Saturday, 25 May 2013

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H/T: Paris Claims


Anonymous said...

Islam in Fast Demise

Anonymous said...

Calstate Professor Kevin Macdonald says jews are the main drivers of the multiculture and mass non-white immigration into white countries.
In order to fragment, limit and reduce the strength of the whites, to undermine white christian countries so as to more easily control them jews have pushed non-white immigration

Anonymous said...

Haha yer and if whites question or challenge the non white invasion they're labelled racist- good one prof lolz

Anonymous said...

This video is so important, not only because it shows where the blame lies, but also because it exposes out elites as total and utter liars. Send it to everyone, post it everywhere.
Paris Claims

Anonymous said...

All Western states are adopting the same policy - deny that terrorism has anything to do with Islam. All of them. Even when governments change, the policy of denying that Islam has anything to with terrorism does not change. Surely this constant unanimity of policy over a decade and right across the West must raise a question, as such a thing has never happened before. Never.

I don't believe that that this is coincidence. The West has adopted this tactic as we are conducting, what I term as The Final Crusade. Therefore it is necessary to insist that we are NOT at war with Islam, and that Islam has nothing to with terrorism.

Is the West frightened of Muslims and Islam? The West is hundreds of times more powerful then the combined caliphate we are building for Muslims. The caliphate, when it is ongoing, can be defeated by the West in a week.

So what is the game about?

The West has never been satisfied in simply scoring a military victory. Total victory is what we are after. The complete defeat of Nazi Germany, Japan and the Warsaw pact was only acceptable when the ideologies they represented were discredited where they sprung from.

I think we are adopting the same strategy that was employed in the past. Its the game we know best. This time round, it is a combination of WWII and the Cold war. In 30 to 40 years we will see the complete discrediting of Islam in the hearts and minds of its followers.

In the meantime we will see more attacks from Muslim in the West. But such attacks have no strategic value. Moreover they alienate the local population even more.

Its endgame for Islam. 9/11 was the biggest mistake Islam ever made.


Cheradenine Zakalwe said...

Honestly, I think you overestimate the brilliance of our leaders. They would have to have genius-level abilities to consistently maintain and pursue a plan as devious and complex as the one you are describing. I don't think they really know what they're doing. They're stumbling blindly through, taking the route of least resistance, hoping it will somehow all work out. It won't.

Anonymous said...

>Islam in Fast Demise

I frankly don't give any fecal matter what happens in Africa, because I'm not African, and because even if all of Africa were Christian, the Africans don't have what it takes to build and maintain a high society.

Christian Africa combined with a Muslim Europe would still equate to a global Dark Ages being repeated.

If Western Europe cannot hold, Russia and the Orthodox are the only hope left for Europe. And if Russia has to fight the Mohammedans alone, then the future becomes Asian. Because, quite frankly, the Latins of Central and South America will fall for the same cultural Jihad that North America is falling for, only they'll do it a few decades later.

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