one of her toes and inflicted knife wounds on various parts of her body. Later, at 4.45 pm, the man moved to another shelter apartment, where he inflicted various cuts to the right hand and left forearm of another man.

The two victims were moved to hospitals so that their wounds could be treated, while the attacker also had to be admitted to hospital in Basurto after trying to harm himself with drugs.

According to the same sources, the arrested man had been accused of threats and wounds on other occasions but did not have a police record.
Source: El Mundo H/T: Maria José

Yet again we see evidence that Muslim men cannot tolerate a woman in a position of authority over them.


Anonymous said...

"According to the same sources, the arrested man had been accused of threats and wounds on other occasions but did not have a police record. "

Of course. The dhimmis are so terrified of being called prejudiced or racist, they'll let Muslim immigrants get away with anything.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

our old friend is back:

oak park remodeling said...

i just don't get why they are so mean.

Unknown said...

The korean teaches the muslim s (average 45% inbred) to hate us just as the talmud teaches the jews to hate us- so they do, nothing surprising about that.
We whites are being genocides from our own lands and we pretend its not happening- when we finally wake up there will be so few of us left to fight we will easily be vanquished in the finally mopping up operations lolz

Anonymous said...

Why not do to this Muslim what was done to our brave soldier in Woolwich?

Charles Martel MoiEtMoi said...

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Islam is a doctrine of hate, subjugation and extermination that some are struggling to call 'religion of love, tolerance and peace' ^_^

Anonymous said...

totally agree with anonymous...i put the muslims..jews and blacks in the same category..the enemy of white christians.....

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