Monday, 20 May 2013

This is interesting not so much for the thing itself. There are graffiti daubs on mosques and the like quite regularly now. But it's curious that two similar incidents have occurred at the same time in two different countries. As far as I know, none of the newspapers reporting the incident in each country have picked up on the fact that something similar occurred in another country at the same time. Is this the start of some coordinated, continent-wide anti-Mohammedan action?

On the 19th of May, he Arab-Nil-Rhein assocation in Mainz was splashed with fake blood and had posters showing a mutilated Afghan girl (from a Time magazine cover in 2010, probably this one) affixed to its windows and walls.

Meanwhile, on the same day, in Limoges in France, a mosque was splashed with real or fake blood.



Walter Sieruk said...

This is ,no doubt, a hint the these follower of Islam may start to shed real blood by murdering real people in both of those countries.
The Quran does teach, for example,in Sura 9:112 "The believers fight in Allahs Cause, they slay and are slain, kill and are killed."
Thus are the ways of the "peaceful religion" of Islam.

Anonymous said...

They should've gone a step further and throw some pork in the mix.

Anonymous said...

In holland a mosque was put on fire as well recently though there wasn't a lot about it in the news at all.

As for the blood I so hope it's pigs blood. It probably is, but anyway it's a good sign for the baby rapists who attend the devils house. In Germany there have been Turks that have left the country and gone back home since those killings, this will send a couple of them back home as well I should think. It's a good trend that I hope will inspire a lot of other people. Greetings Lorna.

Anonymous said...

i am german and i can tell you islam is on the way to dominate europe. violence against christian and jewish people happens every day. muslim people in germany love adolf hitler and the nazis. if you talk with muslim people they say: someday we will be the majority in germany and we will start a new holocaust. it is only a matter of time till europe goes down in civil war. its just sad,europe is one the way down and i dont think its gonna stand up again.

Anonymous said...

why do you worship Jesus on the cross instead of Judas Iscariot, the man who had informed hiding jesus. time hiding Jesus, then Jesus lifted up to heaven by Allah (God) and Judas Iscariot as Jesus' face diserupai by the gods (true story). The original Christian religion exists, but if Christians now been made-up by Paul, not Paul not a god? how dare he

kh said...

I am Muslim, please do not prejudice about Islam first

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