Thursday, 16 May 2013


Jake-a-runi said...

The persistence and ubiquity of religious notion are testimony that humankind is flatly too stupid to reign as nascent species upon this planet. The two propensities that doom us (think about it) will ultimately bring our planet to the point where it can no longer support the biological life of large mammals. The social policies of the religionists, carried to conclusion, guarantee eventual mass suffering and death, revealing the ugly joke of “right to life”. The only remnants of humanity will be Petri dish communities, probably powered by nuclear means, the waste of which be discarded in the “outdoors”, a colossal toxic landfill. Don’t worry what the world will be like in a millennia; centuries is all that is needed to mark the livable remainder. Don’t believe me? Grab some graph paper and follow the accumulating action, as mankind builds a world where the living envy the dead.

And leading the parade to oblivion are the religionists, firing their uterus cannons left and right, at any piece of intellect that can possibly save us and drowning the world with their inbred ignorant whelp.

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