Wednesday, 15 May 2013
This is Holland 2013:

Police raid Mississippi, Moroccan street dealers celebrate from a nearby distance

MAASTRICHT – Tonight the police in Maastricht raided with much power the cannabis boat the Mississippi on the Maasboulevard in Maastricht. Three arrests took place. Two owners and an employee of the coffeeshop. The investigation in the boat was carried out because 'the police found out that today the coffee shop sold soft drugs several times to ‘niet-ingezetenen’ (people who do not live in the Netherlands or who live in the Netherlands for less than four months)'. ,, This is contrary to current regulations. In the investigation the stock of soft drugs was seized ", according to a spokesman of the police.
Twenty police officers were involved in the raid supported by a unit of the Royal Military Police. According to a customer who was present during the raid, the action proceeded in peace. The boat next to the Mississippi, another cannabis boat called the Smokey was left undisturbed, even though also here yesterday foreigners were allowed.
A group of Moroccan street dealers were watching from a distance of fifty meters on a higher part of the Maasboulevard. They were cheering and applauding according to different eye witnesses. "They were laughing their heads off and yelling as hard as they could to the customers who wanted to walk to the boats: 'cocaine, heroin, weed; we have it all'." 
These statements are confirmed by the owner of the Smokey. ,,Look at them, they are still there, those street dealers. I heard how they were provoking. And the police officers also heard it. I yelled to them: you should tackle them, you are arresting the wrong people, but they had orders to tackle the Mississippi. I cannot imagine that they themselves support this action."
According to Marc Josemans, owner of coffee shop Easy Going in the Hoenderstraat the criminal street dealers went from coffee shop to coffee shop to express their joy about the raid of the Mississippi. "They also came by me on their mopeds. They put their hands in the air and were cheering whilst driving by'', says Josemans. He understands their joy. He says cynically, ",Mayor Onno Hoes causes these youngsters to make loads of money, that explains their joy. I don’t understand such a mayor.''
Local business owners are dealing with a severe decrease of revenues since the weed pass was introduced one year ago because fewer foreigners come to the city. Many of them support foreigners being allowed into the coffee shops. Minister Ivo Opstelten (Security and Justice) trusts that the municipality knows best how to regulate the rules concerning coffee shops. The ruling parties VVD and PvdA stated in the coalition agreement that foreigners are not welcome in coffee shops but that the enforcement should be connected to the local policy."


Anonymous said...

Here in holland they have always tolerated the coffee shop industry and now all of a sudden the dealers aren't allowed to sell to foreigners which has caused a lot of problems and an increase of illegal activities.

The coffee shop owners have protested, but to no avail. Yet the illegal dealers, per definition Moroccans, get a two month holiday in "prison", if arrest are being made. It's always been like that and people have warned the government since the early eighties that muslim youth are a high risk when it comes to crime, from petty crime to severe acts of violence. But th e government has always ignored the problem.

Now we had Pim Fortuin who has killed by radical lefty, but everyone knows the guy was paid to do it but others unknown. Then we had Rita Verdonk but she was made to be a nazi, and just a crazy lunatic buy the left wing media. Now we have Geert Wilders who cannot do without protection just because he speaks the truth (hello islam, goodbye free speech). But I have no doubt he'll become the next prime minister of the country as soon as the current kabinet falls. He has been the only one who has talked about the problems we are having currently, again made out to be the next hitler etc. but other parties in country now al of sudden are saying what he's been saying for years, and only to get there voters on their side. But they are not nazi and racists. How can that be?

Anonymous said...

Agreed, I hope Geert becomes the next PM. PVV was the biggest party last time I checked...

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