Friday, 17 May 2013

FRANCE has taken the first step to removing the word “race” from all legislation as demanded by President Hollande in his election campaign.

The Parti Socialiste helped vote through a Front de Gauche proposition in the National Assembly and Jean-Jacques Urvoas, president of the Laws Committe said they were making sure Hollande’s promise was not forgotten.

Hollande had called for the word “race” to be taken out of the constitution, saying it had no place in the Republic.

It is part of Article 1: “France is an indivisible, secular, democratic and social republic. It guarantees equality before the law for all citizens without distinction of origin, race or religion. It respects all beliefs.”

Socialist MPs amended the original wording of the Front de Gauche proposal to highlight their opposition to racism, anti-semitism and xenophobia.
Source: ConnexionFrance

The Socialist majority rallied to the proposed law, emphasising that this was just "the first stage".

...The rapporteur of the proposed law, Alfred Marie-Jeanne, stated that the word "race", "this aberrant concept, having served as the foundation for the worst ideologies, has no place in our legal order."
Source: Le Monde


Hermes said...

paranoid schizophrenia... the last stage of these lunatics will be to commit self-immolation out of despair that they are not immigrant but white french who have no place at all in France.

Mental illnesses are like this, it is like a downward spiral which gains continuously momentum, and has its end in the death of the given subject. Like people with depression who end up hanging themselves, or jumping from a 10th floor, or alcoholics who die of cirrhosis. The problem here is that this bunch of lunatics is pulling an entire population down to the abyss.

Oh, God, so much insanity...

Anonymous said...

Alfred Marie-Jeanne is from Martinique.


Anonymous said...

I wonder what effect this will have on hate crime laws if the word race is not used.

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

They plan to keep "racism" apparently.

Anonymous said...

How can you keep racism if you don't have race?

Anonymous said...

Kai Murros says the conflagration is coming and we should prepare now.
It appears the politicians aren't going to save us- if you judge the politicians by their actions one can only conclude they are anti-white, vigorously anti-white. Maybe its time to listen to Kai. ln two or three years you know its going to be worse everywhere - will you then listen to Kai?

Anonymous said...

I on the other hand, retain confidence in the chicanery, duplicity and downright cunning of politicians of the democratic world. These people, unlike dictators, are not allowed to kill their opponents. So they do so without drawing blood. They are not going to hand over their "territory" to foreigners.

In any case, I believe Islam is toast in three or four decades at most. It will die under a multi-pronged attack

1. War of NATO/West on a caliphate, which BTW, we are obligingly setting up for them.

2. Organised and government funded information attack on Islamic tenets, once war starts.

3. Food shortages leading to continued violent unrest in Muslim countries.

Alongside will be Christian missionaries to civilise Islamic hearts, just as Christianity did in Europe.

Finally, NATO requires a real enemy for its continued existence, and arms funding to justify pork. Business as usual.


Anonymous said...

633 – Mesopotamia falls to Muslim invasion, followed by the entire Persian Empire
635 – Damascus falls
638 – Jerusalem capitulates
643 – Alexandria falls, ending 1,000 years of Hellenic civilization
648-49 – Cyprus falls
653 – Rhodes falls
673 – Constantinople attacked
698 – All of North Africa lost
711 – Spain invaded
717 – Muslims attack Constantinople again; repelled by Emperor Leo the Isaurian
721 – Saragossa falls, Muslims sights on southern France
720 – Narbonne falls.
732 – Bordeaux was stormed and its churches burnt down
732 – Charles Martel and his Frankish army defeat Muslims, turning back the Muslim tide
732 – Attacks on France continued
734 – Avignon captured by an Muslim force
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849 – Papal forces repel Muslim fleet at the mouth of the Tiber
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859 – Muslims take control of all Messina
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1020 – Muslims from Spain sack Narbonne
1095 – The First Crusade.

To all who say the Crusades were unjustified, I got this from a Catholic Website

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:55 you didn't need to go to catholic website to know the crusades were justified and are still justified. Lets face it, aren't we crusading through the Islamic world today? Indonesia is depended on the west Malaysia is depended on china. Central Asia (mostly muslims) is depended on Russia all parts of the world who dislike the islam.

DP 111- you read my mind. E only thing I disagree with is that the islam in the west will die out sooner, personally I think tops another twenty years. More and more muslims are hiding their religious believes in fear of non muslims (the way things should be) and a lot return the hellholes they belong to because they fear to be prosecuted.
It's said that islam is the fastest growing religion, until you look at the amount of ex muslims, but they just fear to say they abhor islam because they want to live. Twenty years tops, the destruction is already beginning! Long live the free west.

Anonymous said...

