Tuesday, 14 May 2013

You may have seen the riots in Paris that followed the team Paris St. Germain's victory in the French league. PSG is owned by the Qatar investment authority and there is a high Mohammedan factor among its supporters.

In the video below we see a journalist trying to do an on-scene report of the PSG victory. Suddenly, hordes of Arabs and Africans swarm on to the camera, preventing him from continuing. Some wear Arab clothing. One says: "Vive les Arabes!". The newsroom then cuts away to a distant shot.

Arabs were also eager to take advantage of the disorder for criminal purposes. The video above shows some of them looting a motorbike shop near the Arc de Triomphe before the police arrive and beat them up.

The video below shows them attacking and pillaging a tourist bus in the middle of Paris!

The woman commenting in the studio makes an interesting remark while watching these scenes. She says:
It's hard for us to cover up ...sorry, I mean make out what's happening.

Some of the supporters draped an Algerian flag on the scene during the disorder.

Marine Le Pen, leader of the Front National, has denounced the riots as a "Razzia". Very interesting choice of vocabulary. "Razzia" is, of course, from the Arabic term for a "raid".

During PSG's title celebrations, packs of scum have pillaged the heart of Paris. Barbarians who have nothing to do with the supporters of the sports club have victimised innumerable local people, business owners, tourists.

This razzia, committed with total impunity, was completely predictable however. It is the consequence of the miserable failure of the Interior Minister, Manuel Valls, who should have banned this gathering in view of the disorder that had already taken place the night before. The problem with this Interior Minister is that, like his unfortunate predecessors in the UMP [Sarkozy's party], cultivates a veritable laxness of the state.

These riots remind us indeed that since the riots in 2005, nothing has been rectified, and that France sits on a volcano: at any moment, the situation may explode and ultra-violence be unleashed against decent people. It is clearly no longer possible to organise the slightest event in the major cities of France, the population being at the mercy of the scum who successive powers, of right and left, far from neutralising, strive to protect for ideological reasons.
Source: Front National


A UMP (mainstream right-wing party in France) MP has provoked controversy with the following Tweet.
The rioters are surely the descendants of slaves, they have an excuse #Taubira will give them compensation!

This is a reference to the "French" Justice Minister's recent statement that the descendants of slaves should be given land to compensate them for historical injustice.

Meanwhile, the French Interior Minister's response to the violence is to say that it shows, "Football is ill".


Anonymous said...

France made one big mistake, and that's was to say to all the people in the colonies that they are French and when they came to France they said they were French and because they have French nationality they are not Arabs but French. Though racism in France (from both sides) is the worst anywhere on the planet, the sheeple there still have difficulty acknowledging publicly that these beast don't belong there. We have already lost Belgium, France will follow. Germany seems to be going good as parties on the far right are getting more and more votes. And Dutch government is do really bad with the east Europeans and me thinking Wilders has a good shot winning the next elections if this current government isn't going to clean up its act.

Their is hope, but its looking dreariest by the second!

Maria José said...

Islam conquers Europe?

A recent sociological survey reveals growing anti-Islamic sentiments in Western world. After the death of Pope John II one of the leaders of radical Islam said that Islam would conquer Europe and that Christians would have only one choice - to convert to Islam or to give up their lives...

According to the survey, in Spain and Israel more than 50% of population are concerned about the spread and presence of Islam in their countries...

The question which worries many of us today is whether the growth of Muslim population will lead to Europe’s Islamization...


Anonymous said...

Musselmen will strike but before they can make an attack that could be of any significance Europeans will have voted the right people in place and the white race (with this I mean everyone who has a western attitude toward life -I have a black friend who could pass for hitler jr.) shall rule fully once more in Europe. Plus we will have found a way to do with less oil and that will kill off Arabia: a war will break out there more muslims killing more muslims. Long live the free west.

There is no way we can loose this battle!

Mike D. said...

White Civilization will prevail, but war will be needed no doubt.

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