Tuesday, 28 May 2013

I've written a few times about the proposal to build an European Islamic Centre in Munich (ZIEM) and the campaign against it led by Michael Stürzenberger [pictured in the image]. Stürzenberger aims to collect enough signatures to trigger a referendum on the construction proposal. Munich's multicult-friendly ruling caste, by contrast, wants to just wave the project through. Bizarrely, in an attempt to counter Stürzenberger's increasingly successful campaign, the government of Munich is now displaying "anti-Islamophobe" messages on the infoscreens in the city's subway system. This is bizarre, Orwellian madness and a scandalous waste of taxpayer resources!

Source: PI


Ciccio said...

The American have a guaranteed cure for Islamophobia. It is called Smith & Wesson.

Hermes said...

Is it possible to add hyperlinks to comments?

Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Yes, you just type in the HTML for a link:

For example you put: (a href="Linkhere.html")Link text here(/a)

But use angled brackets instead of curved ones like I just did.

Anonymous said...

we are being betrayed...you know what to do with traitors right?

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