A "free" godless west will self destruct without Islam though. I catholic wset is What i want.
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

Anon 14:11 that make you no better than a muslim. I believe in god, personally I find it unlikely that there isn't one, believe what you want though, but this god gave us all a mind (not that the mind works in some) and the ability to judge and rule for ourselves. When looking at the past and nowadays at countries like Iran, when a country is ruled by a holy book written centuries ago we are all doomed to fail.

Remember that the enlightenment, the reason why we know so much now, was started by people who questioned, maybe not so much god, but definitely the bible.

When religion rules the mind, we will be doomed.

Anonymous said...

To lord crusader

You might like to read this

Very interesting

sheik yer'mami said...

Socialists are always dangerous lunatics. Hollande is a nutbag and as irresponsible as they come.

This goes hand in hand with forcing homo-marriage on the embittered, overtaxed French who don't want it. As Mohammedanism grows and the state enforces sharia on its citizens, French laws can no longer be enforced, until all law and order breaks down.

That's the game plan:

The purpose for which the Muslims are required to fight is not, as one might think, to compel the unbelievers into embracing Islam. Rather their purpose is to put an end to the sovereignty and supremacy of the unbelievers so that the latter are unable to rule over men.

Sayyid Abul Ala Mawdudi (1903-1979)

Anonymous said...

To sheik: French are hypocrites and so are you. You claim to be against islam yet your homophobic statement makes you the exact same as those goatfuckers.
The French shall embrace same sex marriage and some Charlemagne shall get rid of the muslims including you and Germany shall follow, embracing gay marriage and they are already o their way getting rid of goatfuckers! Your a dumbass!

Anonymous said...

No same sex marriage, abortion, and socialist economics i.e. cultural Marxism leads nations to destruction.
Christianity gives blood, Islam takes blood both are total opposite in every sense. No I do not HATE gay people nor does the Church but they have to be chaste.
Muslims vote left as they know left wing Marxist will destroy Christianity and white people. (They vote right at home). How is wanting a Catholic Europe make me just as bad as a Muslim. Find out about Fatima too it is coming through completely Russia has spread her errors.
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

18 May 2013 15:48 Thanks very interesting and optimistic its good to hear some news. But we do not have any statistics.
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

18 May 2013 19:01 I totally disagree
If there will be a war in lets just say ten years Islam will have the upper hand only a few "Islamaphobis" Catholic, Nationalists, Nazis and White supremacists will resist. Muslim numbers will have increased whites decreased drastically and who do you think the socialists(Marxists) will side with. Wishful thinking is bad for the brain I do not wish to insult you though. I do not know about the Jews I am getting skeptical about them. Many are rabidly anti white and Christian. Build a church in Israel.
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

To lord crusader you do realise that more and more muslim women are becoming barren due to inbreeding severe rape often times at a very young age, malnutrition and stds. Muslims numbers are declining places like Iran will face a lot of problems soon because there aren't enough young people and too many old people. Muslims here in the west tend to have fewer children as well. Since they are becoming more civilised due to long term exposure to western ways, which more and more embrace as the normal standard of living. Slowly but surely islam shall be eradicated. As for living chaste, I know gay people who,live better lives than most Catholics and live more chaste than them so your reasoning is bs. As soon as islam disappears so will Christianity (don't think Judaism will disappear any time soon though) and a better religion more open minded and spiritual will take there place.
But lord crusader (love thy name!- my dog name's matamoros -muslim slayer) don't worry about islam becoming dominant here. It won't happen. In most countries in the west right now as soon as current kabinet a fall the right wing will take over and all shall be well again.

Greetings Lorna

Anonymous said...

Ps lord crusader. The crusades have already started. How many western countries aren't deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan and along the borders of Syria. The French are also helping the Africans to get rid of muslims. We are at war with them, they just don't admit because they afraid of the creepy bombs that we have. And we won't admit it because of the oil. Is as simple as that, but the Third World War is already going on! Lorna

Anonymous said...

I, too, believe the non-islamic world will prevail, but not before the situation with respect to muslims in our own countries gets much worse first. I expect to see the emergence of non-muslim terrorist groups all over Europe, who will take the early fight to Isalm in the same way loyalist paramilitaries emerged in Northern Ireland to combat the IRA.

Anonymous said...

That's not my experience. Muslims are getting bolder and bolder in the UK. So called 'sharia patrols' are on the increase etc.

The good news in Islam exerting itself even more is that to advance further, it has to show its hand far more clearly in Europe. It's unavoidable. And theore cards it shows in its ugly hand, even the currently brain-dead with respect to Islam will realise what it's about.

Anonymous said...

About the sharia patrols: I don't get it. They leave their countries to escape sharia (they claim) and then they try to impose them laws on us and they get away with it. How come? Is it truly just the lefties because the right wingers seem to be hesitant to do something about it as well, apart from ukip in England and Geert wilders in holland, and vlaams blok in Belgium. So someone explain please because I don't understand it! Help me out.

