Wednesday, 22 May 2013

This is an extract I translated from an interview Dominique Venner gave about his book "Le Choc de l’Histoire" [The Shock of History].

Europe today is "in hibernation", you write, prettily. Why?

DV : When I think of Europe, I don't think of political or technocratic structures, I think of our multi-thousand year civilisation, our identity, a certain "European" way of thinking, feeling and living that transcends time. Yes, Europe has entered historic "hibernation". When? In the second half of the 20th century, after the catastrophes represented by the two wars that started in 1914 and finished in 1945. When the universal exhibition opened in Paris in 1900, Europe was the intellectual and spiritual centre of the world. It dominated everything almost everywhere. The USA was still only a marginal power. Fifty years later, what a change! After Yalta, exsanguinated Europe was divided between the two new powers that emerged from the century of 1914, the USA and the URSS. Two messianic powers that wanted to impose their models: Americanism and Communism. Let me add that Europe didn't just lose its power and its colonies, even more it lost faith in itself, gnawed by a moral crisis and an unprecedented "culpabilisation" [Tr: "blame game" or "guilt complex" perhaps]. It entered "hibernation".

But you are optimistic about the reawakening of its identity. So what are your reasons for hope?

DV : These reasons relate above all to the "shock of history" that we are living through without knowing it. This "shock" portends a rupturing of the epoch. It started with the implosion of the USSR and Communism in 1989. Simultaneously, ancient powers and ancient civilisations that we had considered dead experienced a spectacular renaissance, China, India, Islam (despite its divisions), South America, to speak only of the largest. To the unipolar world desired by the power of the dollar succeeds a multipolar world that will give opportunities back to Europe again. However it is confronted by a new historic and colossal peril, massive immigration of populations who carry another civilisation within them. Mass immigration is producing on European soil a shock of civilisations that could be fatal. But, in one of those extraordinary unforeseeable developments in history, it could also prove to be what saves us. From the otherness of the immigrant populations and their customs, their treatment of women, which shocks us profoundly, we see being born a new consciousness of identity which Europeans have rarely had in the past. Let me add that in despite of all the perils I also believe in the survival of the fundamental qualities of energy and innovation of Europeans. For now, they are not being exercised in the political field, that's why we don't see them.
Source: Dominique Venner


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