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I am healthy in body and mind and am overwhelmed with love for my wife and children. I love life and expect nothing beyond that, save the perpetuation of my race and my spirit. However, in the evening of this life, faced with grave perils for my French and European homeland, I feel a duty to act while I still have the force to do it. I believe it necessary to sacrifice myself to break the lethargy that is overcoming us. I offer what remains of my life with the intention of protest and foundation. I chose a highly symbolic place, the cathedral of Notre Dame de Paris, which I respect and admire. It was built by the genius of my ancestors on more ancient places of worship, recalling our immemorial origins.

While so many many make themselves slaves to their life, my gesture embodies an ethic of will. I give my death to awaken the dulled consciousnesses. I rebel against fate. I rebel against the poisons of the soul and against the invading individual desires that destroy the anchors of our identity and especially the family, the intimate base of our multi-thousand year civilisation. While I defend the identity of all peoples in their homelands, I rebel against the crime that is seeking to replace our populations.

The dominant discourse not being able to emerge from its toxic ambiguities, it is for Europeans to draw their conclusions. Not having an identitarian religion to bind us, since Homer we have shared our own memory, repository of all the values on which our future renaissance will be refounded, breaking with the metaphysics of the infinite, pernicious source of all modern trends.

I ask for forgiveness in advance from all those to whom my death will cause suffering, and first of all my wife, my children and my grandchildren, as well as my friends and supporters. But once the shock and the grief has faded, I don't doubt that they will understand the meaning of my gesture and will overcome their pain with pride. My wish is that they will confer with one another on how to go on. They will find in my recent writings the anticipation and explanation of my gesture.
Source: Fdesouche.com

Dominique Venner, the far-right French essayist who shot himself before the altar of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris on Tuesday, was a bitter opponent of same-sex marriage and influence of Islam in France.

In the final entry in his blog, dated the day of his death, he wrote about the failure of peaceful mass protests to prevent the passage of the marriage law and talked of "new, spectacular and symbolic gestures to wake up the sleep walkers and shake the anaesthetised consciousness".

"We are entering a time when words must be backed up by actions," he said.

Venner, 78, was a former soldier who willingly served with the French army in Algeria during the war for independence.

On his return, he engaged in far-right politics, taking part in an attack on Communist Party headquarters in Paris in 1956.

He joined the outlawed OAS paramilitary group, which campaigned against Algerian independence and tried to assassinate Charles De Gaulle.

His OAS activities earned him 18 months in La Sante prison in Paris.

In the 1970s, he turned his back on party politics and made a career writing about military history. Numerous published works include Pistols And Revolvers and a history of the Russian Civil War.

'Like Mishima'
In the age of the internet, he kept a blog on which he fulminated against what he perceived as threats to French identity.

In his final blog post, he quoted an Algerian blogger predicting Islamists would rule France within 15 years, overturning the new law on same-sex marriage.

For Venner, the prospect of Islamist rule and the reality of same-sex marriage were equally "disastrous".

He closed his entry with lines reminiscent of French existentialist authors of the left, active during the war in Algeria.

"It is here and now that our destiny is played out to the very last second," he wrote. "And this final second has as much importance as the rest of a life."

Later on the same day, he entered the country's most celebrated cathedral, where he pulled out a pistol and shot himself through the mouth.

Police said he had made no statement though a note was found next to his body.

The cathedral's rector, Monsignor Patrick Jacquin, said Venner had not been known as a worshipper at Notre Dame.

The dead man's editor, Pierre-Guillaume de Roux, suggested it would be wrong to link his suicide to the same-sex marriage affair because it went "far beyond".

The essayists had been preparing a new work called A Samurai Of The West, The Breviary Of The Unsubued, he said.
Source: BBC

It's curious that he chose only to kill himself, rather than the politicians who are responsible for what is happening. Apparently he was a weapons expert, having written a history of weapons, and he served as a para in the Algerian war, so he could probably have done some damage if he had wanted to. One of his books was called "L'imprévu dans l'Histoire" [The Unforeseen in History]. It was about political assassinations, and how they altered the course of history. Given his consciousness of that, and the fact that he'd decided to end his life, it's almost surprising that he didn't try and take out Hollande first.

It's notable that the multicult press is now trying to spin this as being about gay marriage. As his note makes clear, it was about the European Genocide first and foremost, that is the replacement of Europeans in their ancestral homelands by non-Europeans.

UPDATE: See translation of his last blog post, which expressed fears about the Islamisation of France, here. Having served as a para in the Algerian war, he will have seen the Mohammedans up close.

More details of his biography:
Venner first gained prominence in 1956, when he took part in an attack on Communist Party headquarters in Paris in protest at the Soviet suppression of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. He later joined the Organisation de l'Armée Secrète (OAS), an illegal organization which opposed Algeria’s independence, and served 18 months in jail after the group’s failed plot to kill President Charles De Gaulle.

Following his release from prison, in January 1963 Venner joined Alain de Benoist to create a movement and magazine called “Europe-Action,” which was composed of nationalists, Europeanists, and former OAS members. He also created, with Thierry Maulnier, the Institut d'études occidentales (IEO). In 1970 founded its revue, Cité-Liberté (City-Liberty), which attracted numerous French and foreign intellectuals, including Thomas Molnar. In 1981 his Histoire de l'Armée rouge won a prestigious award from the Académie française. In 2002 Venner wrote a major work, Histoire et tradition des Européens, which sought to trace the common cultural bases of European civilization, and in which he presented his theory of “traditionalism.” At the time of his death he was editor of the La Nouvelle Revue d'Histoire.
Source: Chronicles

See also here an interview Venner gave about how alien immigration might save Europe by shocking it into an awareness of its own identity.


Anonymous said...

CZ: I would add, though, that since almost all European governments, clearly under orders from the EU, are supporting, and enforcing upon their publics, laws regarding sexual perversion being granted equal status with the heterosexual world and marriage being denigrated by the obscenely-titled "gay marriage", that the support for sexual perversions of homosexuality and lesbianism, bisexuality, trans-genderism (not forgetting paedophlia and polygamy) do indeed all amount to cultural, spiritual and actual physical genocide (sexual perversion in its sexual acts produces many diseases which impact negatively on sexual reproductive capacity). Think beyond the box: the Left supports abortion (before and after birth), polygamy (although against the statutes of many countries, Moslems are allowed it and duly plunder the welfare benefits with their many wives and children), teaching sex in all manifestations to children (from kindergaerten level onwards), condoms and birth control devices made available to children without parental knowledge, removing children in their thousands from parents by councils (well documented in Britain), gang-rape of native children and women ignored for decades by police/councils/politicians AND clergy (have a read over at the Catholic Herald of William Oddie's apologia for the gang-rapes "has nothing to do with the Muslim community"...), enforced 'immigration' of adherents of a hostile ideology, ignoring of female genital mutilation for decades by authorities (no convictions yet)....'gay marriage', as so many people realise, is meant to lead to a great deal worse.

Anonymous said...

Good fascist is dead fascist.

Considering this fifth-columnist opposed gay marriage and political pluralism, he had more in common with Islamists than not. Fascists and Islamists carefully collaborated during the Second world war.

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