Anonymous said...

Think again about Christainity dying out. Visit a website called Catholic Anwers.
The more we occupy their nations they more fanatical they get I think. Good to see dropping birth rates though.
God Bless
Lord Crusader.

Anonymous said...

I mean Catholic Answers. Look into the prochecies of Fatima too.
Lord Crusader

Anonymous said...

A tribe or people can never achieve civilization if they live by the ethos of an "eye for an eye". Arab tribes, even before Islam, lived by the principle of even "two eyes for an eye". In fact, they went one better, and took revenge for future acts of violence they knew would be visited on them sooner or later. Islam merely codified these traditions.

Thus a vicious cycle of revenge and greater counter-revenge, was automatic in all societies that live by the ethos of an "eye for an eye". In such societies, a civilized nation, that is one that lives by the rule of law, can never take birth.

Now it is known, that Europe was inhabited by some of the fiercest tribes known in history ( Vandals, Vikings, Berserkers etc). We know from Roman historians that Rome faced its most fierce and ruthless enemies, not from Arab people, but from the north of Europe. The fall of Rome was not due to Arabs or Jews, but these same barbarians - mainly Germanic tribes.

What happened soon after was nothing short of a miraculous. Europe, in a very short period of time, in what is now known as the Dark ages, was imbued by an ethos that preached a diametrically opposite ethos never seen anywhere in the world before. This ethos is easily stated but hard to practice.

1. Love your neighbour as yourself
2. Love your enemies. Do good to those that hate you.
3. Render unto Caesar things that belong to Caesar etc

Slowly first, then increasingly quickly, the ever increasing vicious cycle of revenge and counter-revenge that was in Europe, became a virtuous cycle of letting the law takes its course.

I believe that under the pressure of successive military defeats, food shortages, maybe even famine, internal violence (we now see this in Iraq), and relentless Radio Liberty type of Western broadcasts on the Internet and TV, Islam will collapse.

Such a change will occur, but Muslims and non-Muslims in Islamic countries will suffer a great deal. We see this happening before our eyes in Iraq and many other Muslim nations. In the meantime though we must be careful not to fall into the old ethos. We must hope and pray for Muslims, that they do not suffer greatly in the upheaval.


Anonymous said...

I'm satisfied that some commentators are seeing that we quietly re-started the Crusades. In fact the re-start took place with a vengeance a year after 9/11.

A few years back, I noticed that ALL western countries, including fiercely neutral Switzerland and Sweden were in Afghanistan. Most unusual - in fact never happened before. However in Switzerland, all policies are subject to a referendum, and the Swiss objected to the "stated" policy for occupying Afghanistan. So to avoid embarrassment to the rest of the allies, Swiss quietly withdrew. Of course the real objective was never about WMDs, hunting terrorists, or bringing human rights, democracy, women's rights etc, but about destabilising that entire region - Pakistan most specifically. That objective has now been achieved, so we can withdraw from Afghanistan, while still retaining drone bases to attack Pakistan. Ditto Iraq.

As the old "reasons", such as the ones stated above could no longer be used for Western consumption, we have now taken to destabilising the rest of the Islamic world by ditching nominally friendly leaders such as Mubarak, and supporting "freedom" fighters. The fact that these fighters are al Qaeda or worse, does not worry Western leaders. In fact they are quite happy about it - The more fanatic the greater the instability.

As I said before, politicians in democracies, are in class of their own. Heck, they have been fooling us for decades, and continue to do so.


Anonymous said...

@dp 111 - the beauty about the Swiss and their referendums is that through these they forbid the minarets on mosques I wish we could do that here in the Netherlands since they are allowed to scream their hatred through them a couple of times a week at least which is still beyond me. I'm personally not yet affected by this, but a lot of my fellow people are severely affected by this. And children are terrified and the only one who wants to do something about it is Geert wilders, but he is being portrait as the new Hitler. So too little people have the guts too vote for him.

I think that with referendums, we could eradicate islam from Europe. Halal would be illegal, headscarfs in schools would be illegal, minarets would be illegal. Either muslims will leave voluntarily or will convert to another religion.

Let it be known that I am not for the eradication of muslims as what happened to the Jews. No one deserves that, not even goatfuckers.

Anonymous said...


Muslim demands that the British government take on the responsibility of ensuring that islamic food is in fact in accordance with islamic law. This of course, is utterly unacceptable and anathema to a secular democracy, so of course England will do it. It is not, nor should it ever be, the governments responsibility to ensure ritual purity. Only that food meets health standards and advertising standards.


Anonymous said...

@dp 111 when will the Brits get their shit together? Halal should be illegal, at least the Jews slaughter their animals in such a way that the animals don't suffer, else it isn't kosher. As if muslims care about animals, they don't even care about themselves. And I thought England was such an animal loving country.

Anonymous said...

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