Friday, 24 May 2013

Παναγιώταρος για Χρυσή Αυγή και Χεζμπολάχ por Newscaster

This resonates with a thought I had when I was reading about the Norman invasion of England. There were only about 20,000 Norman invaders, it seems. If 20,000 English indigenes had simply walked up and killed one Norman each, even if they themselves were immediately killed afterwards, they could have stopped the whole thing. But they didn't.


Maria José said...

Bilbao - Spain

MAGREBÍ VIOLA Y CORTA UN DEDO a una educadora al echarle de un piso de acogida en Bilbao

"Viola y corta el dedo a una educadora al echarle de un piso de acogida en Bilbao.

Una joven educadora de 25 años fue violada y sufrió el corte de un dedo ayer en un piso de acogida de Bilbao, donde fue agredida por un individuo sujeto a un programa de rehabilitación de drogas. La trabajadora social había comunicado al joven, de origen magrebí, que iba a ser expulsado del piso por saltarse las normas y éste reaccionó de forma salvaje, atacándola con un cuchillo y violándola."

Maria José said...

De origen magrebí

Viola y corta un dedo a una educadora social en Bilbao

Atacó a la mujer después de que le comunicara que iba a ser expulsado del piso

Después agredió a otro hombre

Anonymous said...

Golden Dawn claims that immigrants are causing the economic problems of Greece.

To stop mayhem, it is thus better for immigrants, particularly illegal ones and asylum seekers are sent back from Greece.

If the economic problems persist, then we will know that Golden Dawn is wrong.

Anonymous said...

dude, you have a great web page and up to date news. please get in touch with a polish site what is doing what you are doing here ("No to islamization of Europe") you should join forces and run the page in English and other languages with them. They have 27.000 fans on facebook - only Polish people so far, but you need to spread the news together.

Josep Trinxeria said...

I'm sorry anonymous, but GD doesn't claim that. GD says that international bankers and the elites in the EU and Greece are the responsibles. Your statement is a simply a deduction from a progressive mind that equals GD to an "anti-immigration only" political program (because mainstream Media have taught you so). Actually, it is more complex. Immigration is the result of the policies from those elites to lower labor costs, crush the rights of greeks, and eventually replace the indigenous populations of Europe. And if we succeed in explling all immigrants, of course problems might persist as long as the elites remain in power. It willl be just a matter of time before that mess is back.
So your point is incredibly wrong.

Anonymous said...

Go hellas!

Anonymous said...

The current economic problems of Greece are caused by the adoption of the euro, the joining of EU, and the ineffective rule of corrupted mafia-like oligarchs/politicians. The IMF bailout facilitated the collapse and the measures imposed have effectively destroyed the Greek working and middle classes, unemployment is 40% and youth unemployment is 70%, wages are now similar to that of Bulgaria but prices are similar to that in London. Due to high taxation and falling demand, thousands of small and medium sized private businesses have failed. Taxes are incredibly high for average greeks and most people pay taxes. Those that systematically do not pay taxes are politicians, powerful businessmen, multinationals and doctors and lawyers.

The problem with illegal immigration started 10-15 years ago but in the last 5 years it has become far worse with 200,000 Muslim colonists a year. In 2002, George papandreou (the ex prime minister who agreed to the IMF bailout) signed the EU sponsored "Dublin 2" agreement which states that all illegal immigrants arrested in EU should be sent back to the first country that they entered which in most cases is Greece. In early 00's, papandreou also signed the Ottawa agreement which dictates the removal of land mines. So the Greek government removed all land mines and fortifications from the Greco-Turkish border area. At the same time, Islamist Erdogan became P.M of turkey and Turkish authorities adopted a strategy of islamification through illegal immigration and thousands of illegal started to entered Greece from Turkey. Also, turkey abolished all visa restrictions with many Islamic and third world countries so it became very easy for third worlders to travel to Turkey and then to enter Greece. As a consequence, Greek cities started to fill with third worlders from Islamic and African countries. Violent Crime has skyrocketed, Africans and Muslims engage in drug and human trafficking, parts of Athens are Muslim ghettos, 80% of prisoners are Muslims, gangs of foreigners systematically attack and rob Greek people, and there were 3 major Islamic riots in Athens because of allegations of Koran desecration. Some illegals are used as very cheap labor in agriculture, and others sell counterfeit products in the streets.

How do the politicians respond?
Well, the Greek politicians are very corrupted and their attitude is in favour of mass importation of foreigners. They made it easier for foreigners to regularise their status and obtain visa and citizenship, and now there are plans for 20 mosques in Athens. In a city with no mosque since the end of
otthoman occupation 200 years ago. Also, the politicians gave voting rights to illegal immigrants in local elections, a policy decision deemed unconstitutional. Politicians want to alter the demographics and to gain votes from immigrants.

What is the economic cost of illegal immigration?
The cost is billion of euros. Illegals do not pay taxes and receive free health care, and police needs more and more funds to combat their crime activities. Also, illegals are responsible for the reduction of wages in unskilled occupations because they are willing to work for a lot less. The large supply of illegal labour has costed thousand jobs to native Greeks, since they are not "competitive" compared to third worlders willing to work for a few euros uninsured, so the employers prefer to hire illegals. The cost to keep and feed thousands of Muslims in prison and detention centers is enormous. Also, billions of euros leave Greece annually as remittances and there is an huge underground black market economy with counterfeit goods . The mafia uses the illegal immigrants to sell the fake products.

Anonymous said...

This greek is singing my song!

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