Sunday, 5 May 2013

An interesting nugget of truth has appeared from an unexpected source. The Council of Europe recently issued a report on Europe's prison population. It contains information about the number of prisoners who are "foreign".
On average, 21% of the inmates were foreigners. Yet, there are very big differences between countries. The lower numbers of foreign inmates are found in Eastern European countries, where they seldom represent more than 2% of the prison population, and the highest in Western European countries, where they usually represent more than 30%. Around a quarter of the foreign inmates were citizens of EU Member States.
Source: SPACE 1

This table shows the numbers for specific countries. You can see that the percentages of foreign prisoners are shockingly large in some countries, such as Greece (63.2%), Switzerland (71.4%), Austria (45.9%), Belgium (42%), Catalonia (45.7%). There is no information on what proportion of the population are Mohammedans.


Anonymous said...

In holland it mostly turks and morocons who are supposed to be in jail, 9 times out ten its them who committed the crime, by they usually get away with it, because they had such terrible childhoods or whatever. Yet they are screaming they want sharia laws to be implemented here ein the country. T hen they wouldn't of course be criminals but law abiding citizens. The top dogs though, white collar crimes etc. are always of course whites, because the inbreds don't have the brains to do stuff like that, they mental capacity doesn't go further than raping and beating an eighty year old to death. Oh no now I'm a racist! :( but I only spook the truth. Farewell freedom of speech.

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