Thursday, 23 May 2013
"How do we stop young British Muslims falling into the hands of Jihadis?" asks Toby Young in his blog article with the comments turned off.

First, there's no such thing as a British Muslim, or a French Muslim or a German Muslim. Muslims belong to the Ummah. That is their nation. That is what the word Ummah means. Talking about a British Muslim is like talking about a French German or a Spanish Italian. It is a contradiction in terms.

Second, the way we stop Muslims resident in Britain from attacking us is by ensuring that that they are no longer resident in Britain. As always, the elephant in the room is immigration. Immigrants or people of recent immigrant origin continually plot to murder indigenous Europeans and every time it happens, the question of immigration is never raised. Why are we allowing people into our countries if there presence is not beneficial to us? And once it becomes obvious that their presence is not beneficial, why are we allowing them to remain?

It is time to publicly demand a stop to Muslim immigration and the repatriation or expulsion of the existing Muslim population. (See my plan for Muslim repatriation.) Note that these ideas are so taboo that no one of any prominence in the Counterjihad movement even dares to raise them. But these ideas are the only way this can end other than bloody war. However unpleasant they seem, they are less unpleasant than the alternative. They must gradually grow in acceptability until they come to be publicly supported by a majority of the people. But they cannot do that if no one, not even fringe bloggers, dares to express them.

Toby Young has a genius alternative answer to his own question, though. His plan? Send Muslims to special schools where they will receive military-style training instead. Perhaps we should lay on bomb-making courses at these military-style academies, just to help the Muslims learn discipline, you understand.


Anonymous said...

immigration + natural muslim growth = more terrorism and violence.
leading to fear motivated conversions.
which will eventually lead to forced conversions.

history repeat itself.
this has all happened before.
advances in society and technology did not make us immune to barbarism.

the freedom europe achieved does not exist in arabic/islamic world.
islam cannot be tamed by reason.

in small numbers its grasshoppers.
in large numbers its locust.
the eggs has been laid in europe.
a full scale swarm is just a matter of time.

seek conflict, in order to conclude the inevitable on better footing.
the sun is sinking.
soon the bloodmoon will be rising.

Anonymous said...

Toby Young is indicative of the vacuousness, irrelevancy, and sheer stupidity of mainstream right-wing thought in Britain today.

Not only that, but The Telegraph, a newspaper so long thought of as the 'Tory-graph' in recognition of its own right-wing slant, now has lefties like Jake Wallis Simons writing numerous articles since the attack on the active serviceman denouncing the EDL, as if somehow they are the guilty party in all of this!

Britain, if it doesn't arise from its slumber soon, is finished.

Anonymous said...

Britain may well yet save itself. Going on past history, you have to shove the British with their backs against a wall before you elicit a response but they win through in the end. The Dhimmigraph is finished: on the one article on which the DG permits comments --- the very pressing issue of olive oil (yes, weak pun, sorry!) the commenters are fuming over the Jihad in Woolwich (the Halal ritual slaughter of the British serviceman) and threatening to cancel their subscriptions. Here's hoping they mean it: I'd much prefer to see a rag more concerned with promoting sexual perversion going down than the English people and nation.

Anonymous said...

Muslims are not the only problem. Africans (christians or muslims) are a big problem also

Jake-a-runi said...

It is time to publicly demand a stop to Muslim immigration and the repatriation or expulsion of the existing Muslim population.


Jake-a-runi said...

This is worth popularizing. That social change comes through expanding people's expectations was the lesson left us by the late Saul Alinsky. When the Brits understand that they can live Muslim-free, as Muslim egregiousness accelerates, the quantum of resentment will spark popular demand that must compel a seated government to act, or be replaced.

Just do it as soon as you (I'm assuming British readership; I'm American) have a majority. The rest of Europe will follow.

FWIW, not all anti-jihad websites are genuinely open-minded to solutions. Robert Spencer, who has turned anti-jihadism into an alternative to useful work, has banned me from posting upon (apparently) for proposing formulas for wrapping up the Islam-in-the-West conundrum. What would he do then, get a job?

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