Tuesday, 7 May 2013

This morning an individual burst into Roussillon police station at about 11.50 am. According to a witness present on the scene of the drama, he entered the police station shouting "Allah is Great" before attacking a police officer at the reception desk, wounding him with a knife at neck height. Another police officer present at the scene then fired his weapon, wounding the attacker in the thigh. But one of the bullets ricocheted and wounded him slightly on the leg. The injuries of the three injured parties range from slight to serious.

They were transferred to hospitals in the region. What impelled this man to burst into the police station is still unknown: the act of an islamist extremist or a bout of madness are among the lines of inquiry being pursued. Currently, investigators are setting out to investigate the personality of the attacker.
Source: Le Dauphine

"Allah is Great" will undoubtedly be "Allahu Akbar" which actually means "Allah is Greater". Le Parisien reports that the man "is described as unbalanced by a source close to the inquiry". Isn't it amusing that whenever Muslims carry out jihad attacks, with patent religious motivations, politically correct western officials always ostentatiously scratch their heads and wonder they did it, suggesting they may have been insane? The obvious explanation is too terrible for them to contemplate.

UPDATE: Video from Vlad Tepes site. Key additional information: an eyewitness heard him say something in Arabic. Religious magazines were found in his flat along with the scrawled words "Victory is close". He had just returned from a pilgrimage to Mecca a few days before.


Josep Trinxeria said...

Hi, I am a progressive piece of shit and I find it racist to publish what that man shouted. Reporters must lern to censor themselves and not to mention race, origin or motivation when an immigrant commits a crime. That is discriminatory.

Anonymous said...


Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

Since when is it racism to tell the truth, Josep? When someone shouts allahu akbar and stabs a policeman it is an act of jihad and the public has a right to know. And sheeple who shout allahu akbar are 99.9% of the time Arabs. So where is the racism, you idiot?

The stabber must be tried for an act of jihad and be either deported or sentenced to life in prison under harsh conditions such in Russia!

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