Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Another jihad attack. Roll out C[l]o[w]n Coughlin with the old standby, Al Qaeda. (See here for my thoughts on this.) The Al Qaeda voodoo is just a way of deflecting attention from the true source of the horror, which is Islam. Note that comments are turned off on the Telegraph blogs in the only two blog posts that refer to this attack. What an utter disgrace.

Since the two machete wielders were shot by police, perhaps we can expect the negroes and Muslim to riot in the days to come, showing solidarity with their ethnic and spiritual kinsfolk, as they have been doing in Sweden.


Anonymous said...

I was told by a 'journalist' at the DT years ago that "We have to protect our British Pakistani Moslems." I can't say their censorship surprises me; they know exactly what the real score is and have known for years. They kept silent about so much of Islam's evil, always with the excuse of being hamstrung by 'hate laws'. They are willing accomplices in the destruction of England and Europe.

That dear soul, a soldier serving his country, collecting funds for other soldiers in need, is in the Lord's care tonight and may He comfort this man's family. And may the people of England find again their Christian faith and put on the whole armour of God.

Anonymous said...

Humans are naturally tribal. A tribe or people though can never achieve civilization if they live by the ethos of an "eye for an eye". Arab tribes, even before Islam, lived by the principle of even "two eyes for an eye". In fact, they went one better, and took revenge for future acts of violence they knew would be visited on them sooner or later. Islam merely codified these traditions.

Thus a vicious cycle of revenge and greater counter-revenge, was automatic in all societies that live by the ethos of an "eye for an eye". In such societies, a civilized nation, that is one that lives by the rule of law, can never take birth.

Now it is known, that Europe was inhabited by some of the fiercest tribes known in history ( Vandals, Vikings, Berserkers etc). We know from Roman historians that Rome faced its most fierce and ruthless enemies, not from Arab people, but from the north of Europe. The fall of Rome was not due to Arabs or Jews, but these same barbarians - mainly Germanic tribes.

What happened soon after was nothing short of a miraculous. Europe, in a very short period of time, in what is now known as the Dark ages, was imbued by an ethos that preached a diametrically opposite ethos never seen anywhere in the world before. This ethos is easily stated but hard to practice.

1. Love your neighbour as yourself
2. Love your enemies. Do good to those that hate you.
3. Render unto Caesar things that belong to Caesar etc

Slowly first, then increasingly quickly, the ever increasing vicious cycle of revenge and counter-revenge that was in Europe, became a virtuous cycle of letting the law takes its course.

The problem we have now is that we have imported millions of tribal people who believe in an "eye or an eye", into a society that does not subscribe to that ethos. Any criticism of Islam automatically unleashes a violent "eye for an eye" reaction, also known as defensive Jihad.


Anonymous said...

We in the West, even though many are not Christians, are imbued with Christian values of not taking revenge ie an “eye for an eye”. Thus, by and large, revenge and counter-revenge does not take place in the West.

My fear is that against aggressive Islam that always attacks first, and regards restraint as sign of weakness, many will start taking revenge. In effect, even if we don’t become Muslims, we will have gone back to the tribal ethos and start behaving like Muslims. The civil state will thus come to an end.


Maria José said...

Police 'covered up' violent campaign to turn London area 'Islamic'

Police have been accused of “covering up” a campaign of abuse, threats and violence aimed at “Islamicising” an area of London.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, No, Western civilisation did not 'fall' to the German tribes (the latter often served in the Roman Empire's Praetorian Guard and once in power themselves they continued to observe Roman laws and customs). It was the impact of Islamic invasions on Western countries and destabilising Western trade routes, and the largely Islamic slave trade, which Jews certainly assisted as in Spain and the New World, which severely restricted Western Europe's history for a few centuries. However, Irish monks, and the Eastern Orthodox Church through the Byzantine Empire, kept Western civilisation and its great tracts, alive and flourishing. (One of the great myths of apologists for Islam is to say that it was the Moslem "civilisation" which "translated" these into Arabic, thereby preserving them until they could be "brought back" into the West. All the greatest works of Western culture had already been translated and preserved in Latin and Greek by the Celtic monks and the Byzantines. Significantly, not a single political work of Western thought was ever put into Arabic.)

TO DP111: You are conflating 'revenge' with justifiable defence of one's own person, people and nation. What is happening throughout Western countries is deliberately engineered (by politicians, EU, UN, Left, financial global interests) and is religious, cultural, legal and literal displacement and genocide of Western peoples who have, in the main, been denied even access to weapons (and the greatest of all weapons, knowledge of the enemy). I agree entirely that Christianity is the foundation on which our morality, our civilisation, our very being should be built, but these forces are intent upon destroying that. Witness the likes of the Daily Telegraph, or the Catholic Herald: two newspapers, both traditionally Christian (mainly Catholic staff for some time), both traditionally conservative (with a small and large 'c'). These newspapers are supporting sexual perversion (homosexual 'marriage'); that will lead, as it is fully intended, to acceptance of paedophilia and polygamy (already committed in gang rapes, child marriage, child sexual abuse and multi marriages by Moslems even though these are all crimes under never-enforced English Law, until the true extent of the horrendous Rape Jihad was exposed on the Internet). Future elections or referenda are irrelevant and red herrings; if English people don't react now, as historically they have, to defend themselves and remove the enemy within and disempower the traitors in every way, England will fall and Europe too.

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