Friday, 3 May 2013

More reasons for Islamonausea:

"'This is our destiny… may God scatter our corpses… I want my flesh to be torn into pieces.' 'In the name of the God I am ready. May God horse riders run for jihad'It took six years of tracking telephones, SMSs and suspects to discover the existence of a terrorist cell based in Puglia (region in southern Italy). There are six orders of remand in custody, issued at the request of the prosecutor's office in Bari, against suspects associated with purposes of international terrorism and incitement to racial hatred. Only four arrests have been made as two other suspects are in Tunisia. Investigations revealed that the terrorist cell had a logistic base in Andria, in a call-center owned by a Tunisian head of the group. Ben Hassen, explain the investigators, was also a leader of a local mosque. His continuous work was focused on indoctrination and forming new recruits for jihad. The preparations included psychological and ideological training, allowing them to move smoothly within the terrorist net. His connections reached the international islamic network and such important names like Essid Sami Ben Khemais, Ben Yahia Mouldi Ber Rachid e Ben Alì Mohamed, who have already been sentenced for terrorist crimes."


Walter Sieruk said...

In the title of the above article. It says a lot, in other words those Muslims who made that statement exposed the reality about Islam. Which is that Islam is not really "a religion of peace" but a death cult of pieces. Let face it Islam is a blast! Not a fun blast but a bomb blast.

Anonymous said...

I give Islam in Europe another 2 years. After that, successive laws will be passed and enforced, each more stringent then the previous ( Halal meat will be one). It will make it very hard to be a Muslim in Europe.


Anonymous said...

DP111: A lot more could be done to get Halal food, and Halal non-edible products (like cosmetics) or Halal finance (aka sharia-compliant financial services/banks) banned altogether if the "counter-jihad" groups were to make the following better known:

Most people resent halal food because they find the killing of animals under Halal (and for that matter, Kosher) unnecessarily cruel. Also, the fact that shops,restaurants, fast-food sites, schools, supermarkets pass halal food to the public without letting people know it's halal, or kosher, in the first place. I recall seeing an article in the Daily Mail that for 17 years (!) schools in a particular district had been shoving halal food onto school menus. And, considering we are told always that halal and kosher foods are a religious issue for their followers, it's worth making an emphatic point that the New Testament makes a point of saying Christians should not eat food sacrificed to pagan gods, so halal should be off-limits altogether in a Christian country. Forcing non-Moslems to adhere to halal, in their food, and services, is a way of making a non-Moslem society/country more Islamic (and negatively impacts as well on non-Halal butchers and food products. It's also a way of promoting an immigration scam: Britain granted visas to 3,000 Islamic butchers some years ago and, on arriving in Britain, they disperse or leave their jobs, thus requiring more Moslems to be brought into Britain. And there is the valid security point that this importation of butchers means the presence of thousands of people from a hostile ideology who are proficient in the use of weaponry for slaughter.

But the real selling point against Halal is that the profits accruing from it (these include the Halal ceritification, the Islamic slaughterhouses and butcherers, and the sales of the produce) are all part of Moslems' incomes and, under Koran 9:60, Moslems are required to pay an annual, obligatory tax (Zakat, 'charity'). One of the uses of Zakat, stated in that same Koran passage, is "for those fighting in the Cause of Allah". That is the term which refers throughout the Koran and Hadiths to 'holy war' or JIHAD "warfare to establish the religion" as defined in Islamic law manuals.

So, all the other reasons aside for the moment (and they're all legitimate ones in their own right), we should refuse to allow any Halal food, products or services in any Western country because the profits from them can, and ARE, used to fund JIHAD.

The Halal World Congress has said that the use of Halal products will conquer the world for Islam because non-Moslems "don't care" what they eat or use.

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about muslims not being allowed to eat pork is that in a lot of products, such as bread and cookies and chips is that there are pig products in it, mostly fat and stuff. Too funny for words. Satan's slaves funny enough don't know this, but eat it all like the pigs they are.
Second, islam will not survive in Europe. Too many are beginning to see the truth, including muslims themselves and are turning on the "religion". It will disappear.

Anonymous said...

Just read that all chickens in holland are being butchered halal. This sickens me on so many levels I cannot tell you. When are Satan's slaves be crushed and send back broken to where they've come from?

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