Thursday, 16 May 2013

Female Holger the Dane Karin Hedegård with her dog

"- When he tried to force himself to the area behind the desk to steal the money, I gave him a fist right in the face, so he fell and hit his head against the floor. ... The robber is an approximately 20-year-old man of immigrant back ground. ... So I busted him straight in the face, so that he fell to the floor. ... it made him so scared that he immediately chose to flee, says Karin Hedegård."

Source: Ekstrabladet - Sandwich waitress: I punched robber in the face


Anonymous said...

Encouraging to see there's at least one true Dane left; now let's hope she intends to marry and have kids! On that demographic note, we've all been told we'll be outbred by Moslems in only a few decades but I was looking at birth figures in European countries after the Black Death (Bubonic Plague) had decimated their populations and, within a few decades they had not just reached replacement rate but were in excess. We need to deport Moslems and other Third World parasites for many reasons, not least is their depletion of our tax revenues that could be used to give tax benefits to married couples and families (that was one of the ways the Left sought to destroy Western society, by making families, large or small, financially onerous and thus discouraging marriage).

Anonymous said...

We just cant deport all of them for no reason. Some way has to found so that they themselves are forced to leave voluntarily.

1. Ban all Halal meat and other products.

2. A civil or a normal war, that forces sides to separate.


Anonymous said...

There are perfectly legitimate reasons for deporting all of them:

The ideology is seditious, seeking to overthrow all other forms of governance and assert its own legal system (Sharia as law);

The ideology denies freedom of religion in that it has a mandate of Death for Apostasy and all five schools of Sharia support this;

The ideology denies freedom of speech (seek above) and also because it deems any criticism of islam as 'blasphemous' and therefore rating a death sentence;

The ideology denies equality of all before the law of the land in that Islam's Sharia as law establishes an inherent INEQUALITY (the life of a Moslem is worth more than that of a non-Moslem; that of a Moslem male is worth more than a Moslem female) and all non-Moslems are subject to restrictions on their religious, social and civil freedoms as per Sharia Law;

The ideology mandates FOR slavery and specifically for the enslavement of non-Moslems and especially of sex slaves;

The ideology mandates FOR paedophilia;

The ideology mandates FOR permanent warfare against all non-Moslems in order to make Islam the only ideology (JIHAD defined in Islamic Law as "warfare to establish the religion").

The ideology encourages deceit (Taqiyya and Kitman) whereby a Moslem may lie, bear false witness, appear to be non-Moslem, deny 'allah', all in order to deceive non-adherents, which flagrantly contradicts all bases of reasonable human social intercourse and, given the violent nature of the ideology, places non-Moslems in a permanently risky relationship vis a vis Moslems;

And that's before we even begin talking about female genital mutilation, polygamy, wife-beating, restrictive social intercourse for females....

Anonymous said...

This woman's got more balls than most men out there! YEAH!

Anonymous said...

Reasons for their deportation exceed the legitimate and are now mandatory. I see no reason they should not be reproductively sterilized before they go.

Anonymous said...

DAMN RIGHT sterilize them the world is over populated with 3rd world mudslim retards. i think 80% of the worlds population is in the 3rd world.

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