Saturday, 25 May 2013

Lamya Kaddor is one of German's star "Moderate Muslims". She was a pioneer in introducing Islamic tuition into the public education system. Now she is dismayed to find that five of her former pupils have gone off to fight the jihad in Syria.
Lamya Kaddor has learned that five of her former pupils have gone to fight in Syria. In the interview she speaks about the causes - and her own despair.

ZEIT ONLINE: Ms. Kaddor, on your Facebook page you communicated that five of your former pupils have gone to the jihad in Syria. How did you learn of this and what kind of people are they?

Lamya Kaddor: They are all former pupils of mine aged from 18 to their mid 20s. All except one are related. The fifth is a friend of one of the other four. Apparently they went to Turkey by car, sold the car there and then crossed over the Syrian border. Other former pupils told me about it and asked me if I knew more. I contacted the families about it, who confirmed it to me. The five left farewell letters behind. Off and on, their families say, the boys get in touch by telephone from Syria.

ZEIT ONLINE: Up till when did you teach them?

Kaddor: The 18-year-old still last year, the other four up to about 5 years ago. They were my pupils in the pilot project "Islamic teaching in the German language", an advance model for Islamic religious tuition. As the subject is so new, I only taught each of them for one or two years.

ZEIT ONLINE: Your Facebook entry shows that you are surprised and perhaps even shocked by the decision of your former pupils to do this.

Kaddor: With the youngest I was even class teacher. We went on a class trip together. I'm not just surprised, but also a bit despairing. I had never thought that they would let themselves be radicalised in so short a time.

ZEIT ONLINE: You never saw any signs of extreme views.

Kaddor: No. You see, when in class someone talks big and says the unbelievers are Kuffar, that is infidels, and they are going to hell - of course you might spontaneously think that shows a fundamentalist attitude. But there are pupils who just blabber like that without thinking about it, because they consider it cool and because the environment can't deny them Muslimness as an identity factor. In any case you can't tell the degree of radicalisation from remarks like that. The boys we're talking about here have drunk alcohol, went to parties, had girlfriends. They certainly weren't radicalised then.

ZEIT ONLINE: What could have happened in the interim?

Kaddor: They've been planning to go to Syria for about a year. They don't have any Syrian roots at all. I know they no longer went to the same mosque as their families, but sought out some Arab lay preacher. It's possible he had a certain influence on them.

ZEIT ONLINE: You, Ms. Kaddor, are a figurehead of liberal Islam in Germany. You stand for a soft, peacefuly type of belief. In this Syria trip of your pupils do you see a personal defeat?

To some extent. Two to six hours of tuition per week for one or two years is not enough to accompany young people to be able to protect them over the long term. Not even their closest relatives or friends imagined how close they were to going to Syria. It would have been even more difficult for me to recognise that as an outsider. But it bothers me when I see how some other people are now feting these five as heroes.
Source: Die Zeit


Maria José said...

French Soldier Stabbed In The Neck In Paris, Police Seeking Man Of North African Origin

Anonymous said...

There's NOTHING moderate about islam.
The sooner people realize that the better we'll be.

tuition said...

Hope they will stay safe...

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