Monday, 13 May 2013
A Belgian convert to Islam, employed by the City Council of Brussels, was sacked because he refused to shake hands with his supervising municipal magistrate, Karine Lalieux (PS), the newspapers Sudpresse and Le Soir reported on Monday.

The municipal magistrate in charge of town council staff, Philippe Close (PS), a explained that the former employee of the Brussels museums refused to shake hands with Karine Lalieux "claiming that his religion prohibited him from touching women".

The man was then summoned to a meeting, an inquiry was conducted and the employee repeated that he would continue to act in that way.

"In the town council administration, we have a duty of neutrality and the staff must exhibit courtesy," he continued, adding that "in these conditions, our judgement was that his work with the town council could not continue".

The town council then made a decision, behind closed doors on 29 April, to dismiss him.

The deputy director of the Centre for Equality of Opportunities and the Struggle Against racism, questioned by the newspapers, expressed the view that Brussels City Council had taken the right decision.

A convert. Converts are always the worst, vastly over-represented in the terrorism statistics too.


Anonymous said...

Yet his religion encourages him to rape little boys and girls. Such a peaceful "religion". Yet I am really happy that the traitor has been fired. Hopefully his next employer (he probably won't work again, coz he'll feel that the government should pay him, because he's such a wonderful enlightened son of a bitch) will ask his previous one why he was fired, won't hire him because of it etc.

He wanna be pedo musselman let him go to Saudi or Iran, or Syria: seems like a real fun place to be right now for musselmen; they have to rape women , little girls and little boys over there now! :)

But it's not islam!

Reality Check said...

Yes, many converts look at Islam as a ticket to make trouble, that chip on their shoulders doubles in size, and then you have the opportunists like Booth. I saw a video of a woman convert, about 50, discuss hijab - it's to separate 'us', to show we are above the nonbelievers, a warning, we demand respect, yada yada yada. Pure venom and pompousity.

Anonymous said...

A way to separate us for the infidels my ass. I'm sure she believes that, but I'm not gonna let my daughter be raped and then stoned to death because she had sex out of wedlock! Stupid bitch don't know it's just a way to suppress her and make her shut up! I hate satan whores!

southwood said...

Utterly amazing ! Equality legislation can be used properly ! Who'd a thunk it ?

Anonymous said...

Shaking her hand would be respecting her - an infidel woman with authority and power over a muslim man = biiiig no no! Sack him, good call, we don't need his discriminating supremacy issues clogging up the works.

Anonymous said...

He did not want to shake the woman's hand for the simple reason that he is an unrepentant homosexual like all Muslim men are.

Anonymous said...

Respect to the town council, rejecting radical islam. Only by standing up against islamists, and islamic converts will we defend our freedom.

Thank you Islam vs. Europe for reporting.

Hat tip to

Anonymous said...

But islam is sooooo tolerant towards women. Women feel "liberated" wearing a bur qua and take comfort in the fact that it takes 4 women to testify with the same weight given to 1 man's testimony. You gotta love the religion of pieces.

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