Saturday, 18 May 2013
5000 inmates in Belgian prisons are Muslim. That represents 45% of the prison population. A situation which impose constraints on the prison organisation.

In Forest, the decision has been made to simply no longer serve pork in the meals. 80% of the inmates are Muslim and refuse to eat pork. It has become simpler to no longer provide it on the menu at all rather than create different dishes.

But there are other inconveniences from this large population practising Islam. For example, some inmates refuse to obey female guards because they are women. Or they try and transform some communal areas into places of prayer.

And then there are the dangers of radicalis in prison. The executive of the Muslims of Belgium itself warns about the risks of radicalism and asks that the practice of religion be formalised so that the extremists cannot take advantage of it to push towards a fundamentalist Islam.


Anonymous said...

45% percent of inmates is muslim yet they only make up 4-6% of the total population of Belgium. And islam makes less violent?
Prisons no longer serve pork. Humans have rights yes, but in order to claim those rights you have duties, you in jail you have not fulfilled your duties and therefore you loose your rights. Prisons should serve pork and of story!
The radicalis when showing signs of it, should remain in jail.

Anonymous said...

Even the muslims are worried about this.

And nothing is done...

Anonymous said...

Export them and their dependent, introduce pork so they are unworthy of heaven and seek to willing leave the country. Islam is death to ALL humanity and should rejected by all.

Anonymous said...

There is NO, nice version of islam

Anonymous said...

About 65% percent of inmates in Israel are muslims (Israeli arabs, citizens of Israel) yet they only make 20% of the total population of Israel.

Porky's2istan said...

Belgium should serve ONLY pork in prison. Moderate muslims will eat it to survive, while the radicals will starve to death surrounded by perfectly good food.

Less prisoners to pay for, less insane radicals released back into society. win win.

Anonymous said...

I think this Islam is religion of Sick ppl and whoever follows it another great sick pig. I am not sure how come once known as super power (Europe) of the world is facing this problem. They should have done something when they had time. Now I think its too late cause this Virus Islam is similar to HIV once you get infected there is no cure.

Maria José said...

Maria José said...

"Youths" burn 100 cars in north Stockholm riots

Abdul Malik Talib said...

Take any non muslim country, check the %age of muslim criminals in jail vis a vis muslim population. No marks for guessing. The proportion in jail is higher than their proportion in the population of the country. All the data is on the internet.

Anonymous said...

France gets around the tricky problem of Muslim crime by not taking ethnicity of the criminals in the stats.


Anonymous said...

those muslim inmates would be perfect citizens of islamastan. keep in mind, in islamic society, what would be considered crime in infidel countries is considered to be high virtue. belgium's problem is that it has too many infidels, who are all considered to be ligitimate targets of islamic virtue (crime). belgium should wise up and make a choice: either deport all infidels, making belgium a safe place for islamic virtue (crime), or deport all muslims. the fact is that belgians are making that choice. every day they do not deport those virtuous (criminal, according to infidel law) muslims, they are a day closer to having the infidel population genocided. the choice is yours, belgian infidels, for now. wait a little longer, and the choice will be allah's, and a glance at history will tell you which way allah will vote.

The Mindset said...

I am from India and we Hindus are facing similar problem ONLY from Muslims.
We want to live in peace but the Muslim never let us. They do riots crime and terrorism against the majority Hindus all over India.

They are overrepresented in crime / terrorism but it's impossiblt to find a Muslim doctor or engineer.

I wrote a post recently on this issue:
48% of prisoners in west bengal are Muslims

Keira Martins said...

It was nice reading this. Thanks for sharing

Prison inmates search

Hanuman Lal Gaand said...

@The Mindset - Gujarat riots were caused by Hindus and the ring leader of Muslim massacre- Narendra Modi is the Dreamed Prime-Ministerial Candidate for Radical Hindus. All big riots like Muzaffarnagar riots where 40000 muslims are driven out of their homes by Jat Hindus and thousand of them raped or slaughtered to pieced was incited by Hindu outfits like BJP and RSS. Since 1947 the Indian politics is all about earning Hindu votes by killing Muslims and then create poles to unite Hindus (80% of Indian population) out of fear.
"The Mindset" is a Radical Hindu Pig who is acting like a "Village Woman" complaining about Muslims when their own system- politicians and people are corrupt, society is broken into castes, they have no love for their country and shit in every nook and corner of their country. They float semi-burnt bodies into rivers, shit and bathe in rivers, ponds and open lands. They release all untreated waste into rivers. Evryone is corrupt and has least love for the country- their jingoism only catches voltage when Pakis do some mischief.

kathleen21 said...

every european country now is threatend by them every european country has more muslem prisoners intheir jails then any other people,we canot carry on like this we must stand up and be counted,do we want themto over run us,do we want themto be incontrol of us,they say their will be fighting in our streets,before long,we must prepair,stop giving any benifit,start deporting them as soon as they break any immagration laws,ask yourselvesdo you love your family then go from their,ifthey want fightinginyour street so be it lets go now,deport them all,who even mentions this,

Anonymous said...

Those of you that are going around insulting the religion of Islam are truly pathetic. You have no knowledge of Islam except what you get from the media which 99.9% of times lies. Islam is not only a religion it's a way of life.

Yes it is spreading in Europe and around the world. If it was a bad religion like you claim it ti be would people be accepting it around the world? Don't think so.

Why are people leaving their lifestyles, religion if they have one, so called freedom to come to Islam?

Answer is simple Islam is the answer and the solution to problems.

If you compare crime like rape etc in Muslim countries to non Muslim countries you see it's higher in non Muslim countries.

Islam is perfect. Before the coming of Islam, women had no rights and were buried alive. Islam came and gave women rights. Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him was a champion for womens rights.

I can go on and on...but it's 07:51am just done my morning prayers now back to sleep :)

Take care and have a blessed day.

P.s go learn about Islam with an open heart from reliable people of faith instead of Google and media...

May God guide us all and bless us all

Lots of love from a Muslim Woman ♥

Anonymous said...

ALL religion is so f'ed up. Only the delusional could possibly believe in its worth.

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