Wednesday, 1 May 2013

I posted about this story before. The weatherman had been attacked by some Muslims on the road, then poured out his feeling on Facebook. Though he deleted the message later, it wasn't enough to save him from a suspension. He has now been dismissed definitively. A Muslim organisation has also filed a complaint about him and he may be prosecuted or have professional disciplinary action taken against him as a journalist.

The Centre pour l’Égalité des Chances et la Lutte contre le Racisme (CECLR) [Centre for the Equality of Opportunities and the Struggle Against Racism] was contacted by the group Muslims Rights Belgium which pointed out to it the remarks of racist character made by Luc Trullemans on his private Facebook account, indicated the deputy director of the CECLR, Edouard Delruelle.

Mr. Delruelle described the remarks made by Luc Trullemans as "worthy of condemnation on a moral level" but said nothing as to the legal aspect. "That takes time, it is necessary to analyse the problem in a more in-depth way to be able to make a statement about it," recalls Edouard Delruelle. "To be able to make a judgement about whether or not it constitutes incitement to hatred, it is necessary to know all the elements in context. That is still not the case at the point at this point in time," he continues. "It requires longer analysis. We need to get in contact with the interested party, with RTL, etc.", according to the deputy director of the centre. "And the Code of Practice aspect also has to be considered, if Mr. Trullemans is accredited as a journalist".
Source: LeSoir


Anonymous said...

Where can the weatherman go an sue these inbreds? Plus I'm saddend he lost his job in the current economy it seems unlikely he'll get new job soon, especially now that everyone knows he's against muslims and sharia law is being applied in Belgium I see his future as lousy. Breaks my heart.

Lena North said...

need to send this to the leaders in Belgium..

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the poor guy. No doubt the worthless dhimmis in power in Belgium will make his life miserable...

Anonymous said...

This is an outrage. The construct of "incitement to hatred" is a terrible muzzle on free speech, and a terribly effective weapon in the hands of the politically correct establishment in forcing its multicultural vision upon the West.

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